To Your Beauty Regimen

Why You Should Add Strawberries

Good For Glowing Skin 

Strawberries contain vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids which help add a glow to your skin.

Reduces UV Damage To Skin

Strawberries have antioxidants that reduce skin damage from UV rays.

Perfect Natural Exfoliators

Strawberries have vitamin C and salicylic acid that gives glowing skin.

Helps Maintain A Bright And Healthy Skin

Strawberry-based face wash and creams helps keep the skin radiant all day long.

 Fights Acne 

Strawberry skincare products work as healing acne agents.

Strawberries Make A Great Lip Balm

Effortlessly remove dead skin and leave lips smooth.

Controls Excess Oil And Sebum

Strawberries are acidic in nature and help remove oil and sebum.

Treats Puffy Eyes

Strawberries have astringent properties which treat under-eye puffiness.

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