Treating Winter Dandruff

What You Need To Know About

 Winter Dandruff? Don’t Worry!

You can get rid of it right away with these hair care tips.

Use A Mild Shampoo

Mild shampoos can rid your scalp of greasiness without overdrying it.

Mask It!

Hair masks work wonders to infuse moisture and prevent your scalp from drying and flaking.

Use The Right Ingredients

Hair masks packed with moisturizing agents like banana, honey, and oil keep the scalp and the hair healthy and hydrated.

Brush Your Hair

Brushing your hair from the scalp stimulates circulation and enhances the production of natural oils.

Treat it From The Inside

Add foods rich in zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet to keep your hair healthy.

Hygiene Is Key

Keep your hair clean, dry, and free of sweat whenever you can.

Seek Professional Advice

In case of prolonged dandruff, seek medical help for further treatment.

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