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10 Best Remington Hair Straighteners Available in India 2018

10 Best Remington Hair Straighteners Available in India 2018 September 12, 2018

Hair straighteners are very popular these days in parlours and also for use at homes. It can give you silky, smooth and soft hair. Not all hair straighteners are suitable for everyone. It is important to choose the right hair straighteners depending on the hair type, hair condition, hair texture, etc. This post talks on Remington hair straighteners that are being widely used these days.

Here are the Top 10 Remington Hair Straighteners:

1. Remington S1005 Hair Straightener:

This has many features like:

Plate Locks, Ceramic Teflon Coating ,Variable Heat Settings , LED Light Indicator, Worldwide Voltage, 30 sec Heat-up Time, 360° Swivel Cord.

The Remington S1005 hair straightener will give you smooth and straight hair. This has ceramic, tourmaline and teflon technologies for best results. The hair iron heats in a quick duration of 30 seconds. This has a long cord that provides the flexibility to move. This hair straightener automatically shuts down and is compact and small. This is slim and long, and gives thicker volume to your hair.

2. Remington S3500 Hair Straightener:

This comes in a heat proof pouch with floating and smooth glide plates.  The temperature range of this is 150 – 230° C. This has a tourmaline coating that heats up in15 sec.

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3. Remington S9500 Hair Straightener:

This Remington straightener has very long, ceramic and slim plates. This heats up in no time – just 10 sec. The Remington S9500 hair straightener gives salon-straight hair with minimal effort. You can get a smooth and straight hairstyle. This is also quick, efficient and gives good performance. The plates are coated with ceramic and real pearl. This distributes heat throughout the surface of the plates for quick heating without burning your hair. The Remington S9500 hair straightener has a temperature range of 150-235 degree Celsius and heat settings depending on your hair type and texture.

4. Remington S1450 Hair Straightener:

Remington S1450 Hair Straightener comes with the package of:

Main Unit, Concentrator, Hanging Loop, Folding Handle, Instruction Booklet and 2 years of warranty.

5. Remington S1001 Hair Straightener:

This provides even heat throughout the plates. These have extra long plates and protect against frizz. They glide smoothly and have high heat settings. This straightener has ceramic plates and a temperature of 210° C. This has a coating of ceramic, teflon, and tourmaline with a LED indicator.

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6. Remington S8590 E51 Keratin Therapy Pro Hair Straightener:

This comes with an integrated digital display and advanced keratin ceramic coated plates with a heat protection sensor. They have floating plates for constant contact and even pressure on the hair. It comes in a luxury heat resistant storage pouch. This gives your hair that lustrous and styled look. They have advanced keratin plates which are coated with ceramic to style your hair without sustaining damage from the extreme heat.

7. Remington S8500 E51 Shine Therapy Hair Straightener:

It has a digital temperature display, advanced ceramic coated plates infused with Moroccan Argan oil with Vitamin E. It contains floating plates for even pressure on the hair. This gives poker straight and perfect hair that will accentuate all the rest of your efforts. The Remington S8500 E51 Shine Therapy Hair Straightener has advanced ceramic coated 110 mm plates with adjustable temperature settings for smoothing the unmanageable frizz.

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8. Remington S8510 E51 Frizz Therapy Hair Straightener:

This best Remington hair straightener has very advanced ceramic coated plates infused with frizz-resistant micro conditioners. It contains floating plates for even pressure on the hair and has a digital temperature display. The Remington S8510 E51 Frizz Therapy Hair Straightener is infused with micro conditioners for minimum static and frizz-free hair. The plates are of the floating type as well to ensure that there is even transference of heat and pressure on the hair for better styling. That provides convenience and safety features.

9. Remington S5520 Hair Straightener:

This has auto shut off after 60 min and LCD temperature lock with advanced ceramic coating. This comes with turbo boost and hinge lock for storage. The Remington S5520 hair straightener is an efficient styling tool for obtaining smooth and silky hair. This hair straightener is capable of styling your hair instantly with just a 15 seconds heat-up time.

10. Remington S6280 Hair Straightener (Black):

This is very easy to use to design your hair. This is quick and efficient for styling.  This has six temperature settings for maximum control. Remington S6280 Hair Straightener (Black) has ceramic plates and the temperature range is 120 – 240 degree Celsius.

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