Are Aries And Libra Compatible In Marriage, Love, And Friendship?

Written by Shivani Chandel

Big visions and high temperaments are core speculations of Aries and Libra. Aries is a fire sign, while Libra is an air sign, and each complements the qualities that the other lacks. The profound phrase ‘opposites attract’ is apt for these zodiacs. Adventures, sexual articulations, passion, and spontaneous decisions are what make up this pair. Want to know more about Aries and Libra compatibility? Go through our post right now!

Are Aries And Libra Compatible?


iStockWhile Libra is ruled by Venus, Mars rules Aries. Although opposite signs do not work well together, such is not the case with Aries and Libra.

  • Aries Man And Libra Woman Compatibility

The compatibility of Aries and Libra might have its round of curls when it turns into a relationship. The fire element of an Aries man makes him aggressive, outspoken, and imprudent. On the other hand, the air sign of a Libra woman uses her strong intuitive power and intellect to deal with tricky situations.

Mars, the God of War, is the ruling planet of Aries that connotes aspirations. This initiates furious nature in an Aries man. However, Venus, the Love Goddess, instills romance, love, and sensitivity in a Libra woman. While the Aries man is impetuous, the Libra woman is tender. The Aries man and Libra woman can give their relationship a new turn once they fall for each other.

  • Libra Man And Aries Woman Compatibility

A Libra man loves the feisty behavior of an Aries woman. The strong qualities of an Aries woman will attract a Libra man, a lover of strength. The robust and self-caring nature of Aries women draws the attention of Libra men, and there is no backing off. On the other hand, a Libra man is usually calm, composed, and self-centered, which quickly draws the attention of the Aries woman.

As stated earlier, Aries and Libra have a lot of differences and are poles apart. However, they can always be good friends if they look past their differences. Check out our next section to find out how compatible Aries and Libra are in friendship.

Aries And Libra Friendship Compatibility



Aries is outspoken and not afraid of picking up fights, while Libra will take every chance to avoid arguments. If their friendship works, Aries and Libra should know how to negotiate and stay together. Aries has a strong will and opts for everything spontaneously. On the other hand, Libra is cultured, indecisive, and charming, Aries is often thrilled by their charm and maintains a peaceful friendship.

Libra tends to preserve peace in their relationship. Aries is not always right, and Libra points this out on a friendly note. As both the signs go hand in hand, the balance of manly and womanly energy of Libra and Aries develops their friendship and takes it to a different level altogether. The harmonious characteristics of the Libras help maintain a perfect equilibrium with the Aries. Thus, it can be said that the friendship compatibility of these two signs is quite good.

Aries and Libra’s partnership never gets dull. Aries likes to display their affection with a big show, making Libra think they have found the One. When Aries and Libra marry, their connection is guided by intuitions, unconditional love, and ever-lasting passion. Read on to understand how smoothly their married life will work.

Marriage Compatibility Of Aries And Libra



The love match for these signs can be a tricky and cumbersome affair. The fire and air signs can make great partners and also be struggling at the same time. They are the best pair and share the friendship and gracefulness of a romantic relationship. However, they are responsible for the differences that take place between them.

Aries can never live without Libra as it is very difficult for them to resist the separation. Libra doesn’t comprehend their behavior and expresses their feeling in the same way Aries does. Despite this, their receptive nature makes them the best partner among all the zodiac signs. Libra is a sign of love, and connecting with them is one of the best decisions Aries can ever take. Their connection is majorly guided by mental sharpness and a cheerful attitude. Both Aries and Libra are less reactive to petty issues, which helps them steer their marital life.

It is a healthy exchange of sexual energy and balance of emotions between Aries and Libra. They have the potential to make a fairytale romance. Libra is an incredibly gifted lover and knows how to fulfill Aries’ wildest fantasy. They will thrive in this physical relationship out of shared love of finding happiness and personal satisfaction.

Aries And Libra Sexual Compatibility



While Libra loves to desire and be desired, Aries enjoys the chase in their relationship. The sex appeal of Aries is usually high, and they like dominating in bed. While Aries has the resilience to burn, Libra comes from an erogenous zone. They typically avoid sex in the bedroom and try to be adventurous, indulging in life’s guilty pleasures. Their intimacy knows no bounds when they live their moments.

Aries and Libra get ecstatic during sexual connection and settle the equation in love before jumping into bed. However, Aries must understand the sexual frustration that Libra might go through and try to make them feel secure. Aries needs to make introverted Libra realize their physical desires. They might also take some time to adapt to the bedroom surprises!

Aries and Libra are opposites, but each complements the qualities the other party lacks. For instance, Libra feels incomplete without their partner, while Aries is more assertive and insensitive to the needs of others. Although the moon sign says Aries and Libra are highly compatible, their rising sign will decide the initial attraction.

Moon And Rising Sign Compatibility Of Aries And Libra

The moon compatibility of Libra and Aries is harmonious. Libra depends on approval and might simply align with the preferences of Aries. While Libra desires togetherness, Aries likes to be a free bird. Aries is impulsive and prone to outbursts, and Libra works rationally and tries to avoid unpleasant situations. According to the moon signs, the relationship might be either too good or too bad. The Aries moon might feel annoyed with the serene and non-violent ways of the Libran Moon.

The rising sign compatibility includes the ruling planet and the relation of the planets with one another. Aries ascendants usually get attracted towards Libra ascendants and vice versa. Aries ascendant is often dynamic and quickly jumps to a conclusion without further action. On the contrary, Libra is friendly, well-composed, does not hurry with situations, and tries to solve issues calmly.

The compatibility of Aries and Libra is high, but they are also poles apart. Therefore, certain stumbles in their relationship are unavoidable. The key to strengthen their bond strong and keep things friendly is showing love and compassion. Scroll down to know more about the pros and cons of the Aries and Libra pair.

Pros And Cons: Aries And Libra Compatibility



Pros Of Aries And Libra Compatibility

Libra and Aries attract each other with phenomenal gravity, which makes their relationship successful. They are insanely welded and fit each other perfectly. These zodiac signs can never stay apart once they have discovered each other. They can even change themselves for each other, and their little differences are not enough to crash their relationship.

Cons Of Aries And Libra Compatibility

The nature of these zodiac signs is complementary – while one is fierce, the other cools things down. However, there are chances of a momentary imbalance between them,  making the relationship difficult. The balanced nature of Libra might kill the positive vibes in their relationship for Aries. They might not focus on self-development anymore, which can eventually affect the relationship.

To Sum It Up

Ideally, Aries and Libra should stay away from each other before being discovered. However, nothing can keep them apart once the chord strikes. They will blend in naturally and keep the fire ignited. Despite the cons of their relationship, they will try to live together merrily and figure out the issues. The polarity of their signs indicates they complement each other and will maintain a harmonious, well-balanced relationship.

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