What Your Facial Acne Is Telling You (Something You Must Not Ignore) August 29, 2017

Women have a lot to complain about all the time. Clothes, weight, makeup, men… the list is never ending. But when there is a screech accompanying the complaint, you know it means PIMPLES.

And then they go all out from trying medicated creams to home made remedies, trying to nip the problem in the butt. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t – so wait! Step back and listen to what your acne is telling you.

Zone 1 – Upper Forehead:

It’s time to check your digestive system. Acne in this area signifies trouble in the breaking down of food, and this can lead to toxin build-up in the body. The solution is simple. Drink lots of water, and binge on food rich in antioxidants (berries, nuts). Sipping on some lovely teas will also help ease the acne. Be sure to avoid caffeine and fizzy drinks.

Zone 2 – Lower Forehead:

Those tiny breakouts above your eyebrows are screaming at you to get some sleep. Acne in this area indicates lack of sleep, depression, stress, or bad blood circulation. We all know our body needs at least 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep. Sleep is just as important as anything else is, so do not try to evade it. Remember to take a break from life once a while. The world is a beautiful place.

Zone 3 – Between The Eyebrows:

This area corresponds to the liver. All those of you who absolutely love alcohol, or have a fat-rich diet, will definitely experience breakouts in the zone 3 of your face. You would also notice acne between your brows, if you are allergic to some kind of food.

Love partying? Nothing wrong, but try cutting down on that alcohol intake. You could instead have a glass of whiskey with a glass of water. Also, don’t forget to load up on fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Zone 4 – Under The Eyes:

You will notice dark circles more than acne in this area. Nonetheless, your skin is still trying to communicate to you. This is the area of the kidneys, and without a doubt, problem in this zone means that your body needs to be hydrated. Drink lots of water – make sure you have had a minimum 8 to 12 glasses a day.

Zone 5 – Nose:

Have you heard of the saying that if you get a pimple on your nose, someone is falling in love with you? I remember rubbishing it off, but it does have some relevance just that it only signifies a relationship with the heart. Yes, acne on the nose denotes heart and blood pressure problems. Make sure you unwind and de-stress from time to time, and keep a close check on your blood pressure levels.

Zone 6 – Upper & Lower Cheeks:

Breakouts on your upper cheek relate to issues with the lungs. Whether it is too much smoking or inhaling the pollution in the air, it will show on those peachy cheeks. Cut down on the smoking! Externally, however, acne could appear on your upper cheeks, because of the bacteria on your phone or dirty pillowcases.

Acne on the lower cheeks is determined by gingivitis and dental problems. If you notice eruptions in this area, its time to pay a visit to your dentist!

Zone 7 – Sides Of The Chin:

This zone on your face corresponds to the reproductive organs. Therefore, any hormonal changes in your body will show in the form of eruptions on the sides of your chin. I am quite sure you have noticed those breakouts when your menstrual cycle is nearing. It is quite interesting to know that you will have the same side of the chin affected by acne as the ovary that is ovulating that month. Something to look forward to whilst approaching your next period, isn’t it?

Zone 8 – Bottom Of The Chin:

A muddled up tummy could very well be the cause of breakouts in this area. Increase the intake of fiber in your diet and make sure you eat right to keep a healthy digestive system and an acne-free chin.

Zone 9 – Ears:

Too much salt and excessive caffeine could instigate the sprouting of acne on the ears. Dehydration could also be a cause of those painful breakouts on your pretty ears. Avoid eating too much salt, and drink a lot of water to keep those nasty pimples at bay.

Like I always say, eat healthy, drink a lot of water, exercise, and most importantly, make merry – your little secret to having clear skin.