Should Be Different

Why Your Summer And Winter Skincare Routines

Wintry Weathers

The cold winter makes our skin lifeless and dull by stripping it off its moisture.

Sunny Summers

On the other hand, summer brings along pesky rashes and painful sunburns.

Cleansing In Winter

In winter, you need heavy and creamy cleansers that help replenish dry skin and provide hydration.

Summer Cleansing

On hot days, switch to cleansing your face with gel-based products or a clay face wash.

 Face Oils For Moisture

Face creams may not provide enough moisture in the harsh winter, and that’s when face oils come to the rescue.

Lotions For Hydration

Heavy moisturizers will make your skin oily in summer, so you should use a light, water-based lotion for a cooling effect.

Sunscreen On Cold Days

During winter, sunscreen with low SPF will suffice.

Block The Sun!

In summers, you need to use light sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50. And don’t forget to carry a face spray at all times to keep cool in the hot summer!

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