Used In K-beauty Products

Why Bamboo Extract Is The New Hot Ingredient

It Imparts A Healthy Glow

It is a moisturizing ingredient that delivers deep nourishment for glowing skin.

Topical Treatment For Inflammations

It is rife in anti-inflammatory properties and reduces redness and inflammations.

Hydration-enhancing Powerhouse

It hydrates the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Acts As A Gentle Exfoliator

This multi-purpose ingredient gently exfoliates without causing irritation.

Keeps The Skin Soft And Supple

Bamboo-infused skincare products are intensely moisturizing and keep the skin soft.

Draws Impurities From Skin

Mix it with charcoal to get rid of all skin impurities.

Protects From Free Radicals

It’s a powerful antioxidant that creates a barrier against free radicals.

Softens Dark Circles

It nourishes under-eye areas to reduce dark circles. 

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