With nail colours and manicures becoming a regular feature these days, nail art is what you should be showing off now.

Food Nail Art Tutorial:

When asked about food, the first thing that comes to mind is all things sweet and sugary. And out of all those sweet and savoury things, the one that I love the most are cupcakes. Who can resist those pretty little cupcakes with loads of frosting and candy sprinkles? So today, out of my love for these delicious and beautiful cupcakes, I’m going to share with you a nail art tutorial that is inspired by these delectable beauties and will look absolutely gorgeous.

Materials needed:

  • Light pink nail polish
  • Cream nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Dotting tool
  • Multi coloured tiny beads
  • Pink rhinestones

Steps to create the look:

Step 1:

food nail designs

  • Apply two coats of a light pink nail polish
  • Here I am using the Lakme nail polish in Color Crush no. 30)
  • Apply this to all your nails except the ring finger
  • On the ring finger, apply two coats of a cream nail polish (the one I have used is Jordana Soft Pink)

Step 2:

food nail art tutorial 2

  • Using the pink nail polish, make a straight French tip on the ring finger
  • Let this dry out completely

Step 3:

food nail art tutorial 3

  • Take a little of the pink nail polish on a piece of paper.
  • Now add some white nail polish to it to get a shade that will be a tad lighter than the pink shade you originally had
  • The reason I have done this is that I didn’t have a lighter pink shade nail polish with me
  • If you have a lighter toned pink nail polish, you can use it instead
  • Now take this lighter shade and dip the dotting tool in it
  • Using this dotting tool, make dots on four of your fingers
  • Do not do this on the ring finger
  • For the ring finger, make 3 vertical stripes with a toothpick (refer to the image attached)
  • This will form the base of the cupcake

Step 4:

food nail art tutorial 4

  • Using the white nail polish and the dotting tool, add frosting to the cupcake
  • Let it spill out a bit on the base so that it kind of covers the top edge of the base
  • While the nail polish is still wet, sprinkle some coloured metal balls on top to resemble sprinkles
  • I have mixed up shades of gold, silver, pink, orange, green and red balls
  • You can select colours of your own choice
  • Now finish off the look with a pink rhinestone
  • This will sit like the cherry on top of the cupcake

And hey, you’re done!

If you absolutely want, you can also create the cupcake on your thumb or all your nails. But I personally feel that creating it on just one finger looks better as an accent. Though this nail art design looks really difficult to create, it is actually quite simple, especially once you’ve tried it out a few times.

Sport it on your nails and see your friends showering you with some sweet compliments. Do tell us how you liked the same and send us your comments soon!

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