Share Your Makeup Products

Reasons Why You Should Never 

Eye Makeup Products 

Sharing Eye Makeup can lead to eye infections , such as styes, pink eye, and other bacterial build up. 

Makeup Testers

It's one of the most common ways for the spread of bacterial infections.

Don’t Apply Testers Directly To Your Face

Swatch the product on the back of your hand rather than your face.

Sharing Makeup Can Worsen Your Acne

Using somebody else's brushes or base can spread acne-causing bacteria. 

Sharing Lipstick Is A Big No 

This may cause cold sores and other signs of irritation.

Somebody Else's Applicators May Not Be Clean 

You won't know if your friend's applicators are well washed and clean. 

Creams Aren't Meant To Be Shared

Hands are carriers of germs and sharing cream will cause the germs to spread. 

Don’t Share Your Facial Cleansing Brush

It will get somebody else's skin, dirt, and oil on your skin

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