10 Incredible Beauty Secrets of Ancient India That Every Modern Woman Must Know

Are you by any chance looking for ‘chemical-free’ and highly effective beauty secrets that can work wonders overnight? Are you fed up of buying those artificial cosmetics scampering across TV advertisements?

Then you have come to the right place. India is known for its natural beauty. And the following are ten ingredients which come from the very laps of mother nature.

They have no side effects and they give you no false promises. All they do is give you more than what you want, faster than you would have ever expected.

Unbelievable? Read and try out yourself!

Ancient Indian Women Beauty Secrets

Here are 10 incredible Ancient Indian Beauty Secrets that every modern women must know.

1. Neem

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This is probably the king of all the other beauty ingredients you have out there. A sacred plant, each and every part of neem tree is beneficial in some or the other way.

Neem Beauty Benefits

Can Treat Acne

Can Treat Dry Skin

Can Take Care Of Hair Troubles

2. Saffron

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This might be one of the most expensive spices. But believe me, it is totally worth it. Saffron is known widely to improve one’s complexion.

Saffron Beauty Benefits

Can Help Remove Tan

Can Help Tone The Skin

Can Help Brighten The Skin

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3. Honey

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Honey is everyone’s favourite. Easily available, delicious and inexpensive. Honey is also known for its excellent hydrating properties.

Honey Beauty Benefits

Can Cure Burn Scars

Can Give A Flawless Skin

4. Amla

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Also known as gooseberry, amla is a rich source of vitamin C.

Amla Beauty Benefits

Can Help Reduce Hair Fall

Can Help Nourish Hair

5. Multaani Mitti

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Also known as Fuller’s Earth, multaani mitti is one of the best ancient beauty secrets. It is known as natural scrubber and cleanser. The one ingredient you can find almost in all homes.

Multaani Mitti Beauty Benefits

Can Help Remove Pimple Marks

Can Help Remove Dark Spots

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6. Turmeric

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This ingredient is undoubtedly indispensable in Indian culture.

Turmeric Beauty Benefits

Can Reduce Stretch Marks

Can Reduce Wrinkles

Can Treat Cracked Heels

7. Sandalwood

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Though a bit expensive, sandalwood possesses antiseptic properties and even helps in the blood circulation under the skin.

Sandalwood Beauty Benefits

Can Give You Clear Looking Skin

Can Give You Glowing Skin

8. Tulsi

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An astringent herb, this is grown in almost every household and is one of the best secrets when it comes to enhancing your natural beauty.

Tulsi Beauty Benefits

Can Treat Acne And Nourish Your Face

Can Help Whiten Your Teeth

9. Curd

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The presence of zinc is what makes curd a favourite when it comes to enhancing beauty.

Beauty Benefits of Curd

Can Help Get Rid Of Dry Hair In Winters

Can Help Make Your Hair Silky

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10. Besan

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Also called gram flour, this is a common name in every Indian household and holds cure for many beauty ailments.

Beauty Benefits of Besan

Can Help Cure Blemishes

Can Help Brighten Your Skin

Beautiful skin and gorgeous hair is not an impossible deal. All this can be easily achieved right from the comfort of your kitchen!

So what should you do if you want stunning looks? Keep calm and walk into your kitchen! Did we miss out any ancient Indian beauty secrets here, if so please do share with us in the comments section.

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