When Should You Discard Your Skincare Products?

Most of our dressers are lined with skincare products.

We Want It? We Got It!

However, they have expiry dates.

Expiry Dates

Expiry dates are usually found on the box of the product, but most often, we discard them.

Where To Find Them?

You should check three things before deciding if it’s time to throw away the products.

Can You Still Use The Products?

If the product has turned yellowish or brownish, it has oxidized. Toss it out!


If the product's texture has become lumpy, grainy, or watery, it’s time to discard it.


If the original smell of the product changes to something funny or rotten, it’s time to bid farewell.


Skincare products tend to remain unused if we purchase in excess, so buy carefully and use them up before they expire.

Avoid Buying In Bulk