Your Hair Says About Your Personality

12 Things


Move over blondes, redheads are here for your throne! They love to have fun

Thick Curls

Women with curly hair are known for their vibrant and fun personalities

Loose Waves

You’re known for having a creative streak and love experimenting

Curly Hair That Has Been Straightened

You like having a sense of control and your hair is a bit chaotic

Medium Length & Easy-Breezy

You’re laid back and don’t like to have drama in your life

Half-Up, Half-Down

You’re kind of a goody two shoes, aren’t you?

Long-Thick Curls

Your probably own a lot of Bohemian outfits and love to be in touch with nature

Super Short

You really don’t care what people think of your hairstyle as long as you love it

Funky Colors

You think your hair is a part of your personality, but you hate the damage bleach causes


You love making a statement and your hair is the least stressful part of your routine


You want to go short, but you also can’t let go of having bangs

Straight And Slicked Back

You like to look suave and stylish but also enjoy having your hair out of your way

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