Trigger Acne?

 Which Foods Can

How Is Acne Formed?

Acne is a common skin condition that occurs due to hormones, pollution, and even certain food items.

Which Foods Can Cause Acne?

To prevent acne, you need to stop consuming certain foods. Read on to know more!

Sugary Treats

Sugar causes skin inflammation and triggers insulin levels which lead to acne.

Dairy Products

Dairy consumption stimulates oil glands and leads to excess oil production, thus triggering acne.

How Else Does Dairy Trigger Acne?

Dairy products contain components that affect testosterone levels that can lead to acne.

Saturated Fats

They are highly concentrated in insulin growth factors which increases the production of sex hormones, thus leading to acne.

Spicy Food

Consuming excessively spicy food causes inflammation in the digestive tract and skin, and triggers acne formation.

Balance Is Key!

If you cannot eliminate these food items altogether, cut down on the portion. That’ll help!

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