What Are The Effects Of Using Hard Water On Hair?

by Anamika M

Are you tired of trying out anything and everything to prevent hair loss? From changing your hair oil to shampoo, you’ve tried almost every hair care tip but nothing seems to work?

Well then, there might be many reasons for your hair loss. And, few of them may not be known to you. One such culprit could be your bathing water! Yes, you read it correct! Hard water especially, is very dangerous and causes severe hair loss and damage.

Does Hair Fall Due To Hard Water Happen?

Now, you must be wondering how hard water causes hair to fall! Well, the answer is, hard water contains a number of minerals and oxidizers. Some of them are not good for your hair and scalp. They weaken the hair causing it to break and fall. There is a scientific explanation to this theory as well. Minerals and oxidizers present in hard water are positively charged while our hair has negative electrical charge.
So, when a positive charged oxidizer or mineral comes in contact with a negatively charged hair, they get attracted like a magnet. This results in making the hair weak, frizzy and dry causing hair fall. Minerals such as copper, magnesium, calcium and iron are present in hard water which is not good for hair.

Consequences of Hard Water on Hair:

The consequences of washing hair with hard water can be the following:
1. Hair fall problems.
2. Dry, dull, frizzy and lifeless hair, even if you use a conditioner.
3. Eczema of scalp or dandruff.
4. Split-ends.
5. Graying of hair.
6. Thinning hair.
7. Hair gets tangled which may lead to its breakage.

Shampoo manufacturers love to spread misleading information claiming that shampoos/soaps are harsh. But, the real problem in most of the cases is hard water, not the shampoo/soap.

So, the first step is determining the hardness of your water. To test water’s hardness, simply take soap, try to lather it in a cup of water. If the soap lathers foam, it is good; if it doesn’t, then, you should avoid using it to bathe.

There are hard water hair loss care tips which you may follow to reduce the harsh effects.

The following tips will help alleviate dullness and roughness of hair:

1. Use a water softener machine. They are easily available in the market. They help eliminate the hardness of water.

2. Look for a shampoo that is specially formulated to fight with hard water issues. Choose a conditioner that can protect your hair against hard water and its coarse effects.

3. Take 1 or 2 tbsp white vinegar or lemon juice and add it in a bucket full of warm water (warm hard water). Use this to rinse off your hair. This makes the scale lie down flat and allows the shampoo to be rinsed off more easily.

No wonder washing hair with hard water is one of the major reasons for hair fall. But, like all other problems, it has a solution too. Just by following the above tips, you will surely be able to reduce the harsh effects of hard water. It will definitely help you regain your shiny and thick hair.

So, if you live in a city or town where hard water is being supplied, you need not worry about hair loss due to hard water! As for now, you have the solution to fight with it.
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