Butterfly Nail Art Tutorial – With Detailed Steps And Pictures August 8, 2016

A beautiful nail art can always brighten up your dull day. And the fact remains that girls can never say “no” to a butterfly nail art! Some of you may think that butterfly nail art will require tedious hours of hand painting out of a monarch butterfly but this may not be as difficult as you think. To create a butterfly nail art, you can use an easy process of applying water decals.

Yes, water decals are the easiest way to create beautiful nail art designs in matter of seconds. These are easily available in stores too. Or if you cannot buy them from a store, you can always buy them from online nail art suppliers.

Today we will show you an easy to do butterfly nails with water decals and hand painting. So let’s see how to create this nail art in easy steps.

Things You Require for Butterfly Nail Art:

  • A base coat (optional)
  • A shimmer pink color nail polish
  • A transparent glitter polish
  • 2 water decal butterflies
  • Black nail polish
  • Purple nail polish
  • Magenta nail polish
  • White acrylic paint
  • Blue nail polish or acrylic paint
  • Black striper
  • Nail art brush
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Stepwise Tutorial:

Step 1:

If you are using a base coat then use 2 coats of base coat on to the nails before staring this design. Now after the base coat has dried, use 2 coats of shimmer pink color nail.You can also use white nail polish. This is just to make the base more opaque. Let it dry completely before proceeding on to step 2.

butterfly nail art designs

Step 2:

Take a water decal butterfly sticker. Take the plastic layer out. Now dip it into water for about 10-15 seconds till the back layer is completely wet. Follow the instructions at the back of the water decal sticker pack. Now place it properly and remove the back cover. Take a look at the picture and see how beautiful it looks. Make sure to place it properly.

butterfly nail sticker

Step 3:

We have already placed another butterfly on to the other finger. Using water decals for nail arts saves a lot of time. So if you are in a rush and still want to create a nice nail art, then you may use water decals.

butterfly nail art

Now take a toothpick and use its back end to take some purple and magenta nail polish and make some random dots around the butterflies. Take the black striper and make the designs of ferns in black on the other 2 fingers. Do nothing on the thumb now. Now take the black nail polish and make random dots around the black ferns with the blunt end of a toothpick.

Step 4:

After the above 4 fingers have been painted, we move on to the thumb. Use the nail art brush to take some white acrylic paint (or white nail polish) to paint some petals. We have made 3 flowers here. Limit number of petal demarcation to 3 for each flower.

butterfly nails

Step 5:

Take the nail polish brush and create the inner coloring of the petals in magenta and blue. You may use acrylic colors too.

nail polish

Step 6:

Use the toothpick and black nail polish to make dots at the center of the flower. Take the striper and outline the petals. Let it dry completely

nail polish trends

Step 7:

Paint up all the nails with glitter polish.

glitter polish tips

Step 8:

There you have your very own water decal and hand painted butterfly nail art.

paint butterfly nail art

If you feel this butterfly nail art interesting, beautiful and trendy, then definitely try this easy nail art at home for getting that stylish look. Drop us your comments.