How To Use Loreal Hair Spa + Top 10 Loreal Hair Spa Products June 16, 2017

With lifestyles becoming hectic and exposure to sun and pollution on the rise, a common concern among most young women today is damaged hair. A great way to bring back the smoothness and shine to your hair is by going for a hair spa. A hair spa treatment is a conditioning treatment that aims at treating rough and dull hair, conditions and relaxes your scalp and improves blood circulation, thus making your hair healthier.

But with hair spa being a costly process, you may not always opt for it. The solution – a hair spa at home with Loreal professional hair spa products that are easy to use and effective.

How To Do Loreal Hair Spa At Home Or Any Other Hair Spa?

DIY Hair Spa At Home

  • Wash hair with your regular shampoo and towel dry
  • Take a hair spa product that matches your requirements and apply on the scalp, using a spatula or hair brush
  • Take some product in your palm and apply on hair ends, starting from mid length
  • Massage through scalp
  • Once you’ve massaged thoroughly, wrap a hot towel around your head for 20 minutes
  • Wash hair with lukewarm water

You can do this treatment once a month. There should be some difference in texture after the first treatment, and by the time you’ve done this a few more times, you’ll notice the change!

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Top 10 Loreal Hair Spa Products in India

Here are the top 10 hair spa products by L’Oreal, find your best match and start right away!

1. L’Oreal Hair Spa Smoothing Cream Bath

Specially made for dry, damaged and frizzy hair,this makes your hair smooth and manageable. It contains catatonic smoothing agents and glycerin to control frizz, nourish and hydrate hair. It also boosts volume and gives your hair a salon-like-feel at home. It’s easy to apply and one tub will last you for long, which makes it cost effective too.

2. L’Oreal Hair Spa Concentrate

Comes in six single packaging, one for each use.To use, mix with a spa cream and keep on for 20 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.The spa concentrate makes your hair soft and smooth,cleanses scalp and also nourishes and hydrates. It has a very pleasant fragrance that lasts through the day.

3. L’Oreal Professional Shine and Curl Hair Masque

If you have curly or wavy hair, then this hair masque is especially for you.Enriched with the goodness of wheat protein and grape seed oil which contain strengthening and softening agents, this masque is specially made for treating curly hair. Apply on shampooed hair and leave for 10 minutes, before washing off. Your hair will look smooth, shiny and your curls will be tangle-free and manageable.

4. L’Oreal Professional X-Tenso Moisturizer Intense Smoothing Masque

This is a hair care repairing treatment, especially made for chemically treated and straightened hair, but can also be used otherwise as it helps prevent hair from further damage.The masque deeply moisturises and hydrates hair, leaving them feeling softer and smoother. Regular use reduces hair fall to a great extent. The texture of the masque is rich, soft and creamy and spreads easily on hair. The mask features the nutria catonic technology which gives intensive conditioning to your hair and creates a protective layer to prevent further damage.

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5. L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Aminexil Advanced

This anti-hair-fall spa treatment comes in 10 bottles which you need to apply every alternate day to get the best results. This is a leave-in treatment that needs to be left in your hair for 2 days. Do not rinse it out earlier. After one treatment you can notice a decrease in hair fall and your hair will look smoother and shiner. It also controls frizz to a great extent and has a very pleasant scent. The texture is non-greasy and spreads easily on hair.

6. L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Hair Mask

This hair mask protects your hair from the five signs of hair damage i.e. hair fall, dryness, roughness, dullness and split ends. Regular use of this mask prevents these problems from occurring and also helps in reducing them to a great extent. The hair mask is easy to apply and wash off, and leaves hair feeling softer, smoother and shiny. It deeply moisturises hair which makes it ideal for those with dry and damaged hair. The 200 ml tub will last you a minimum of 3 months, which makes it cost-effective when compared with the salon spa rates. It makes hair tangle-free and manageable.

7. L’Oreal Professionnel Series Expert Liss Ultime Masque

If your hair is frizzy and difficult to manage, this hair masque from L’Oreal can work great for you. Specially made to detangle hair and make them manageable, it also deeply nourishes your hair and adds volume. This pampering treat works in minutes and the end result is nourished, repaired, smooth and frizz-free hair. The Polymer AR technology wraps hair fiber with a protecting layer which keeps the smoothness and glossiness of your hair intact for longer hours.

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8. L’Oreal Paris New Power Moisture Rush Mask

This hair care treatment is made from hyaluronic which gives required moisture, hydration, softness and smoothness to dry and damaged hairs. It also removes tangles and makes hair manageable. The mask locks the hydration, keeping hair moisturized for a longer period of time. It doesn’t weigh down hair and also prevents hair fall to some extent. If your hair is extremely dry and damaged, then this hair masque will work like a charm.

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9. L’Oreal Kerastase Nutritive Oleo Relax Hair Masque

This hair masque from L’Oreal is made for thick, dry and rebellious hair as it reduces hair volume and makes them sleek and silky. It is enriched with Cera-Trioleum, which is a blend of three oils – apricot, camelina and pracaxi. The blended oil treatment makes hair hydrated and nourished and regular usage also makes hair stronger. It also prevents frizz and makes hair manageable for longer hours. The product is expensive, but a little amount works well and the results are amazing, which makes it worth trying.

10. L’Oreal Serie Expert Vitamino Color Masque

Made for coloured and treated hair, this hair masque contains Vitamin E and UV filters which protect your hair colour from fading. It has a mild, pleasant fragrance which stays for quite some time and makes hair smooth, soft and frizz-free to a great extent. The mask adds a nice sheen to colour-treated hair which makes it look more appealing.

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So now that you know how to do loreal hair spa at home, what are you waiting for? Get ready to take a pick and do your own hair spa.

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  • Tomb Raider

    Hi Mansi,

    Would you recommend same method for men?

  • Mich

    For the Aminexil advanced treatment, you specify usage as alternate days without rinsing…..

    Just wondering why it says “use daily for 6 weeks on d pack”? Any suggestions?

  • Alice

    hey,,,Loreal smoothing creambath is mentioned for thick hair but i have very thin hair but very dry and frizzy… will it works?

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Aleena, if your conditioner is kept near the window. may be it was exposed to sunlight or harsh weather. So always make sure that your beauty products are kept away from direct sunlight, in a cool and dry place. If the products is not giving you any good results anymore then switch to something that is locally available for you or look for home made or DIY conditioners.