A Makeup Sponge 

Here Is Why You Should Opt For 

Beauty On Budget

The makeup sponge blend your makeup perfectly without pinching your pocket!

Easy Application

Sponges does not absorb the makeup but spreads it evenly on your skin.

Flawless Results

No matter what beauty product you use, the sponge will give you a dewy finish and make you look natural.

No Skin Damage

Sponge blends your BB creams and concealers without causing any damage to your skin.

They Come In All Sizes

Makeup sponge are available in the market in different sizes and qualities. You can easily get the one that suits your requirement.

Effortless Application

With makeup sponges, you don’t have to worry about putting a lot of pressure on your sponge. A simple dab will leave the perfect amount of makeup needed to make you look gorgeous

Easy To Clean

Sponges can be cleaned easily with detergent or dish wash.

Does Not Over Use Makeup

Sponge lets the spread of the makeup be uniform and keeps you from looking over decked.

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