DIY – Homemade Foot Soak To Get Soft Feet With Detailed Steps & Pictures July 30, 2015

It’s time to bid goodbye to the chilly winter season. Winters have almost come to an end in India; time to embrace the spring/summer season now. I am really looking forward to wearing my easy flowing summer dresses again and finally I do not have to pile on tons of clothes! Now that I can no longer hide my feet in socks, I have to prepare my legs and feet for the warmer months ahead. Pedicures are awesome for sure, but I cannot take out time to go to a parlor for regular pedicures so I decided to prepare my own personalized homemade foot soak!

The skin on the feet is mostly dry and my feet in particular are literally doomed in winters- dry and suffering from chilblains. So, I made a nourishing foot soak, which cleanses and nourishes my feet at the same time. What? You want to learn how to do the foot soak home remedy too? That’s what I am here for!

Homemade Foot Soak

Let’s get started with the homemade foot soak for cracked heels so as to get that beautiful soft feet!

Step 1:

Extract lime juice from 1 medium lemon and collect it in a small bowl.

Step 2:

Add 1 ½ to 2 spoons of pure honey to it. Try getting honey from a trusted source as adulterated honey has become commonplace nowadays. I trust Patanjali products in terms of purity so I am using honey of the same brand. Efficiency of a mixture is directly affected by the quality of the ingredients used.

Step 3:

Add your favourite shampoo… umm…actually your non-favourite shampoo, to the above mixture. This is because the shampoo lying around because it did not work so well for your hair can be put to good use in homemade DIYs like this one.

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Step 4:

The second nourishing ingredient after honey is almond oil. Almond oil suits my body the best; you may use olive oil or any other oil in the mixture depending on what works for you. Add 2-3 spoons of oil to the mixture.

Step 5:

Mix all of these ingredients well to attain a blended puree kind of look. Ingredients should not float separately; blend till smooth.

Step 6:

Transfer the mixture to a small tub, in which you can soak your feet comfortably.

Step 7:

Now add warm or hot water in the same tub.

Step 8:

Keep adding water till the froth reaches 2/3rd height of the tub. Do not fill water up to the brim or else it will run over the moment you dip your feet and you do not want to waste any part of your mixture, right?

Step 9:

Our nourishing foot soak is now ready. I cannot show you my feet dipped in it because you absolutely don’t want to see the red tomato like fingers that I have right now!

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  • You may add essential oil in this foot soak mixture if you like a nice aroma in your bathing experience.
  • Instead of shampoo, you can use shower gel too.
  • If you want to soak your legs till the calf, add double the amount of ingredients in the mixture and fill water in a bucket instead of tub.

Homemade Foot Soak Benefits:

This soak really does work! It moisturizes my feet apart from giving them a nice clean look. If you are worried about honey making your feet sticky, don’t worry! Honey does not remain sticky after it is mixed properly and added with warm water. In fact it nourishes the feet beautifully. Generally, I need many pedicure sittings to get my feet looking respectable again, after the harsh winters. But with this home made foot soak, I can now get soft and beautiful feet easily at home! With repeated use it improves the condition of my feet way more effectively than the foot soaks available at the drugstores.

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Try it and let me know about your experience. I bet you’ll come back raving about it!

Until next time, take care!