The heart always desires what it does not have! So when you look at the mirror and you see straight hair, you want fun curls but when you see  curly hair, you want the sexy sleek straight look!

Back in the days genetics was the only thing that had any control over this and we had no control over our genes. But today, we have many technologies that can give you the look you want with fairly good results. 

What is Hair Rebonding?

This is method of chemically relaxing the hair so that the curls can be turned straight. This treatment is suggested for woman with voluminous and unmanageable hair. When done right, this procedure tames down the hair quite well and its effects last for a fairly long time.

Procedure for Hair Rebonding:

Our hair has a certain characteristic due to the bonds that the protiens have between them. This is why some people has curly, wavvy or straight hair. To change the look, we need to change the bonds i.e. alter the bonding between the protien molecules.

Rebonding hair is a procedure that requires the use of two chemicals:

  1. Cream softener or relaxant
  2. Neutralizer
The cream softener is first applied to the hair and allowed to sit for a while. This agent breaks down  the natural bonding of the hair allowing it to be set in the way we want and the neutralizer forms fresh bonds that gives our hair the straight look.
The steps are as follows.
  • Hair is first washed with a mild shampoo
  • The relaxant is then applied and left for half an hour. This is then steamed and washed off.
  • The hair is now straightened in sections
  • To the straightened hair, the neutralizer is applied that resets the bonds
  • The neutralizer is rinsed off
  • The hair is again blow dried and a serum is applied.
You are then asked not to wash your hair for 3 days after.
Are your thinking about hair rebonding at home? It is possible but it is strictly advised against as a lot of chemicals are used and is best done under supervision of an expert.
This one is but obvious! You have that sleek look you have been craving for all along.
This is something you need consider more seriously.
  • Your hair will be subjected to chemical damage during the process no matter how many precautions you take.
  • Hair can fall very easily after this procedure as the roots are weakened. It is a lot of careful handling.
  • The risk of burns from straightener or the chemical always stands
  • Tucking your hair or tying it up tight can also damage hair. You will have to keep lose at most times.
  • The touch ups will further weaken your hair over each sitting leaving your hair very susceptible to other damages too.
It is for this reason that people are advised to think about it very carefully before they consent for this procedure.

Care for Rebonded Hair:

Rebonded hair needs a lot more care than regular hair. Due to all the chemical treatments it has undergone, it requires constant care and protection from damage.

Here are some tips to take care of rebounded hair

  • Do not wet your hair for three days after the procedure. Yes, it means greasy hair and no swimming. The chemicals have to seep in and settle.
  • Do not tie your hair or put it on the back of your ears. The hair will be in a state where it acquires a shape.
  • When you sleep, make sure your hair is straight. You don’t want to wake up to weird shaped hair.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner after three days. Leave the conditioner on your hair for extra minutes.
  • Avoid usage of any heating tools. That means no blow drying too. If you are in a need of drying hair, then use the cool blast of air option.
  • Do not mess with your hair for at least six months – that means no hair coloring, no streaks, no highlighting. Your hair needs to relax after the high dose of straightening chemicals.
  • Have your hair trimmed on a regular basis. This ensures your hair remains in top condition. Make sure there are no split ends. You don’t want it to travel up the length and deepen the damage.
  • Use cold water to wash your hair. Hot water will rob it of its moisture.
  • Make sure you wash away all the residue as anything left back will result in itching, hair fall and dandruff.
  • Use a wide toothed hair comb to separate the strands. Remove any tangles with great care.  A wooden comb is preferable as plastic combs are known to create frizz due to static.
  • If your hair is not really greasy or oily, stay away from shampooing every day. You can try alternate days or try co-washing which means using conditioner as a shampoo and just rinsing it away.
  • Keep your hair safe from environmental factors – harsh sun rays, cold winds and the rains. Use a hat or an umbrella.
  • Apply a hair serum regularly. This creates a barrier between your hair and the outside and helps protect it better.
  • Use a leave in conditioner. This helps in retaining the moisture and keeps dryness and frizz away.
  • Use hair masks frequently or get hair spas done. Your hair needs moisture and nutrition.
  • In case you wet your hair due to rain, wash your hair like a regular wash as soon as possible. The salts and pollutants from rain water are highly damaging.
  • Follow a nutritious diet. A good diet consists of nuts, cashews, almonds and lots of fruits and vegetables. These are known to promote healthy hair.
  • First off you need to ensure that your hair is never too exposed to the sun and pollution. Always keep it covered and protected. Rebonded hair is more susceptible to sun damage and pollution
  • Do not allow your hair to dry at point of time. Dry hair is as such brittle, chemically treated dry hair is even more fragile.
  • Avoid hot water at all times.

Healthy hair shows it’s been taken care of – smooth to touch and frizz free. Incorporate a good hair care routine and treat your hair to a good care. Rebonded hair will certainly not trouble you too much if it’s taken care of in the right way.

Products that can be used on rebonded hair

Chemically treated hair needs some extra attention and it is for this purpose that we have products made for this special purpose. Here are few you can try.

  • Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Shampoo
  • Matrix Opticare Smooth & Straight Shampoo
  • L’oreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Shampoo

Let us know your own tips. You know what to do, shoot a comment! Stay gorgeous!

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  • Rajalakshmi Murali

    hi namitha, very informative article. i want to get my hair straightened. I am paranoid about the hair loss etc. Have you done it? if so have u experienced any such loss etc?

    • Namita

      Thank you :) I haven’t gotten it rebounded because I am paranoid about the same factors! :(

      • saritha

        hey i got my hair straightened 2 days ago and its still not straight?should i get it done again?if yes,after how long?

  • Shikha dressnmakeup

    Nice post… Its easy to get treatment done and difficult to maintain.

    • Namita

      Yea second that!

      • Ritika

        Hi namita, I got my hair rebounded 2 months ago. Previously my hair were super dry n freezy now it’s silky but it had become oily now as in if I apply conditioner after shampooing it looks so oily that I need to wash it very next day. Do you still suggest me to apply conditioner as it make my hair look too oily.
        Pls advise,

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    nice and useful post

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      thanks :)

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    Nice work Namita! :)

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    • Namita

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  • Kittu

    HI Namita, very informative article. Thanks for updating so much on this topic. My hair is wavy and short.. and has a lot of volume.. What would u suggest? should i also go for rebonding? i want straight hair.. btw.. they have been colored too.. way back in sept.. pls suggest!

    • Namita

      Hey Kittu, its my pleasure :) Well personally, I would recommend you to try smoothening than straightening. It keeps your hair happy and doesn’t damage it. Consult your stylist for better views :)

  • Prathyusha

    Nice informative work. I have wavy dry hair.. i wish to get that jet straight hair.. but it seems like a lot of maintenance is needed.. and permanent straightening will make me loose hair.. what do i do then… u thnk smoothening is better?

    • Namita

      I have always felt smoothening is better than rebonding Prathyusha :) BTW, that is a lovely name! What does it mean? :)

  • Grasthi

    Informative article Namita. But my experience to rebonding say that to never get it done…i hate it.. i ended up loosing a lot of hair. its better to flaunt those gorgeous curls.. Instead i lost all my virgin silky soft curls.

    • Namita

      Thank you for the input Grasthi, I am sure most readers here now will be able to make an apt choice :)

  • Grasthi

    Hi, nice article. very good and informative. thnks for sharing and updating us about rebonding.

    • Namita

      Pleasure, thank you :)

  • steffi

    What hair mask and hair serum will u recomend me to use??

    • Namita

      Anything that gives your hair the moisture that it needs :)

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    Rebonding needs a lot of care.. its very difficult to manage.. im really fine with my wavy hair.. Its good just to go for that few hours of straightening.. its less damaging also..

    • Namita

      True that!

  • Babitha

    Planning to get rebonding done:) this article is so helpful

    • Namita

      Glad it helped :)

  • Melanie

    Avoid heating tools???as in? hair iron?

    • Namita

      Yes, flat irons and curling rods!

  • Swetha

    Important article for all , my hair is chemical treated when was in modeling, but I was not able manage it, later I have planned for chemical bonding for easy managing of hair, but I did not dare to go as I got severe hair fall, so I have stopped using chemical related shampoo, using only herbals, it’s manageable, now I m very conscious about my hair. , like your post namita

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      NICE comnt i lyk it

    • Namita

      Thank you Swetha, I am sure readers will benefit from your comment :)

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    informative definitely informative. I have been considering rebonding my hair too but i was a bit skeptical coz i could never find any concrete and precise info on it. Thanks so much for giving me all the details i need to make a informed decision at just one place :)

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      i dnt knw its best for girls or nt bt i guess the method is look like attrctv

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      Pleasure is mine :)

  • sandeep

    Hi Namita ! I am getting my hair again rebonded im frm india and i think u are also u know in india we have to braid our hair is it ok if i will get my hair rebonded then leave it for few weeks thrn start to braid it hey ny name is Sandeep thanks :)

    • Namita

      Sandeep, do you have hair that is so long that it can be braided? I still would say don’t go for straightening!

  • Aavani

    Very good post namita:) Rebonding does damage the hair in way, extra care has to be taken when the hair is rebonded so that it helps the strands to be strong and shiny for long:)

    • Namita

      True that Aavani, thank you :)

  • Shruti

    I got my hair rebounded with matrix products,these were nice for 3 months,I just fell in love with my hair after rebonding as it changed my personality.But now I am regretting because I am facing fair fall also all shine nd smoothness is gone.Namita can you suggest me something plzzzzzzzz

    • Namita

      Shruti, I understand the stress :( You might want to get hair spas done. Use moisturizing products and consume a good diet. You can get the damaged parts chopped off – there is no way out :( good luck! :)

  • jamila

    hi im planning to color my hair and do so rebonding. it doesn t have to be right away but which one is the safest way to do first? is it coloring before rebonding or rebonding before coloring?? can u help me pls

    • ivy

      coloring before rebonding

  • Ira

    Hi. I just rebonded my hair. And at night 2, i woke up with weird hair style as in below of hair are not too straight as before. Will my hair never be straight again like day 1 after i just rebonded?

  • melberrys

    Hi. I just rebonded my hair for the first time 3 days ago and just washed and conditioned my hair just now. Problem is, there’s one spot on my head (like 2 inches in diameter) that has very fine curls on the root like it’s damaged. It’s only on the root and only for like 0.5mm, but it’s coarse to the touch and the spot is quite obvious…..

    My question is… what is this? Is my hair damaged only on that area? Or is it normal for rebonded hair? Or is it because of the chemicals? Can the hairdresser repair that area or it’s already permanently damaged? Help, I’m so scared!

    p/s: Great post btw. Thanks to your article, I managed to delay my rebonding appointment so I can prepare myself mentally before changing my virgin hair completely. It’s understandable if my hair is damaged on that area, but I’d be happier if there’s a solution for this. Please… thanks.

    • Ivy

      its definitely serious if you don’t know it yet! i’m so sorry for you. YOU SHOULD SUE THE HAIRDRESSER!

    • Sa

      Hi I dont think it shud scare you coz I had the same issue but this wasnt as large as you described it it will subside on its own

  • mehar

    hey i want to knw one thing tht in india for rebinding vlcc is good or habib’s

    • charice


  • angel

    Can i use hair clips to add style in my rebonded hair?

  • Bharti

    Recently i have my hairs rebound and after the first wash they become so oily everytime…and i always use loreal total repair shampoo with condinter and serum thrice in a week but next day it becomes oily….please help me i should i do now…

    • ivy

      please do try dove shampoo, conditioner and the set that comes with it.
      It works magnificent for me.

  • shahzeen fatima

    hi namirta i have color my hairs just 1 month ago and i hv applied menhdi too soo can you refer me rebonding..?

  • rabia

    Hi namita…i’ve straight therepy..after taking first hair dandruff is really disturbing me…wat to do??can i use anti-dandruff shampoo

  • rabz

    How long hair fall last after rebonding? Am have seveare hair fall, its been.two months now.. Can I do oiling? Please let me know which oil is best after rebonding. .thanx

    • ivy

      Coconut oil, olive oil would really help! its amazing

  • Rathi

    Ive rebonded my hair almost 4 months back however, once, by mistake, i used a herbal shampoo.. ever since then, my hair has become rough and frizzzy..
    also hairfall & dandruff has become a major issue for me now..PLEASE HELP!!

  • Rajshree


    Recently i rebonded my hair so want some tips and before it i was frequent oil useer so wants to know when can i start oiling my hair, pls suggest good products for my hair as im unknown to this.Pls advice hair colour for greyish hair.

    • snigdha

      plzz do rply! can we apply hair oil aftr a smoothing??? wen can we strt oiling hair??

  • sil

    hi ,

    can i do hair spa at home after permanent straightening? if yes then how to do hair spa at home i have done hair straightening with Schwarzkopf…. please help….. or i should go parlour for hair spa??

  • Aarushi kalia

    hey namita! i want to do rebonding cuz i love straighten hair and also cuz as my hair is so curly,dry and rough but after knowing that rebonding damages the hair badly,, so what would u suggest whether i shud do it or not? plzzz help!! thank u..

    • Estée M.

      After rebonding make sure after your regular shampoo routine that you use a very moisturizing conditioner like the kerastase masque. I have been rebonding my hair for 5 years and this conditioner is excellent. Start at the tips of your hair and work the lather up and leave it on for at least 5 minutes after which you do a cold rinse. Your hair will look like the day you had it rebonded :)

  • Sara Mushtaq

    my hair have long curls.. they are quite better in daily routine but i cant handle my hair in party or something even i straightened them with straightener…n i love straight hair n im sure that straight hair suits on me…so i want to rebond my hair.. suggest me that bremode’s brand for rebonding will good for my hair? and pantene is my regular shampoo so will it is also good for me? now im telling u about my hair condition…… they are dry..they have mucch dandruff ….. so let me know some good tips for my hair

    • Estée M

      Please see my response to the OP question below….

  • seema Mandlik

    Heartly thanks to Namita!!!!! for this helpfull article till yesterday m thinking for rebonding even advance also given in a parloaur but thanks to you ……. now m decided i cant able to this much take care of hair so my plaanning is cancel……….. m happy with my hair…… if i want i will do temporarly ironning..

  • chinee

    Hi Namita,
    I used to have black, thick natural wavy hair. I got by hair rebonded 8mos ago, after 5mos I dyed my hair dark reddish brown bec my grey hair are getting more visible, im getting conscious of my grey hair everyday & that my hair is again beggining to get back to wavy , im plannining again to do both rebonding and hair color soon, is that safe? Do you have any suggestions of a brand and color for me??? Pls help me on how to cover up both my grey and wavy hair????? Thank you

  • Kulbir

    Hi Namita

    Thanks for this article, Excellent and very helpful article.

    I got my hair rebounded 15 days ago. So Can you please give me some use full tips. My hair is dry, I’m using L’Oreal total repair shampoo with conditioner.

    I just want to know when can I start oiling and colouring to my hair and please suggest me which oil and colour would good for my dry hairs.

    Thanks in advance :)

    Kind Regards


  • rhykz

    Hi Namita,
    Is it safe to use bio hair after rebounding?

  • Meghna

    I was tweaking with the idea of getting permanent rebonded hair for sometime now. Thanks for sharing such an informative and well-researched article about the same. Gave me an insight about what works and what doesn’t. Will keep coming back for more such in-depth and informative posts. Keep sharing more! :)

  • Angel

    hi, thanks for all the tip, i really learned a lot. Now I know most of the things that I did was wrong., hehe

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    hi,thnx 4 these useful tips.i got my hair rebonded.can i use ayurvedic or dove shampoo?

  • Tiffany Nicole

    Can I have my hair color then rebond?

    • sandeul

      Yes but it’s best to wait a few weeks in between and no bleach please.

  • Tiffany Nicole

    Can I color before rebonding?

  • Puja Chakraborty

    hyyy.. I got my hair rebonded with Schwarzkopf products…. i have done it now its becm so roufgh and shineless…and am facing hair fall too… can u plz suggest me any Natural way to get rid of this….plzzzzz do rpl….

  • kat

    I got my hair rebonded stupidly on vacation in Philippines visiting family. Everyone convinced me to do it, had I done proper research of it before, I would have not. After getting it rebonded, my hair was constantly oily and always falling out. The only solution I could think of to get rid of it faster was to cut it. I cut off 9 inches of hair (about to my chin) and have to let it slowly grow back out again. Its been six months since I got it rebonded. My hair texture isn’t the same, but since cutting off so much my hair has stopped falling out as much, it’s thicker and healthier again. Its grown out to about my shoulders and even though I hate the length I have to constantly remind myself that this was for the best. Even now my hair isn’t the same and I miss my curls. I wOULD NEVER encourage anyone to get their hair rebonded unless they are prepared for the downfall.

  • dona

    i ve recently rebonded my hair with loreal den juz aftr a single wash my previous hair returned back,it was not at all sleek straight. i ve consulted with the hairdresser, they repeated the same rebonding process within the same week..wud it harm my hair??? but my hair is now sleek and shiny, no hairfall, and much maneagable than before.

  • sonia

    I have rebonded my hair two days before can we use oil on the rebonded hair