Top 10 Memorable Images Of Princess Madeleine January 31, 2017

Named as one of the most beautiful royals of the world in 2011 by CBS, Princess Madeleine is in a league of her own. A talented equestrian, the princess of Sweden lives her life on her own terms. The Princess Madeleine of Sweden got married to an American banker, Christopher O’ Neil in 2013, breaking many a hearts in the process.

top 10 memorable images of princess madeleine

Top 10 Images Of Princess Madeleine:

Here are a few images of the young princess in all her glory:

1. This photograph of the young Princess Madeleine shows how she has shouldered her responsibility from an early age. Seen here during one of the royal family celebrations, she displays her childlike innocence and confident personality. She has no pretense and her innocence shines through this photograph.

2. Seen here as a college student, Princess Madeleine shows that no girl is far from her fairy tale. She blends into her surroundings, making feel comfotable around her. She clearly says, be happy with who you are!

3. Living her life on her terms, Princess Madeleine lives life just like any other girl, spending time on shopping. Seen here wearing blue jeans and a white tee, much like other girls of her age. She shows confidence and inspires many to stay fit and enjoy each day.

4. Seen here on the cover of Elle magazine, she makes sure she stands out in all he grandeur in a dark blue gown/dress. She speaks volumes with her infectious smile. She definitely knows how to walk the talk.

5. Seen here in an upclose and personal picture with her the then to-be husband, Princess Madeleien looks very much in love. This confident woman can make any man go weak in the knees. She shows the many facets of the young girls of today. Princess Madeleine married her long-time friend and paved way for many to believe in the institution of marriage once again.

6. The young and vibrant princess looks marvelous in this photograph as she adorns a black and blue lace dress. She shows exemplary confidence, beauty, elegance and grace for her age and looks ready to take on any challenge that awaits her as she takes life head-on.

princess married the man she fell in love

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7. The Princess married the man she fell in love with and had the blessings of her entire family. She looked every bit the princess she was raised to be during her wedding. Looking effervescent in her white wedding gown and exuberant with the glow of love on her face, she looks simply amazing. The princess walks with confidence to the isle to marry the man she loves and with whom she will soon start a family! These are the moments, which can melt even the stoniest of hearts!

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8. Even during her pregnancy, the princess stayed focused on her health. Seen here out and about for her daily walk, she never compromised with her health or that of her child. Her husband is her support system and is always around when she needs him.

9. Looking ravishing in this blue lace gown and proudly showing her baby bump, Princess Madeleine walks with confidence and ease as she goes on about her jobs, daily duties and responsibilities as a princess, wife and a would-be mother. Nothing seems to reduce the glamour quotient of this beauty!

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10. Beautiful mother with an adorable daughter! Seen here with her cute daughter, Princess Madeleine has embraced the role of a mother with all her being. Must say, motherhood suits her! This picture screams adorable! A future princess in the making? You bet!

Princess Madeleine has charted her own course. Though she married out of royalty, she still manages to fulfil her role as the Princess of Sweden. She is part of many nonprofits, including Make a Wish Foundation. She will always remain the ‘people’s princess!’ Hope you liked all the pictures of princess Madeleine of Sweden.

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