7 simple home remedies to control hair fall

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Hair fall or alopecia is very embarrassing and you tend to feel helpless and confused. You try to hide the bald patches on your head. You try many hair fall products to solve the problem but still search for natural remedies to solve your hair fall problem. Many factors like genetics, thyroid disorders and anemia, chemical treatments can cause hair fall. You don’t have to wait till 50 for hair fall to start! Every time you leave the shower, you see the drain clogged with hair. Even when you comb your hair, you see strands of hair on the comb. This is really frightening! It makes you wonder what can be the possible reason behind hair fall.

If hair fall is persistent, it is always best to contact a dermatologist and get his advice. He will probably give medicines like Minoxidil, Finasteride and Dutasteride to stimulate hair growth. Hair fall might start from a section creating a bald patch; this is commonly called alopecia areata.

Causes of Hair Fall:

So what is the solution to hair fall? Do anti-hair fall products really help? The answer is just look within. Yes internal problems also triggers hair fall. So before knowing how to prevent hair fall, we should know the reason behind it!

a. Lack of Proper Nutrition:

Hair is made up of a protein called Keratin. For the hair to grow you need to have proteins and iron along with essential vitamins. Ninety Percent of the hair is always in a growing phase, it takes two to three years for the hair to grow and then it enters a resting phase of three months. After that hair sheds and new hair takes its place. So to allow the hair growth you need the right blend of protein and iron. A balanced diet will surely give you healthy hair.

b. Aging:

With age hair starts thinning, this happens because the body’s capacity to absorb nutrients decrease.The hair needs 22 amino acids to grow. Due to lack of amino acids from the diet the hair appears thin.

However you can prevent the hair fall due to aging. You need to have soy beans, lean meat, dairy products, fish, eggs and nuts. You can also have fish oil tablets or supplements which is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

c. Hormonal Changes:

Hair fall or alopecia happens due to high or low hormone levels. Hormones regulate all the organs in the body. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone are the active hormones in a woman’s body. Female pattern of baldness occurs when the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels increase in the scalp.

The dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a byproduct of testosterone and it is produced in the follicles where enzymes convert testosterone into DHT. Sometimes genes are responsible in converting testosterone into DHT readily leading to baldness. Also when levels of female hormones decrease the male hormones become active leading to hair fall.

Also progesterone that is secreted in the body during ovulation decreases during menopause. The body produces adrenal cortical steroid called androstenedione. This steroid has male hormonal qualities that cause hair fall.

d. Stress:

Hair fall is caused due to stress.There are three types of hair fall that are associated with stress. They are:

  • Telogen Effluvium- Stress pushes the hair follicles into arresting phase. After a few days you will noticehair fall.
  • Trichotillomania- This is an irrestible urge to pull out hair from the head and eyebrows. Hair pulling can be triggered by emotions like stress, tension, loneliness, boredom and frustration.
  • Alopecia Areata- This type of hair loss is triggered by severe stress. Stress weakens body’s immune system and causes hair fall.

However, hair fall caused due to stress is not permanent and it can be controlled. Just practice meditation or yoga to de-stress. Taking deep breaths and drinking water helps.

e. Heredity:

Androgenetic alopecia is caused by genetic and environmental factors. If anyone in your family has suffered alopecia, there are high chances that you will lose hair too. In women androgenetic alopecia doesn’t cause total baldness but there is visible hair thinning.

f. Prolonged Illness:

Chronic and deadly diseases like cancer, typhoid and jaundice can trigger hair loss.Cancer medicines and chemotherapy cause severe hair loss. Beautiful hair is a reflection of good health, so if there is any problem with your general health it reflects on your skin and hair.

g. Medications:

Hair fall happens if you take drugs on a regular basis, but this kind of hair fall is usually temporary. If you have to take medicines for a chronic disease, then hair fall becomes a long term problem. Medicines for glaucoma or beta-blocker drugs, asthma, heart disease, anti-coagulants, anti-depressants, acne medicine like Isotretinoin, anti convulsants, cholesterol lowering drugs, diet and weight loss drugs like Amphetamines, anti-fungal medicines cause hair fall. Also drugs or steroids given to reduce muscle cramps, high blood pressure, gout and inflammation trigger hair fall. If you are having any hormonal pill like birth control pills it can cause hair fall.

h. Thyroid Disorders:

People suffering from Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroidism lose hair. It is a worst symptom of thyroid and it is easily visible. However, it can be treated by doing a proper evaluation by your doctor. You need to give the hormones some time to stabilize. Also try to analyze the type of hair loss you are having and talk to an endrinocologist about it.

i. Fungal Disease or Infections:

Some infection causing agents are responsible for hair fall. Ringworm, which is actually not a worm, is a fungal infection that causes alopecia. The condition is called ‘tinea capitis,’ ringworm is same as athlete’s foot. The ringworm starts as a pimple and it slowly spreads causing a bald patch. The affected area is itchy, red, inflamed and it may ooze.

Some fungal infections disappear on its own. To tackle stubborn fungus like Microsporum Audouinii, Trychophyton Tonsorans and Microsporum Gypseum you need strong anti-fungal medicines. Most common anti-fungal drug is Griseofulvin. Other anti-fungal drugs like Terbinafine, Itraconazole and Fluconazole can be prescribed.

Never share towels, combs and clothes. You can get fungal infection if you’re a regular at swimming clubs, common showers is the place you can probably get these fungal infections.

j. Pregnancy:

Giving birth is quite scary for most women, in addition if you are losing bunches of hair it adds to the depression. It happens after the baby is delivered and hormonal changes are the main reason.

k. Over Styling Hair:

We all love to straighten our hair and highlight the hair with some funky colours to look trendy.Other chemical treatments like perming and rebonding can destroy the hair texture. Also using straightening rods and curlers cause strain to the hair and leads to hair breakage and split ends. Also using tight rubber bands and hair accessories can cause hair fall. Never tie a high ponytail, keep it loose and simple, you will still look pretty.

l. Excessive Vitamin A Intake:

According to American Academy of Dermatology hair fall is caused due to overdosing on Vitamin A. One should have only 5,000 International Units of Vitamin A. However this hair fall is temporary and can be corrected by reducing the Vitamin A intake.

m. Vitamin B Deficiency:

This problem of hair fall can be corrected and is very common. You just need to correct your diet. Having fish, meat, starchy vegetables, nuts and avocado can solve your hair woes. You can snack on nuts to get good hair.

n. Autoimmune Disease, Lupus Cause Hair Fall:

Lupus cause ‘scarring’, this means the hair will not grow back. All you have to do is to change your hair style to camouflage the bald patches. Short is better for camouflaging the baldness.

o. Dramatic Weight Loss:

Hair fall can be caused due to physical trauma. Eating disorders like Bulimia and Anorexia cause hair fall. So eating right to reduce chances of deficiencies is very important if you want your hair to shine with a healthy glow.

p. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS):

This is another case of hormonal imbalance. Excess of androgens cause ovarian cysts and affects your menstrual cycle. Polycystic ovaries cause hormonal imbalance and this leads to hair fall.

All the causes sound very common, yet we cannot control hair fall.

20 Simple and Effective Home Remedies to Control Hair Fall:

Latest technology and hair fall products claim to reduce hair fall and most of them are effective. However it is always better to go for natural products than opting for chemicals that harm the hair.To curb hair fall, you need to include a few basic practices into your hair care routine along with the treatments that you adopt for better results. Here are some home remedies and tips for hair fall control you can try.

1. Coconut Milk:

7 simple home remedies to control hair fall

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Coconut milk is among the richest sources of tissue-nourishing, plant derivatives. Grind the grated coconut and squeeze it to remove its milk. Massage coconut milk on the scalp to reduce hair fall.

2. Aloe Vera:

7 simple home remedies to control hair fall

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Aloe Vera juice is very effective to stop hair loss. Pure aloe gel can be applied directly to the scalp. This is helpful for preventing hair loss due to irritated, dry or infected scalp. Aloe Vera balances the pH level of scalp. After massaging the head with aloe gel, wait for few hours and then wash the hair with lukewarm water. You should do this twice a week for best results.

  • You can also make your own anti hair fall shampoo. Mix aloe gel, wheat germ oil and coconut milk. Apply this on your scalp and wash off
  • Another remedy is to dissolve a small amount of sodium chloride in the aloe vera gel. Now apply this mix on the scalp. The sodium will penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin and reduce hair fall.

3. Oil Massage:

Oil Massage

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Regular massaging the scalp for a few minutes every day with lukewarm oil will lead to stimulation of blood flow to the scalp. Coconut oil helps in controlling hail fall. Other recommended oils are: Jojoba oil, almond oil, mustard oil, lavender oil. Jojoba oil is especially good because it replaces the sebum in the scalp. It also helps to control dandruff.

4. Neem Treatment:

Neem is one of the most popular herbs in the country! It has many benefits, both health and beauty. And when it comes to beauty, it has some very effective hair benefits too. The astringent property of neem helps to keep lice and dandruff at bay.

How to use:

  • Boil neem leaves in water until the water level falls to half its initial quantity and then cool it.
  • Rinse out your hair with the mixture once a week.

5. Amla:

Boil dried amla in coconut oil till the oil turns black in color. Massage your scalp with this oil. This is an effective and very easy home remedy to check hair loss. There are also other ways where we can include amla in our hair care routine. Here are some methods to use amla effectively to control hair fall:

  • Use amla and shikakai powder than you can buy in ayurvedic stores. Mix them both and make a paste. Apply this to your hair. Leave it on for a few minutes and wash off after a few minutes. Caution: If you have dry hair, skip shikakai.
  • Mix powdered amla with lime juice. Apply this on your scalp and leave on for some time. Wash off.
  • Soak it overnight. Use the water in the morning to rinse off your hair post shampooing.

The most effective method to reduce hair fall is to drink amla and shikakai juice. Yes, it tastes terrible but if you skip the preference of the taste buds once a day, the results will definitely be worth it.

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6. Curd:

Curd is an excellent remedy for improving the quality of the hair and prevents hair loss as well. It ios one of the best conditioners and can be used in various forms:

  • Mix curd with black pepper. Apply this on your hair.  Wash off thoroughly when dry
  • Mix curd with honey and apply this on your hair. Applying curd with honey or lime juice moisturizes your hair.

It also makes your hair shiny. This natural hair mask is also effective against dandruff which can be a cause of hair loss.

7. Hair Fall Preventive Packs:

When hair fall is really severe, then a preventive hair pack is the way to go. Here are a few packs, you can try at home.

  • Pack 1: Aloe Vera mixed with herbal Amla, shikakai and neem powder gives lustrous hair.
  • Pack 2: Henna, egg whites and curd when used together stops hair fall.
  • Pack 3: Honey, olive oil, cinnamon mixed together make for a soothing yet effective hair growth pack.
  • Pack 4: Wash your hair with a paste made out of neem leaves. Follow it up with rinsing your hair with apple cedar vinegar. Neem acts against scalp oil build up and infection while apple cedar vinegar maintains the alkali balance of the scalp.

You can always go for a hair spa once in a while but natural treatment is always a best idea. Stick to homemade hair masks to reduce hair fall. Keep your hair naturally hydrated.

8. No Junk Please:

7 simple home remedies to control hair fall

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Unhealthy lifestyle, eating junk and all these unhealthy habits leads to hair loss. Processed foods are not healthy and it can cause diseases which ultimately lead to a rise in high level of toxins in the body. To counter the toxins you need to drink plenty of water. At least drinking 8 glasses of water on a daily basis is a must and preferably on an empty stomach.Eat fresh home cooked food if you want great hair.

9. Be Gentle With Wet Hair:

Avoid rubbing your hair dry and also avoid combing wet hair. Your hair is more susceptible to breakage when wet and the result will be a clump in your brush and stray strands at your feet.

10. Massage Your Scalp Frequently:

This stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and it also promotes hair growth. You can go for a hot oil massage and turban therapy to control hair fall. Make sure the oil is not too hot otherwise it will cause more harm than good. Listed below are some more ways of massaging the scalp:

  • Mix coconut oil, lime water and lime juice. Now apply this mix to get rid of hair fall
  • Hair massage can also be done with tree tea, olive oil, lavender oil, sesame oil or almond oil. All these oils are known to be good for preventing hair fall.
  • Massage the scalp with fresh coriander juice.
  • Boil 250 grams of henna leaves in mustard oil till only 60 grams of it is left. Store this and massage your hair with it.
  • Boil methi or fenugreek seeds in coconut or mustard oil. Regularly massage your hair using this preparation
  • Massaging scalp with coconut milk strengthens the hair. Grind coconut and strain all the liquid and you have natural coconut milk.

11. Minimize Pressure:

Don’t always opt for styles that require you to tie your hair up tight. As sleek and fashionable as this may look, it puts a great deal of pressure on the hair which adds to the breakage and hair fall.

12. Avoid Excessive Heat Styling:

Hair styling is essential when you step out. You need to look good at all times in today’s world. But it is necessary that you submit your hair to as less of heat treatment as you can! The heat tends to dry the shaft out making it dry and frizzy which over a period causes the hair to turn brittle. The ultimate result will be hair fall.

13. Avoid Hot Water For Hair Rinse:

Do not wash hair with hot water because excess heat is really bad for your hair. Always use cold water or water at room temperature. Dry and frizzy hair when you walk out of the shower is the indication that the water was too hot for your hair.

14. Healthy and Nutritious Diet:

All said and done, jut these simple precautions are not going to help. It will always hold true that only when you are healthy inside will your hair be healthy too. Your hair is made up of proteins and is alive at the roots. And like any other living it also requires nutrients to remain healthy and grow. There are a few things that you can add to your diet to ensure that you intake sufficient quantities of these nutrients.

  • First and foremost will be proteins of course. They are the building blocks of the hair shaft after all.
  • The next in the list will be vitamins. The vitamins that are essential for the hair are Vitamin A, B complex, C, and E. Each of these performs a significant role. Vitamin B complex is most popularly known for its importance in the hair growth and hair fall control. Vitamin C prevents premature graying.
  • Last but not the least, Iron. Deficiency of iron can lead to severe hair fall, which is why women suffering from anemia exhibit a great amount of hair fall.

15. Exercise:

Daily exercising also promotes hair growth. You must be wondering how? Exercise helps in improving metabolism. This allows better absorption of nutrients in your body. Exercise also helps to reduce stress. It releases endorphins or happy hormones which directly help in hair growth. When you are healthy and happy it shows on your skin and hair. So stay cheerful to have healthy glowing hair!

16. Reduce Your Caffeine Intake:

If you already have dry hair, then rethink your coffee habit and evaluate your caffeine consumption. Caffeine further depletes the body of its natural resources of nutrients. And the nutrients required for hair are not spared either! So cut back on the coffee and move on to something healthier and that which promotes good health.

17. Stay Hydrated:

Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.

18. Use Herbal Products:

Keep the scalp clean and as far as possible away from chemicals. Use a herbal or Ayurvedic shampoo that is mild.

19. Regular Trim:

Trim your hair regularly to avoid the troubles of split ends. Keep your hair clean, use a thin comb to clear nits and head lice.

20. Avoid Residue Build-up:

Have a manageable hairstyle that helps to add volume to your hair. If you are using mousse or serum to add volume, make sure you rinse it off well during washing your hair with a shampoo. These residue stick to the hair follicles and create a breeding ground for dandruff and head lice.

A Word of Caution:

When you are using hair fall remedies at home it is necessary to keep a few tips in mind. Here they are:

  • Check to make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned in the hair products. Even though herbal products cause fewer reactions than chemicals, some people are known to have allergies to a few specific ingredients. Read labels of hair products carefully.
  • Always follow the instructions given in the product label carefully. If you don’t follow the instructions carefully it will lead to hair fall again. It will do more harm than good.
  • While you follow these basic daily and weekly suggestions to reduce hair fall, you need to supplement it with some products that you can use everyday or twice during the week. Shampoos are the best example for such products. Supplementing these treatments with a good hair fall defense shampoo can be really useful.

Recommended Hair Products:

Here are a few good hair fall defense shampoo’s you can try.

  • The Himalaya anti-hair fall shampoo
  • L’Oreal Paris new fall repair 3X  Anti hair fall shampoo
  • Tresemme hair fall defense shampoo.

There are many more and make sure you try out a few and pick the one most suited to your hair. Remember your hair is precious and you need to pick what works the best for you!

Hair is the barometer of your health. Lead a healthy lifestyle if you want enviable tresses. You can flaunt any hair style with thick hair, so your aim should be to increase the volume of your hair naturally without using any hair serums. Now that you know the causes that trigger hair fall and methods to prevent it, you can take care of your hair even better. So no more embarrassing bald patches to hide! Let your hair shine with health.

Follow any of these simple home remedies and tips for hair loss / fall and get lustrous shining hair with regular practice.

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      Dear, first of all soryy for being so late in replying. Hairfall can be caused by all the reasons stated in the article itself. Your body as well as external factors can cause hair fall. While up to 200 strands a day and 250 the day you shampoo is thought of as normal natural hair fall but if you see fast thinning of hair and large hair fall do consult a specialist doctor. Please follow the remedies stated above as well as follow a proper nutritious diet. It will surly help you.

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  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/divyasri/ Divyasri

    Aloe vera is definitely a magical plant and does wonders on the hair instantly. It’s not like other hair packs that we usually leave them for more than one or two hours. You can use the aleo vera pack for max of forty minutes to one hour and get a lovely shiny and smooth hair. For oily hair mixing aleo vera with curd gives you the best results.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      I agree Divyasri, Aloe Vera is a wonder plant of nature. I apply it for my skin quite regularly :)

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      If you oil your hair, do it in the night . .so that you can wash the hair in the morning before stepping out . Apply an oil free leave in conditioner or serum especially meant for dry hair. This way your hair will get nourishment. Also for oily skin try some oily skin packs to relieve the oiliness and also it could be handy o keep some oil blotting sheets in your purse so that whenever you feel your skin becoming oily . Hope these work :)

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    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      Dear, please follow these hairfall remedies and i am sure you will see some result in a short time. But if hair fall is more than 200 strands a day then do contact a doctor straight away . It might need professional care. Thanks a lot for reading :)

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    Really really amazing and helpful post!! thanks stylecraze for sharing this with us…its gonna be of great help to me… will make sure that follow these natural remedies over the chemial ones..

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      You are most welcome Ira. Natural remedies work greatly and have no side effects. So do give these a try ; I hope you get desired results :)


    thank you for your remedies.. it is very useful for me and i am very thank full to you…

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      Thanks a lot Preethi. Hope you get good results

  • akshata

    Hi, I am using Panjami hair oil and it has given me good results within a month. I would recommend for people who are suffering from same issues.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      That’s great news. keep using it and check the hair fall each day to see if it has helped.

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    Really really nice one.. Nothing is beyond health.. including hair.. i guess your article will really help everybody in need.. It really covers all scenarios.. I hope ppl benefit out of this.. :)

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      Thanks Meeta, and sorry for the late reply. Health is wealth and it affects everything in between. Hairfall is in a lot of cases caused by internal health problems. Hope these remedies help everyone

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/nimratachowan/ Nimrata

    Hi i never knew that soooo many of my daily habits were causing so much damage! Thanks so much. Will certainly try a few of these home remedies to see which one works for me!

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      Sure Nimrata . I hope you get good results from this :)

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    Junk food! I think that is my biggest problem! I just cant seem to keep my hands off it. But i had no idea that it was affecting my hair fall too! Thanks for the info Inderjeet. Time to control my eating habits!

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      You are welcome Simrin. Junk food is made of many harmful ingredients and it surely damages the digestive system. And sometimes due to internal problems you have hairfall.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/gurleen/ Gurleen

    Aloe vera works great for me:)

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      Aloe vera is really a Wonder product , i apply it on my skin to get a soothing feel and in my face pack :)

  • Amita Baluni

    Can we use bottled aloe vera as well for face and hair packs as i don’t have the plant.

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Hiee . . Thanks for commenting and sorry for late reply. It’s better if you use fresh Aloe Vera instead of bottled ones. These days you can purchase aloe vera plants from nurseries and shops and you can keep it in a small pot and use it. But still if you need to use a bottled one use a high quality natural aloe vera which has no additional substances . I would still like you to try to get hold of a plant and use the fresh aloe vera extract.

  • Amita Baluni

    Can we use bottled aloe vera gel as well for face and hair packs as i don’t have the plant.

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Hello, Thanks and sorry for late reply dear.
      Yes you may use it but as bottled aloe vera means that it has been thee for a while and may contain chemicals and other substances. It may not be as effective as a plant aloe vera freshly extracted. If you choose to use bottled ones, choose a high quality and reputed one with no additional substance and preservatives.
      If you have a little space in your flat or home just purchase a small potted aloe vera and you can use it daily. One needs only an inch of aloe vera each day so that will help you each day without costing you much.
      Hope my reply helps

  • Ambalika Tripathi

    shall mix all 3 pack( which u updated) in mehandi at a time ..

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Hello. If you are trying the mehendi one stick to the pack associated with it. That is mix mehendi, egg whites and curd .
      Hope it helps your hair fall

      • Guest

        THANX MAM but i asked u that all 3 packs Pack 1: Aloe Vera mixed with herbal Amla, shikakai and neem powder gives lustrous hair.
        Pack 2: Henna, egg whites and curd when used together stops hair fall.
        Pack 3: Honey, olive oil, cinnamon mixed together make for a soothing yet effective hair

        Read more: http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/home-remedies-to-control-hair-fall/#ixzz2WUA1ewRb -
        which u hv given here if i use
        dese all in a mehndi at a time so it will give a gd result or not..

      • Ambalika Tripathi

        Pack 1: Aloe Vera mixed with herbal Amla, shikakai and neem powder gives lustrous hair.

        Pack 2: Henna, egg whites and curd when used together stops hair fall.

        Pack 3: Honey, olive oil, cinnamon mixed together..in dis all 3pack can i mix in mehndi …dis pack will be gd 4 me

  • Kimberly

    I have thin, very curly hair. I work out 7 days a week and sweat a lot, especially in my head, causing my hair to be soaked by sweat every day. Because of this I have to rinse the sweat out every day. I started using cleansing conditioner and leave in conditioner, but I still have a problem with extreme split ends. When I pull at the end of a single hair, it breaks off and the severe split end is very noticible. I don’t know what to do anymore. I have my hair trimmed every month, and still I can’t seem to get rid of the extreme split ends. Please, do you have any advice for me? Thank You!

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Hello Kimberly,
      I can empathize with your problem, being in an active lifestyle takes a toll on our lives.
      Split ends are a problem for many but you must understand that split ends CANNOT be removed or stopped. It can be repaired into a better stage with the use of conditioners and shampoos targeted at split end control. But the best way to handle split ends is to trim your hair regularly. Trimming hair regyularly helps the hair ends t stay healthy and for the hair breakage I think your hair needs some special nourishment. Apply some hair packs once a week and do this wekly for a month. Hair packs could be as simple as a mix of egg and yogurt . .Please read these article for more info

      Hope these answer your query .. If you have any more doubts .. Please reply to this conversation :)

      Have a great day :)

      • karamvir singh

        hi,i am suffering from hair fall …the reason is dandruff ,itching in scalp and small pimples on scalp….and my hairs have become thin and it is clearly noticed that i have lost almost 30-40 %hairs in 2 years..can u just tell me the natural remedies for that….i need only natural treatments for that…..and kindly reply to my mailid also..karamvirsingh122@gmail.com

  • rashmi

    hi i m rashmi, i have hair fall problem since 2 years, my skin is very oily and i m not using any kind of oil last few years. i already use all above shampoos but there is no improvement can you plz suggest me

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Hello . I have very oily scalp and combination skin. I think it’s best to shampoo every alternate days. If you see large area of scalp going thin then try consulting a doctor. For small problems usually these tricks work. There are some medicated shampoos which usually are doctor prescribed. Do try the homemade hair packs and try to change your diet . Include some veggies and protein rich food. If all fails contact a doctor ASAP.

  • mujib uddin

    hey its me mujib,,,i have problem of falling hairs,,,plz help me how to recover my lossed hairs,,i am in tension because of i am 22 years old.plz suggest me plz.i think after 2 years my hair will compleletly finish,

    • Shabby

      If the hair fall is below 100 hairs per day then it is considered normal . .but if you see clumps of hair every time you brush or are losing hair from parts of the scalp then there might be other factors responsible for the hair loss. These tricks work good as to control average hair fall but try consulting doctor for specialized treatment. .

  • Leena

    Really good tips. Thanks for the write up.

    • Shabby

      Welcome Leena . .:)

  • pinky

    i hv been usin tresemme for the past 2 two months , inspite of that my hair is falling !!! i also use conditioner …. but i have no good results !!! :(((

    • vany

      wait a while for best result

    • Shabby

      I do suggest you check your daily lifestyle as well as internal and external factors . If still the problems persist try consulting a doctor for best results.

  • harli

    Hello, yеs this articlе is in fасt pleasant and I have lеarned lot of things frоm it about blogging.

    Hair Loss Solutions

  • supriya

    Thanks for sharing this .. hope it works :)!

    • Shabby

      You are most welcome. Do give us feedback :)

  • Nikki

    hello maam,m suffering with shockingly great hair fall with every combing and washing.Nw i had a phobia in combing ma hair after washing them.please help me.Nw im stressed

    • Shabby

      Hiee Nikki . I know how it feels to see clumps of hair in every combing. A 100 hairs a day is normal hairfall and should not be too stressed about. But if it persists to a stage where on each combng you see rapid hairfall and thinning from certain [arts of the scalp it is time to visit a hair expert. A doctor will surely be able to diagnose the root of the problem . These tricks work well with less hair fall but if you feel there is excessive hair fall and that these tricks are not helping much contact a doctor immediately.

  • ziesha

    Hello maam,i hv prblm of falling hair as it is falling too mch even m getng homeopathic treatment thn also it is falling …i hv lost front hair as now it became too thin….plzz help me..as now i’m fully depressed…plzz gv a solution to regain hair…

    • Shabby

      Hello Ziesha. .Seems you are having major hair fall . .you may try these solutions and see which work for you . .Ypu may also consider using ROGAINE as a solution .But please consider consulting a professional before you try it. Go in for aloepathy treatment if you feel homeopathy is not effective. Do not waste time and go to a hair specialist and see if any clinical solutions are available .:)

  • Manju

    Hi , I am manju i have hair fall problem in since 2 years i am already try to your tips what can i do …please give me a solution …

    • Shabby

      If the hair fall is persistent from the last two years and you have tried most of these solutions then immediately contact a hair expert and see if there are any internal or external factors causing this hair fall.

  • sid@letsstayfit.com

    I have been struggling with this hair fall issue since many years. Have tried almost all the things but have not got any satisfactory results. Will try all your tips and i am hoping that it will work.

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Sure keep me updated on the progress :)

  • rechal

    Mam m facin severe hairfall frm two months…in d strt i ws tld it ws cz of dandruff so i chngd my shampoo n strtd usin anti-dandruff shampoo..bt it dint help my dandruff is less bt hairfall is increasing day by day….especially while washing my hairs i loose more then 500 hairs fo sure..n my hairs r becumin thin…plzzz help me vd ur suggestion..thankyou

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Hi rechal .. If it’s above 200as you say then it’s time you asked for a doctor’s help . It may be due to some internal factors as well. Also try leading a healthy lifestyle with lots of fluid intake .. Have fruits and veggies . . Also use a mix of sweet almond and castor oil on scalp .. Followed by mild shampoo .

  • Rajni sharma

    Mam i m facing severe hairfall frm two months…i have no dandruff on my head. i had used many types of shampoo & conditioners..bt it dint help my bt hairfall is increasing day by day….especially while washing my hairs i loose more then 500 hairs fo sure..n my hairs r becuming thin…plzzz help me with ur suggestion..thankyou

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Hi Rajni . .try consulting a doctor . .If you believe that each shampoo is making your hair fall at 500 rate then It’s best time you consulted a doctor ..It’s time you get professional help and see if there are any internal factors creating this problem.

  • Jyoti

    Hello mam… my hairs are too oily.. plzzz suggest a good shampoo for oily hairs.. a million thnx in anticipation…

  • anjali

    weneva i oil my hair….it doesnt get completely removed off even afta apllying 2-3 times of shampoo in one wash………..y is it so and wat can be done abt it can u suggest a good hair oil and shampoo……n yeah is applying conditioner good and free of any side effects……………..

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Hair oil might be left back if your shampoo is too mild or the oil is too thick/more in quantit. I suggest you use a good branded shampoo which is less mild . .Try Tressemme range, it’s quite good.
      Conditioners help your hair stay in place and lessen frizz, breakage by giving a protective layer of moisture around it. So it’s best if you use a good conditioner after shampoo . .Again I love Tresemme ones .. :)

  • deepika

    hi mamm,, m deepika…. i hav dry nd quite rough hairs.. nwadays i m suffering from hairfall problem even.. i m shocked of seeing my pillow full of hairs wen i wake up in morning.. few days ago i had used curd for my hairs which i feel led to hairfall problem… i trim my hairs quite often.. i use sunsilk thick and strong shampoo and conditioner… and i wish to change my shampoo nd conditoner too… i m going to start up with tres ssemme for dry and rough hairs… will it work? or any other if u can suggest.. i want some suggestions from u regarding my query.. nd some home remedy fr hairfall..
    thank you..

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Hiee Deepika . .It is not usual that hairfall starts after using natural product like Curd . .It may be due to any internal problem or due to any other causes aswell. Try using a mixture of sweet almond oil and castor oil twice a weekk followed with a mild shampoo. Also try a protein rich hair pack like eggs .. Try mixing two tablespoon of oil with 2 eggs and applying it on your jair . .Leave the hair in a plastic shower cap and rinse after 15-30 min . .Also increase your intake of veggies and vitamins .. If the problem still persists do see a doctor . .

  • laiba

    not to informative

  • preeti

    Hi .I m suffering from hair fall few days ago I am using press for straighting a hair . Phir use din se hair fall start ho gaya m very tensed due to hair fall please give me a suggestions …..some home remedy also.

    • nitesh agrawal

      I know a shampoo which help me out to remove dandruff

  • kruti

    hi,my hairs r very oily.i have dandruff problem too.suffering from hairfall problem especially in monsoon.what to do? plz……….. help me with ur suggestions.thanx.

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      The best way to treat oily hair is to use a mild or preferably herbal hair wash to clean hair of the oil daily or every two days. But do not over do it. Apply a good anti dandruff shampoo once a week. And for hair fall try the hair packs mentioned in the post. In monsoons hair fall does increase so it’s quite natural.

  • Arul

    Hello I read your article on hair fall remedies. It is very good and useful. I have doubt on hair growth pack using honey. Heard using honey will lead to grey hair or early greying is it true?
    can you please guide us with quantity on how to prepare hair growth packs?

  • sanjeev

    hello maam i m sanjeev……………i hv the same problem of hair fall from last 2 years and still going on as same. i will try most of the treatment but they doesn’t work. also my hair get thin and when i move our hand on hair minimum 2or 3 hair get fall from the root………… so give me the best solution for this.
    is any problem of vitamins, protein ?

  • ramya

    hiii m ramya
    m having hair loss from last 2 years daily aftr finishing bath I ll see many hairs in towel and evn ill see many hair aftr combing and evn I wont comb wen hair s wet plz suggest me any precautions plz which shampoo is best suited for my problem

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      If your hair fall is moderate and is like up to 100 strands a day then this is nothing to be worried about. Hair fall is natural after bath and hair experts even claim that up to 250 strand hair fall is natural . .But use some good natural hair pack to get your hair nourished. Also if you feel the problem is increasing consult a doctor,

  • aditi

    hi i am anu
    i am having grey hair and my age is 25 plz help me so as to stop having grey hair

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Please get in touch with a doctor. Grey hair at early 20′s may be due to many things like Liver Dysfunction, any internal problem, heredity or just the use of wrong dyes . A doctor will be able to give you proper answers after checking you

  • Alam

    hi, i am a
    boy and i am using salsun sampoo last tow years but still i am not get good result.
    Is this good for antidandruf or not?

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Honestly I’ve heard it does a good job at keeping dandruff away. But I have no personal experience with the product. But you may try the natural packs and tricks mentioned here . I am sure you will get good results.

  • Keerthi

    Hi ,

    pls help me with the best hairfall solution , even though i am losing just 10 to 20 strands of hair daily , i can feel i am losing hair in top of scalp and my receding lines are getting wider , i am using meera shampoo , so pls help im scared and loosing confidence ..

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Hi Keerthi ..Did the hair fall start after changing your shampoo.???The best way to keep hair fall at bay is through the above mentioned procedures. But since you say the receding lines are getting wider I say it’s time you consult a hair specialist . Because he will be the best person to give you the apt treatment. Since I have to guess your age and all I suggest you consult a doctor as hair fall should not be overlooked .

  • Ryvan

    Hello there ,
    I am Ryvan 24…for past couple of years I having hair fall problems but not very severe but I am loosing hair from my front portion of hair n it’s noticeable ..I believe the water is one of the cause and now m washing my hair with mineral water ..but my hair looks thin and with spaces on the front portion ..can u please give me a way to strengthen my hair and make look more thick pls…..and my scalp very sensitive and if u can suggest me a good shampoo or alternative to that …it will be very helpful…thanks

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Hello Ryvan ..Even one of my fried was suffering from the same problem and his doctor helped him to regain the lost hair in the place. I suggest you take a good protein rich diet and use a mild preferably herbal shampoo from a reputed brand. Yes water sometime causes hair fall. But it’s better you consult a doctor for expert treatment as you say the thinning is noticeable so it must be controlled before it becomes impossible to treat.

  • prachi tulaskar

    i need help plsss i hvin too mch hairfall m jst 18 nw…i use sunsilk hairfall solution…n bz of hairfall m hairs r thin nw…n evn evn hv short hair…. so m afraid nw n ma hairs r dry bt n they r nt evn curl n nt evn straight..plss hlp me…:(

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      From what I am understanding you have wavy hair that is dry. Dry hair needs a lot of moisture .. DO try a conditioner and a leave in serum .I have used the Dove hairfall version of leave in serum and it is quite good. But if you feel the amount of hairloss is beyond normal and hair is thinning from one part of the scalp then consult a doctor fast, before it;’s too late. Hope this helps Prachi :)

  • Nimra

    Your tips are really impressing and look good. I am surely going to try them and just wanted to thank you for such a helpful and amazing article! :)

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Welcome Nimra .. :) Your appreciation means a lot :)

  • priya

    this site is amazing.above ur mentioned some shampoos, i am using loreal shampoo.for any reason i stop using that shampoo then the hair fall again start or not

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      Hey dear .. .Don’t think so ..I’ve tried various brands after using this and stopping did not cause any hair fall. But it’s better you stick to a certain shampoo for a good amount of time to see results.

      • priya

        thank u soo much.

  • priya

    pleaseee reply

  • nomick


  • lawrence millet

    Hi, I am a boy aged 24 and have a problem of hair breakage and my hair is very dry and rough and is falling at a very fast rate. Please let me know some good remedy for my hair not to break and so that their roughness and dryness disappears.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      If you have a diet where there is excessive oils, fast foods and packaged items .. try following a better diet by including healthy proteins and leafy vegetables in your diet.

      Also if you use a tong or straightener or blow dry hair regularly it’s time you keep the heat low and use a heat protectant. it’s best to use it sparingly .

      Also go in for some deep nourishing hair treatment in a salon or use any of the homemade recipes from natural ingredients like honey, eggs, yogurt, mayonnaise and more .Do this once or twice a month

      If you see no improvement after following these tips consult a doctor for more detailed treatment :)

  • nabeel

    i am gonna ask u q that

    can we use shampoo &conditioner after aloe vera remediii???????????

    • http://themakeuplovers.blogspot.in/ Shabby

      yes you may . But it’s better to do the aloe vera remedy a good amount of time before going to shampoo

  • sonali shewaramani

    hey, ur post is great but i want to know that before using aloe vera on hair can i do oiling..as at night i oil my hairs then before get shampoo i apply aloe vera gel..so i can do this, dn aloe vera will work to stop hair fall..??

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      Hi Sonali . .Yo u must apply aloe vera juice and then shampoo to get the sticky feel out of the tresses .. You may also leave the juice on for a good amount of time before you wash it

      • sonali shewaramani

        thanks u so much but before i apply aloe vera can i oil my hair..??

  • http://a santhosh cb

    hi..mam i have a oily skin and my hairs are very thin..and in front of my head hairs are getting fall day by day ..please give me the remedy to regain hair..and suggest good herbal shampoo to..thanking you

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      I like herbal shampoos as they are gentle and work greatly. Some brands I have used is Himalaya . .Also look for products in The Body Shop . .And try Nyle if you are looking for cheaper options.

      If the front portion of hair is fading fast it’s better that you consult a doctor, this may be an early sign of alopeia or baldness.

  • sandeep yadav

    help any plz help me ! I have serious hair fall problem . But i am very poor

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      hello, you can use Himalaya shampoo it’s quite affordable .. And oil your hair with coconut hair every two days . Follow up with shampoo next morning. Also eat some proteins and vegetables. Also try Nyle shampoos , they work good also ..

  • Avinash

    hi..I lost lot of hair in my front and my hair is becoming dry day by day.my scalp is becoming thin and i can observe that daily iam jst 20 please help me to control my hairfall pls pls icant bring my hair back but i want my scalp to be thick so pls help me..

  • prathyusha

    hi am 23 working in international call center for the past 2 years I have got heavy hair fall for the part 6 months but I still got a lengthy strait and silky hair till my thighs but its very very thin now I could see my scalp very thin.I also checked thyroid everything is alright could u pls tell me if I trim my hair will tat work ? I saw your website today am gonna try it I hope this should help thank you:)

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      Hi dear . .I do think the stress may lead to hairfall. Also I suggest you revise your diet and include healthy proteins and vegetables to get the needed nutrition for healthy hair. Up to a 100 strands a day is considered normal hair fall but if you feel your condition is deteriorating then try consulting a doctor. Also use a hair fall shampoo and conditioner and go in for a hair spa once a week .or you may get a good conditioning hairpack with hot towel therapy to get the same effects at home too. avoid excessive mental or physical pressure . .Hope this helps. .

  • sone

    hello, I lost lot of my hair in this monsoon season, my hair is becoming Thin n Dry day by day and i use Dove Hairfall Control Shampoo n Conditioner, Please help me to control my Hairfall, I also consult with Dermatologist, provided a Oil + Medicines + shampoo I used it from last month, but i not found better results, My hair fall is continuous, n my hairs are too much thin.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      Do keep using the medicines Sone .treatments take time to show results. These home remedies and tips will also take time to show results. If the medicine seems useless then consult another doctor for the problem .

  • Deeksha

    hi thanks for the solution ,as my doctor suggested me to use l’oreal and i feel better but i dont know whether usage of conditioner is really helpful and i have split ends , dry hair plz help me in this

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      Please use a conditioner regularly and pick up the conditioner from the same range as your shampoo. If you feel you have escessive split ends go in for a haircut to get rid of those or get a smoothening serum to smoothen it out after conditioning.

  • Megha

    Hello mam , please help me from last 6 month i have loss my50% hair .so please advice me .

    • Ashish

      I got a very good ayurvedic oil which stops hair fall and helps in regrowth of hair and also makes hair natural black. it gives result within 3-4 months.

  • Ashish

    I got very good ayurvedic oil which stops hair fall and helps in regrowth of hair and also makes hair natural black. It gives result within 3-4 months time.

  • puspa thakur

    hello mam my hair is too much fall and i using Lo,Real shampoo but i not found any result please mam give me some advice.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      Do follow up with a conditioner and go in for a deep conditioning mask made from natural ingredients once a month to help hair regain it’s luster and moisture.

  • preeti sharma

    hello mam,i straight my hair 3 times from that my hair is too dry and falling, its now become too thin and split, not looking good. i am using almond drops oil and LO,real shampoo now but it not more benefit to my hair its same dry and thin. please give me some solution to my damage hair.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      Chemically treated or straightened hair goes through harsh chemicals and heat . .So it’s ecessary to care from them. .Use mayonnise or a hair pack made with eggs and cream to nourish hair . USe a mixture of almond, castor oil on hair every week twice and leave on for whole night. Wash off the next day with mild shampoo. For frizzy hair use a smoothening serum after washing and conditioning hair and resit using heat on hair. Always use a heat protectant to ensure minimum hair damage.

  • http://namritha.sharma@yahoo.com Namritha Ojha

    Mam i have problem of severe hair fal i met doctors also the doctor told me ththat hormonal balance is my cause of hair fal. Is it so?Pleas tel me how i can arest my hairfal.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      Namritha , i have seen hormonal imbalances cause massive hairfall so this situation needs immediate medical attention. Do consult your Doctor ASAP . .

  • sonali shewaramani

    mam pleaseee reply me soon…i m waiting for ur answer..:-(

  • vaivaswata

    hi am with a severe hair fall how to control it

  • kannan

    i suffer from front sie hair loss problem.my age is 22.i aleady use finasteroid and minoxidle solution.but no improvement here.please tell some diet tips and medicines for hair regrowth on bald areas.my mail is kannanentertainment@gmail.com.if you help me i never forgot you in my life time

    • http://www.hairgyan.com Goerge


      You can stop hair fall using aloe vera and grow hair using nail rubbing technique learn how to do it for free if you are

      suffering hair loss / baldness visit this site will be helpful results are also shown, will be helpful :


  • Anonymous

    hi mam m vandana i ve so much of hair fall n i lost my hair at front evn i ve dandruf too pls help me out frm tis n i m jus 21 n i use himalaya anti hair fall oil too frm a month pls suggest me a best shampoo for hair fall n dandruf

    • Khushwant

      Hi I have long and silky hair but it’s very thin and I’m loosing my hair from for head side due to that my for head is become very broud which looks bad now I am using L’oreal 5 problam shampoo and even I had tryed tresmee as well but Doest work even in oiling my hair once a week with mustered oil please it’s my humble request suggests me something which work it re growth my hair thank u

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      If you are having hairfall from the front portion of the scalp .. Please go to a doctor quickly as this can result in permanent loss of hair from the front section of the scalp.

  • Hina

    Can u pls tell me how can i use olive oil for hair fall?any other ingredient is needed?soap or shampoo is better?

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      I feel oiling is best done at night and kept overnight ..If you are like me who catches cold easily if the oil stays overnight, just oil your hair two hours before shampooing. Use a gentle cleansing shampoo or a color protecting one or an anti dandruff one- according to your needs. Always follow up with a conditioner and use a serum for tangles and frizzy hair.

  • ritu

    i am suffering from a very severe-severe hair fall.what should i do? my hairs are silky and dandruff free.they are thick but now are becoming thin

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      If you feel there is extreme hairfal you must rush to the doctor instead of trying home remedies .. Also try having a balanced ad protein rich diet and use a good shampoo mean for hair fall . .Use the L’Oreal one for best effects

  • Barsha

    Helyo mam,
    i m 16 yr old my hair is falling in evry combing abt 50 frst i usd to use dove wd condnr dn suddly my startd faling aftr that i use loreal wd condting it makes my hair fizy dn i use tresseme dn i strtd to loose mre hair nw i want to stck in one shampoo is matrix is gud for haiR

    • seema

      hello i am suffering from a very severe hair fall.what should i do? my hairs are oily and dandruff free.they are very thin.

      • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

        If you have thin hair which is oily try a good shampoo for oily scalp and hair. I feel total repair 3x anti hair-fall shampoo does a great job .. Follow up with a conditioner. If you feel hair fall is getting severe consult a good doctor to get medical treatment. Try changing to a good eating pattern and go in for hair moisturizing treatments.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      Matrix is good for hair. . .If you have naturally dry hair then use a good serum like the Matrix smoothing serum or L’Oreal Total repair 5 serum .. I have seen good results with L’Oreal Hair fall defense shampoo and conditioner ..Also if you feel hair is thinning out at a fast rate do consult a doctor for better diagnosis and treatment

  • rachna bawa

    hai mam i m suffring with seveare hair fall and i have no idea how to stop it plz guide me soon

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      Rachna I don’t understand the cause of the hair fall ..If there is health problems like a recent disease . .Any special treatment hair fall can happen ..try to eat more proteins and leafy veggies. Also go in for a moisturizing hair mask once a month or twice to give hair the nourishment it needs :) Please specify the problem and comment .I will be happy to help

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ Mohammed

    Hi Mam,
    I recently shifter to new address in bangalore. We are using the bore water. After adress change I m suffring with seveare hair fall. Please giude me how to stop the hair fall.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      Water change may cause hairfall and it’s better you see a doctor for the treatment as the symptoms are severe ..Also go in for some moisturizing ask and spa treatments. .And try to wash hair with mineral water if you feel the water is causing problem.

  • Asha

    Dear Madam

    I am facing severe hair fall. i regularly used hair straightener to straight my here. please advice what should i do?

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shabby/ Shabby

      Use a heat protecting spray and stop straightening for a month . .Oil you hair and go in for a spa to reduce the damages done by heat . Hope this helps

  • http://www.kartoshechka.com kartosin

    However, caution is ideal necessary when choosing true model great flexibility

  • http://yahoo.in meenakshi

    Hello Mam
    Give few natural remedies on how to regain hair that i’ve lost. I apply hair packs also. Is that sufficient?? and also suggest few remedies on how to curb grey hair.

    • Anonymous

      Apply castor oil

  • Geetha

    Hi Mam i have hair fall prbml i used hs shampoo but my hair becomming white so i stop using that shampoo and now i am using a chick shampoo which is best shampoo for hair fall and black thick hair suggest me please i loss my more now my hair is so thin now please suggest me good shampoo

  • Shalna

    I am shalna.i have a long hair and i had thick hair.
    But due to hair fall.i lost my hair

  • sachin

    hi . im a 19 year old .I have hairfall from the central part. its now getting worse. now its started receding from front too . i use an ayurvedic oil but i am concerned about my condition . i suspect my cause to be heredity . please suggest me effective preventive methods ASAP .

  • http://gmail.com Gaurav Suri

    Which is the best shampoo for dandruff free hair? As I m suffering from hair fall

  • Vanshi

    Great post regarding home remedies for hair loss problems. Hey very useful remedies.I am definitely gonna try some of these. Even the tips are very helpful. Especially hair fall preventive packs are very interesting too. I will surely try them. Treating hair fall in a natural way is a very good option. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • http://www.minervall.com/ Anonymous

    Hi there, simply become aware of your weblog thru Google, and located that it is really informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll be grateful when you proceed this in future. Many other people will probably be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

  • Mel Stevens

    try keeping the hair healthy with the pro naturals hair repair shampoo and conditioner made from argan oil!

  • Deb Roy

    How to control hair fall

    • ballo

      Use casia herbal products for complete hair fall problem..

  • ballo

    control hair fall in natural way use this product,100% natural and herbal without side effects and also faster hair growth..casia herbal products

  • ankush

    Hi, I am suffering hair falling problem from 2 year.Today itself, I have cut my all hair and there was too much dandruff and some slight red patched on my head. I had gone to doctor for few months back to take treatement on dandruff and hair fall, but it was solved tempararily till the time I was using medicined. Now I m getting worried about it. I want to see permanent solution for hair falling n dandruff. Please suggest me,,

  • samrudhi

    hello ma’am ,i m suffering from severe hair fall problem.actually i had jaundice in janauary month and due to those antibiotics i am suffering from hair fall ……..after consulting the doctor he said that it will take time for those hairs to cum bac .i read ur article and i would like to ask u that wat may b the fastest home remedy of regaining the hair which would help me to get away from this problem.please help me , suggest me .

    • ballo

      use casia herbal hair treatment for better and safer hair growth without side effects,because these products are made from 100% herbal and natural herbs,after usage u will feel better,let try to use it

  • maasha

    there are many splitens in my hair .so please give me some remedies to control it.

  • muthu

    I am suffering from hairfall since 2 year now only I had cut my hair pls tell me syeps to maintain my hair

  • Garima

    Hello mam, i m 20 yrs old, i m facing severe hairfall from last 3-4 months, i think its duie to excessive use of hair dryer in winters. my hairs are very thin and hairs are constantly decreasing on the top of my head. please suggest solutions as i m too much worried abt that.

    • Ravi

      Hey garima i m also suffering from this last six month and very serious about this
      If u find any treatment for this problem then plz suggest to me on my no. Plz its a request my no. Is 9636461289

  • Anne

    does anyone know about sl handy hair?
    one of my colleague said that that’s a good treatment when I asked about his bushi hair.and he said that bought from ebay but I tried and unable to find..

    • Asan madeena

      I am using the same product called “SL handy hair” or something like that (Language is not in English) as per to many peoples suggestion, It is a fine oil this is my second week from I start to use.It completely stopped my hair falling & hope it will help to regrow new hair.Bought it from a local store but can find in eBay.

  • priya

    anythin on drandruff control?

  • Nishant

    Yes, i have regrown full head hairs.
    This is nishant n will like to share my experience.
    After struggling hard, i found way to get hairs
    back naturaly. my hairs started falling n thiniing 3 yrs back, i was
    almost bald. i tried every oil, shampoo n treatments available in
    market including richfeel n dr. batra. but disappointed as i wasted
    money n time.
    so i thought of treating my hairs internaly as ur body indicates u
    something going wrong by shading hairs. i studied a lot on this n
    finaly made a strategy for hairs considering all causes of hairloss.
    i am following this from last 5 months and i can see all my hairs
    growing back without any surgery or costly treament :). very happy
    to see them again. provide all vital things that ur body needs in right quantity
    and see all your hairs growing back again.
    u can contact me on 9987196034. i will be glad to help u out thru dis.
    enjoy, have healthy hairs, smile n be happy.

    • nav

      hi nishant…can u plz write it here only what u have done to grow ur hair…thnx :)

    • Dhruv Bhardwaj

      I want to talk to you

  • Jen

    Very important
    information for me thanks.


    Hello mam, i m 31 yrs old, i m unmarried & facing severe hairfall from last 6 months, onwards starting my hair is softy 100% is there but now only 30% is there i get lot of 4 head is there in my 4 head pls suggst what can i do to first of all hairfall control & how can i improve my hair thikness of beauty hair pls if u suugest good shampoo. if u suggst i will do mam. I really depply varing about my hair.

  • Anonymous

    how many hair fall in a day is normal

  • saini saa

    hello mam, i am having a very long hair & it was thick. but nowadays after i had a hair cut it seems that it became thin. my hair is deep V cut behind. my friends are telling that due to hair cut my hair has became thin. what should i do regain my hair thickness & also there is a small patch occurred in front due to hairloss. it is looking very odd & i can’t tie my hair upwards. please help me.

  • https://plus.google.com/103715878530075107699 Akshatha Pm (Akii)

    Hello friends I had very dry frizzy hair, with problems of hair fall and hair thinning. I thought that hair straightening could reduce the problem of frizz and also control the hair fall.. Trust me when I gave a thought about the entire chemical involved in the treatment I stepped back and decided to give myself treatment at home. I went through a lot of articles and did a lot of research on hair care.
    I decided to dedicate an hour every day towards my hair. And designed a everyday hair care solution. Natural treatment will take time but the effect will be long lasting
    Here is what I did for last 4 weeks, every day. I am amazed by the results and that’s why I decided to share it today. Hope this is helpful.
    This will treat- Hair fall, hair thinning, frizzyness, dryness
    Restore shine, make hair smooth and soft. Straighten wavy hair. Improve the quality of hair and change your look drastically.
    Good luck

    • https://plus.google.com/103715878530075107699 Akshatha Pm (Akii)

      Day 1
      Fenugreek seeds:
      1. Soak two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight
      2. Make it into a paste in the morning
      3. Blend this mixture with a little water to add some consistency
      4. Add four tablespoons of curd one egg white
      5. Apply this on your hair and scalp.
      6. Leave in for half an hour
      7. Wash off thoroughly with water.
      This is an ideal pack for reducing hair fall and giving you shiny, soft and voluminous hair
      Day 2

      Homemade Hot Oil Treatment (Once in three days)
      Hot oil dry hair kitchen treatment is known to be an excellent hair care remedy. If you want to make the most of it for your dry and fragile hair, opt for a homemade oil mixture.
      • Pour 2 tablespoons each of almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and pure coconut oil into a medium-sized pot and warm it.
      • Don’t overheat as it will end up damaging your scalp. Make sure it’s lukewarm, not hot.
      • Massage hair with this oil mixture and wrap it up in a towel.
      • Unwrap after 30 minutes and wash with a mild shampoo.
      Using this treatment once every 7 days will give you softer, shinier and healthier tresses

  • Anonymous

    my hair is falling from up side of face face.may u give me some advise

  • vijay

    mam i am a student of class 12th science maths and live in hostel . i suffer from hair fall but i am only 17 year old . i realy worried about hair fall . you give suggestion is really great but it can not possible for me to use becouse i have no time and no any natural things . so please give me name of great product which alivleble in marcket to cure hair fall .
    please……………..! i am waiting for your answer

  • Anonymous

    Hi my name is komal. I am 26 yrs old. I m having a hair fall pblm with lots and lots of spilt hair. I tried all type of good shampoo like L’Oreal ,L’Oreal professional,matrix, pantee, himalaya etc. but still my hair are very fizzy non manageable . Can u help me how can i get relief from such issue.

  • Helena

    In my case nothing works except obesekara oil

  • jobin peter

    im jobin 21 years old i have a problem of hair losing.what is the reason about that problem.iam using shaampoo only ,oils and other jells are not use hair losing problem about daily shampoo using??

  • https://www.facebook.com/javeed.sal Mohammed Javeed

    Will these remedies help for men also..?

  • Anonymous

    It really worked

  • bhargavi

    from some days i am suffering with heavy hairfall especaillay after hairfall .tried many natural remedies but no use please suggest be the better way to reduce my hair fall

  • Ajit

    hi is it useful for men too.. please suggest my age is 33 years..

  • http://www.gmail.com khushi uchil

    hi i am khushi uchil after delivery i am facing a hair problem i read your article but bit confuse that i have a plant of alovera in my house but hw to use it? for a gentle skin and hair?? please suggest me

  • Anish tiwari

    hy i m anish . i m 22 yrs old . i nd my older brother suffring for hair fall prlmb . plzzzz tel me yur home remedies r gud for us ….

  • Wanjiru Wandati

    Do you have any remedy for hair fall due to Lichenplanopilaris?

    • supriya

      hiii i m supriya tembhurkar n i m also facing hair fall problem b4 sm month my hair was thick n nw these days they are very thin

  • Rajesh

    I am suffering hair fall from last 4 yr. I am 25 yr old and I dont have aloe vera plant.
    I can you tell me which aloe vera bottle should I used for Hair Fall control

  • vikas

    Iam so worried about my hair fall ,its just from 1 month…please tell me what can i do for stop hair fall

  • anitha

    how to strait hair in nature.plze say,
    becase, i have curly hair. i dont like that hair .

  • sandeep

    Amazing post

  • sakthi

    Hair loss broplam please any useful tips I feel

  • Jasmin

    Hi shabby….

    This is a wonderful post for hair fall. I always use heat to style my hair. Because of heat only i lose big amount of my-hair. After reading this i decided to stop my hair from heating. anyways thanks for the article.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/richag/ Richa

      Jasmin, appreciate your kind comment!! :D It’s really nice to know, how the readers are benefiting from our articles. The readers like you makes us what we are today.

  • sakthi prakash

    hai ….shakthi here…i use helmet regularly while i ride to office…due to which i could see hair fall…can you recommend any idea to prevent…

  • prasanna

    I m worried abt the hair falling dandruff n bald patches pls suggest me any important home remedies to regrow my hair.

  • Samatha

    I used many oils and shampoos to grow my hair faster,but my hair is falling out more than 60 to 70 strands per day, then i tried Capigro, it reduced my hair fall and now my hair become consistence.

  • shikhidhwaj Singh

    I am just 30 year old but hair of my headtop and front part of my head (above forehead) is getting thinner. Please suggest some effective treatment. My body wt is about 89 and height is about 6ft. Shikhidhwaj

    • Kiran Kumar

      In order to achieve best results continue applying Capigro even after, the hair fall condition is brought under control. It stops hair fall and prevents hair from thinning. My hair got thick only after a few days of using it.

  • Raghu

    Everyone loses hair, on average we lose fifty to a hundred hairs a day. But hair lose is a sign of a serious medical condition that needs an evaluation by a dermatologist and possible treatment. I used to lose more than fifty hairs a day and tried different products but haven’t got any result. Then I used Capigro, which is dermatologically tested, controlled my hair fall and also I am having thick hair now.

  • Sravya

    But lime juice turns ur hair white