In Winters

Why You Should Use Sunscreen

The Many Benefits Of Sunscreen

Most of us think you need sunscreen only in the hot and humid summer months, but it’s time to break the myth! Here’s why you should use sunscreen in winter. 

Provides Moisture

Sunscreen protects your skin from getting dry and wrinkly due to the harsh winds and low humidity during winters.

 Less UV Exposure

The ozone layer is at its thinnest during winters, unable to effectively absorb UV rays. Sunscreen protects the skin from increased UV exposure. 

Prevents Pigmentation

It protects your skin from pigmentation caused by UV Rays due to prolonged sun exposure. 

Reduces Cancer Risks

Increased UV exposure means an increased risk of skin cancer. Applying sunscreen can help reduce cancer risk by protecting the skin.

Shields From Irritation And Redness

Due to low moisture, the skin becomes red and irritated, which can be prevented by the use of sunscreen.

Provides Protection Indoors

It keeps you safe from exposure to harmful rays even when you are indoors.

 Reduces Early Signs Of Aging

Sunscreen protects skin from the radical damage caused by increased exposure to the sun and blue light rays.

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