26 Best Mythological Greek God Tattoos And Meanings

Let your body be the canvas and capture the marvelous Grecian saga with these tale-telling designs.

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Greek mythology tattoos are quite fascinating. Along with Gods, such as Zeus, Apollo, Athena, Poseidon, Hermes, and Hades, you will find angels, monsters, mortals, and many other enchanting creatures in this universe. If you are as charmed as we are and want to get epic tattoo art done, you have landed on the right page. Let’s check out some of the most popular and one-of-their-kind Greek mythology-inspired tattoos along with their meanings and significance.

Best Greek Mythology Tattoos And Their Meanings

1. Black And Gray Tattoos

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This gorgeous black and gray tattoo is of Athena, the Greek Goddess. She was regarded as the patron and protector of various cities across Greece, especially Athens, from which she gets her name. Athena was known for her wisdom, handicraft, and warfare skills. Her symbols are a spear, the distaff, and a shield. You can get this tattoo done on the bicep, forearm, or the shoulder.

2. Greek Statue Tattoos

Image: Instagram @irezumiink

If you are a fan of Greek history, culture, and heritage, you might want to check out this stunning tattoo of the statue of Apollo. Apollo is the god of medicine, archery, music and dance, truth, and prophecy. He was the son of the ultimate Greek god – Zeus. You can get this tattoo done on your forearm or shoulder.

3. Greek Mythology Sleeve Tattoos

Image: Instagram @inkedrealestate.az

Sleeve tattoos give a very tough and brave vibe. This tattoo is inked all over the arm and has Greek gods and goddesses. From the warrior to Apollo, the crow, and the lion, every minute detailing in the sleeve tattoo is stunning. You can get various symbols or mythical beasts, heroes, and legends done based on your preference.

4. Realism Greek Tattoos

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Realism tattoos are drawn such that they look lifelike. They are also known as portrait tattoos. They can be done in various colors or kept simple with black or gray. This tattoo is of Ananke and Cronus, the Greek God and Goddess. Ananke symbolizes inevitability, compulsion, and necessity and is usually holding a spindle. While Cronus is the King of the Titans and the God of Time, known for his kindness and generosity. You can get this tattoo done on the bicep.

5. Greek Tribal Tattoos

Image: Instagram @_tattoofx

This Greek tribal tattoo is nothing but the design of a labyrinth. Even though it looks like a maze, the labyrinth is different. It has no dead ends, which means that there is only one path, and while it does have twists and turns, you can’t get lost. This Greek tribal tattoo means that we are being lead to our destiny or are in the constant search of ourselves in this world.

6. Greek Letter And Quote Tattoos

Image: Instagram @stratosvasilakidis

Usually, some verses from the Greek bible or a few words from mythology are picked and inscribed as tattoos. Each letter or verse has a unique symbolism or meaning behind it. The Greek font looks very stunning when inscribed on your body. You could get Greek letter tattoos on your wrist, arm, or even shoulder.

Eleanor, a blogger, explains how she got a Greek word etched into her wrist. She had initially written it with a sharpie on her wrist and then went on to tattoo it after 2 years. She got the word ” ἄφες” tattooed, which meant “to let go, to release.” She said, “So I marked it on my wrist, this word that spoke life to me (i).”

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Global celebrities such as Sophie Turner, Kate Del Castillo, Ronda Rousey, Ariel Winter, and Holly Hagan have meaningful Greek words, numbers, or phrases tattooed on their bodies.

7. Atlas Tattoos

Atlas Greek mythology tattoo on sleeve
Image: Instagram

Atlas was a Titan who was responsible for bearing the weight of the heavens on his shoulders, a punishment bestowed on him by Zeus. Atlas was said to have been skilled in philosophy, mathematics, and astronomy. The Atlas tattoo signifies endurance, perseverance, and determination. You can get this tattoo done on your arm or leg.

8. Caduceus Tattoos

Image: Instagram @theinkednurse

The caduceus is the traditional symbol of Hermes and features two snakes winding around a winged staff. Hermes was a quick and cunning Greek god who was the ambassador of commerce and trade. Here, trade means that he was the conductor of souls into the afterlife. A caduceus tattoo symbolizes balance and negotiation. You can get this tattoo done on your neck, shoulder, or forearm.

9. Zeus And Athena Tattoos

Image: Instagram

If you are super inspired by Greek mythology and decide to get a Greek god and goddess tattoo, you should save this picture! Zeus and Athena have been merged beautifully to make one whole tattoo. The tattoo symbolizes everything strong, supreme, and serene.

10. Asklepios Tattoos

Image: Instagram @birutetattoos

Asclepius or Asklepios is the God of Healing and the son of the God of Medicine – Apollo. An Asclepius tattoo signifies healing, rebirth, or renewal. This tattoo is of the staff of Asclepius. It is a serpent-entwined rod used for healing. You can sport this on the forearm, bicep, shoulder, or back.

11. Greek Illustration Tattoos

Image: Instagram @_eliink

Illustration tattoos are tattoos that are usually in the sketch form with bold outlines and realistic shading. This Medusa tattoo on the arm is a classic example of an illustration tattoo. The stunning outlines and the light shading and rendering along the design give it depth and visual finesse. You can get illustration tattoos done on the arm or shoulder.

12. Hephaestus Tattoos

Image: Instagram @richardson.tattoo

Hephaestus is the Greek god of fire, ironwork, blacksmith, and sculpture. The tattoo here depicts a blacksmith at work with his essentials – hammer, tong, and anvil. The Hephaestus tattoo symbolizes that in spite of having a rough life, there’s always hope for change. This tattoo represents creativity and an artistic character.

13. Zeus Tattoos

Image: Instagram @doctorinktattoos

Zeus is considered the king of all gods. He is an illustration of great force and power as he is the god of the sky, thunder, and lightning. This tattoo of Zeus with thunder in his hand emphasizes ‘power’ without having to be dependent on anyone else.

14. Greek Warrior Tattoos

Image: Instagram @bill_anag

This tattoo portrays the picture of Achilles at war. Achilles is one of the renowned Greek warriors. He was a hero during the Trojan War and was known for his bravery. An Achilles tattoo symbolizes bravery, courage, strength, and patience. In this tattoo, the Greek warrior can be seen holding a shield and a sword that symbolize protection, power, and strength.

15. Greek Armband Tattoos

Image: Instagram @killerinktattooz

Greek armband tattoos have meander motif patterns tattooed along the arm like a band. A meander motif is a decorative geometric border constructed from a continuous line that forms a right angle pattern and keeps turning into a repetitive border. This Greek key tattoo symbolizes infinity and the eternal flow of things.

16. Greek Angel Tattoos

Image: Instagram

Angels have played a very significant and essential role in Greek mythology. The word ‘angel’ comes from the Greek word ‘Aggelos,’ which roughly means messenger. The angel tattoo signifies the victory of truth over evil and also purity and peace.

17. Medusa Sleeve Tattoos

Image: Instagram @charlie.medusa

A Medusa tattoo displays a creature, more like a monster, with several venomous snakes that make her hair. Medusa symbolizes death and rebirth. You can either go for a black and white tattoo or make it colorful by adding shades like ox-blood red and jazz it up.

18. Athena And Aphrodite Back Tattoo

Image: Instagram @zoya_myers

This back tattoo shows Athena at one end and Aphrodite at the other. Athena symbolizes warfare, wisdom, and peace, while Aphrodite symbolizes beauty, love, and pleasure.

19. Centaur Tattoos

Image: Instagram @wagnersalestattoo

In Greek mythology, a centaur is a creature who is half-man, half-horse. It has a head, arms, and torso like humans and is joined at the waist to the body and legs of a horse. Centaur tattoos depict untamed minds, virility, and animal instinct. This Greek mythical creature tattoo is for people who want to display courage and valor. You can get this tattoo done on your back or shoulder.

20. Greek Mythology Tattoos On The Forearm

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If you want to get a tattoo from Greek mythology on your forearm, you should look for designs that are bold, well-structured, and skillfully done. If you have a personality that’s bold, fearless, and brave, a perfectly designed warrior-like tattoo will look great on your forearm – and who better than Athena to signify that? Check out this stunning tattoo of Athena.

21. Greek Mythology Leg Tattoos

Image: Instagram @__malaliebeskind

This tattoo of Medusa done on the leg is stunning to look at. Medusa was known to turn people to stone just by gazing at them. These tattoos have become symbols of feminism. They represent feminine power and wisdom.

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Alternatively, you can also choose the goddess of tactics and wisdom, Athena or the goddess of love, Aphrodite, instead of Medusa.

22. Selene Shoulder Tattoos

Selene Greek mythology back shoulder tattoo
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If you plan on getting shoulder tattoos, get an elaborate character that needs space and can be spread out extensively to live up to the character’s grandeur. This tattoo depicts Selene, the goddess of the moon. She symbolizes fertility and the circle of life.

23. Artemis Back Tattoos

Image: Instagram @solarakey

Just like the shoulder, the back offers a lot of space to create beautiful tattoo designs. This tattoo is of Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Artemis symbolizes compassion, fearlessness, free-spiritedness, and independence. Her symbols are bow and arrow, and she’s usually surrounded by stags, dogs, birds, etc.

24. Griffin Tattoo

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A mythical griffin has a lion’s body and an eagle’s head, wings, and talons. It is often depicted with an elongated beak and pointed ears. The griffin tattoo symbolizes intelligence, wisdom, courage, and strength. The eagle represents perspicacity, and the lion denotes bravery.

25. Siren Tattoo

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A siren is a mythical creature who lures sailors to their deaths with her music and voice. A siren tattoo represents the dichotomy of beauty and danger, alluring temptation and potential destruction. It is also seen as a protector, guardian, and warning sign.

26. Grim Reaper Tattoo

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The Grim Reaper is a symbol of death seen in many religions. In Greek mythology, death was known as Thanatos. A grim reaper tattoo symbolizes death, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, welcoming death’s impartial conclusion to all things in life. This tattoo is for those who embrace change, transition, and new beginnings.

Infographic: Top 7 Mythological Greek God Tattoos And Their Meanings

Greek mythology comes with a fascinating group of Gods, Goddesses, creatures, and demigods going on fantastical adventures. If you love Greek mythology and want to get something unique inked on your body, we have compiled a list of the top 7 mythological Greek God tattoos and their meanings. Check out the infographic below to know more!

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Greek mythology is a fascinating mix of Gods, Goddesses, demigods, monsters, and other enchanting creatures. These lores have captured the imagination of many people for thousands of years. The characters and iconography in these stories are relatable and explain several elements of the natural and physical world. We have an extensive list of tattoos for you to choose from. These range from tattoos of deities and monsters to tattoos of Greek quotes and letters. If you want to get some traditional or contemporary Greek mythology tattoos, check out this article for some creative inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Poseidon tattoo mean?

Since Poseidon is the god of the sea and water, this tattoo can symbolize strength, power, or having a strong connection with marine life.

Where on the body are Greek mythology tattoos typically placed?

While it depends on the size of the tattoo, Greek mythology tattoos are commonly inked on wider areas like the upper back, arm, or even chest.

What is the significance of a phoenix tattoo in Greek mythology?

According to Greek mythology, the phoenix symbolizes eternal life and rebirth. People who are starting over or are facing or have overcome difficult circumstances often get this tattoo.

Can Greek mythology tattoos be combined with other tattoo styles or designs?

Yes, you can definitely experiment with different tattoo styles like combining a Greek god or goddess tattoo with a tribal design.

Key Takeaways

  • Greek mythology tattoos may feature gods, such as Apollo, Atena, Hades, and Zeus, or include representations of angels, monsters, and other enchanting creatures.
  • Depending on their design, they may signify wisdom, kindness, generosity, endurance, and determination.
  • They may also represent infinity, healing, rebirth, balance, and the eternal flow of things.
  • You may get these tattoos on various parts of your body, such as the back, arm, thigh, ankle, and wrist.

Interested in tattoos and Greek myths? Check out the creation of this cool tattoo from Greek mythology in this time-lapse video. You will love the final results of this transformation!

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