Want To Amaze Yourself? Know These 10 Benefits Of Blue Tansy Essential Oil October 7, 2015

An oil to relieve your tension, that’s blue tansy essential oil. It’s a perfect natural stress buster! There must be instant triggers or people driving you up the wall constantly. I too need a fragrance that can easily relax me and calm my nerves.

So, what say we find out more about this essential oil? Spend a few minutes with me and discover its many benefits.

Color Me Blue:

As its name suggests, blue tansy essential oil has a rich blue color. Azulene content in the oil renders it a deep shade of blue.

The essential oil is derived from the flowers of Moroccan blue tansy through steam distillation. It must not be confused with the German ‘Blue’ chamomile oil, although both oils share similar properties.

Blue Tansy essential oil is diluted in less than 5% concentrations and mainly used topically. And here is why.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil Benefits:

1.  Stress? What’s That?

Stress Pinit

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With blue tansy oil in your life, there is no room for stress. It reduces anxiety and relaxes your mind. Importantly, inhaling the oil’s sweet, flowery aroma helps soothe you when your body naturally responds to irritation.

Being a sedative, you wouldn’t help but lay back and enjoy the moment once you use the oil.

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 2. Those Emotions Need To Be Reined In:

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When emotions overwhelm you, they need an outlet to let you restore your balance. Blue tansy essential oil has a balancing effect on our emotional energies, allowing us to let in more positivity into our lives (1).

If you are at the point of losing self control, use a little blue tansy essential oil to calm your inner spirit.

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3. Breathe, Breathe, Breathe:

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Breathe better, easier, freer after using this essential oil. Blue tansy essential oil acts as a support to the respiratory system. It is useful in asthma and any allergies of the upper respiratory tract. Inhale a few drops from a diffuser or a cloth for best effect.

4. Oh My Sunburn! Do Something:

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Sunburn and damaged skin doesn’t just look bad, but feels bad too. But, worry not, blue tansy essential oil is soothing on the skin and has many applications in skin therapy.

It is considered important in the treatment of sunburns, inflamed skin, damaged skin, burnt skin and bruises. The oil can also soothe dry itchy skin and dermatitis.

5. Are Allergies Ever Cute?

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Allergies to different substances bring out all manner of reactions in people. But, how many times are they ever cute? Better control allergenic reactions with blue tansy essential oil, as it can neutralize and control histamine production.

6. Be Stronger Than Those Pesky Microbes:

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Viruses, bacteria, fungi and other parasites have a field day as long as we let them. Don’t give them such a chance, as now we have an essential oil with potent anti microbial properties. Did you know that the plant itself is too toxic to ingest? In diluted quantities, blue tansy essential oil can cure parasitic worms too.

7. How About Evicting Those Unwelcome Cockroaches?

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The essential oil, besides being an antimicrobial, is also an insecticide. The oil’s pungent aroma is disliked by many household insects, bed bugs, mosquitoes and cockroaches. Use it in a spray or vaporizer and even lizards feel wary to enter your house. Mission accomplished!

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8. Ouch! My Foot Is Sore:

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Sprained your ankle? Pulled a muscle? Use blue tansy essential oil on sprains and sore muscles for relief. The oil is also effective on rheumatism, arthritis and sciatica. Simply dilute it with another oil base and apply it on the affected area (2).

Considering the many useful benefits the oil has in our lives, I am seriously considering using it. Skin benefits, no bugs in the house and most importantly, kicking back with no stress. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Let me know what you think. Share your thoughts and comments below.

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