Roses To Your Skincare Regime

Here’s Why You Need To Add 

The Healer Of Skin Concerns

Roses are known for their beauty and fragrance. However, they also have much use in skincare.

How Do Roses Benefit The Skin?

Apart from being a superb hydrator, roses can help destress and heal the surface of the skin.

Roses For Moisturized Skin

Rosewater can moisturize and hydrate your skin, leaving behind a fresh glow.

They Maintain The Skin’s pH Balance

Roses help control excess oils and re-energize the skin.

No More Pesky Pimples!

Using rosewater with lemon can help get rid of acne and pimples. Make sure to wash your face with water after application.

Roses Aid In Brightening Skin

Blend almonds, honey, and rosewater to make a paste. Apply it as a face pack and get glowing skin!

A Natural Skin Toner

Dip a cotton ball in rosewater to clean your face daily. It helps remove dirt and dust from the surface and gives the skin an even tone.

Roses Help In Hair Care

Mix rosewater with shampoo for moisturization and conditioning of hair follicles.

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