5 Simple Ways To Control Hair Loss Due To Stress August 4, 2016

Perhaps stress is a modern phenomenon or perhaps it plagued our ancestors too, however with the rise in capitalism, fluctuations in the stock markets, rising costs, materialism, demanding careers and extensive academic courses, acute stress is now common in the young and old alike. It is difficult or nearly impossible to completely avoid stress though stress is only a knee jerk reaction to problems that can be solved otherwise. In medical terms, stress is simply the body’s way of reacting to a challenging situation so unfortunately we are genetically wired to respond to problems and negative conditions with stress. It is no secret that stress though natural has adverse effects on a person’s mental and physical health and among the many manifestations of stress; hair loss has been well studied and documented by researches and health professionals. The bad news is hair loss due to stress is a common medical disorder; however, the good news is, it can be easily reversed. Read further to know more about how stress and hair loss are related and how it can be prevented or cured.

Hair Loss Due To Stress 

As mentioned earlier stress induced hair loss is a common physical disorder. Telogen Effluvium is a common disorder that results in hair loss due to extreme stress. It is often brought on by severe financial worries, death of a loved one, childbirth or postpartum stress, career troubles, divorce or love life troubles and even illness and major surgery. Considering the duration of the hair growth cycle, most people begin losing hair weeks or months after the stressful event has occurred making Telogen Effluvium difficult to self diagnose. Listed below are some helpful steps to curb hair fall due to stress.

Effective Treatment of Stress Induced Hair Loss:

1. Consult a Doctor:

Often times managing stress is not as simple as deciding to stop being stressed out and effectively doing so. Acute stress may be hard to manage without professional help so it’s best to consult a doctor to be able to effectively chart out a plan to combat stress and its symptoms such as hair loss. There are effective stress medications that a professional could only prescribe that would make dealing with stress easier. Consult a doctor; it’s the primary step you should take to deal with acute stress.

2. Distract Yourself from Stressful Thoughts:

Medications prescribed by the doctor are basically useless if you don’t mentally fortify yourself to deal with stress. The good news is hair loss due to stress can be easily reversed by distressing and leading a more relaxed lifestyle. Listed below are some effective tools you can equip yourself with to combat stress and hair loss caused by it.

3. Journal Writing:

Writing a journal has anecdotal evidence to prove that it is effective. Keeping a journal allows you write down all negative thoughts as a means of letting them go. Putting down your anxieties, worries and problems into your journal can be a cathartic means to deal with stress. Distressing effectively deals with stress induced hair loss.

4. Yoga:

Yoga has been known since ancient times to promote mental health and physical growth. Studies have shown that yoga can be highly effective when used as a tool to deal with stress induced hair loss.

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5. Exercising or Spa Treatments:

Exercising is an effective distressing activity and boosts all round physical growth including hair. Taking advantage of massage, aromatherapy and beauty treatments available at your nearest spa can be an effective way of dealing with stress induced hair loss. Get a massage or indulge in the luxury of aromatherapy to effectively relax your mind and reverse all physical effects of stress including hair loss.

Hope you understood distressing is the best way to get rid of stress hair loss. So distress yourself and relax as much as possible. Don’t forget to share us your feedback.