Besan or gram’s flour is an age old super hit granny’s recipe to fight out a number of skin problems like dull lifeless skin, acne, pimples, dark skin, blemish buster and for removal of unwanted hair. Besan has been documented since traditional times as an ingredient to many beauty and spa treatments. It is inexpensive and is easily available in everyone’s kitchen!!

Gram Flour tends to be alkalizing in nature – to make them slightly acidic; it is often used together with lemon or yogurt. This mixture when applied onto skin – attracts the toxins and dust which are lodged deep into the pores of the skin. Thus the concoction has good cleansing and anti-microbial properties which are beneficial to our skin.

Below are some recipes for homemade Besan face packs: 

1. Yogurt Besan Face Pack For Oily Skin :

Besan Face packs made at home are great for oily skin because besan helps to absorb and remove excess oil.

Pack 1: Mix Besan (gram flour) along with rose water. Apply on the face, let it dry and wash off.

Pack 2: Besan mixed with curd/milk face pack also works good  for oily skinned. Make a thick paste of curd/milk and besan. Apply on the face and keep it for 20 minutes before washing it off.

 2. Face Packs With Besan For Dry Skin:

Gram flour works on all the skin types making it an ideal candidate as a cleansing agent. Dry skin can use homemade face packs made with besan, full cream/milk, honey and a pinch of turmeric. Apply this regularly on the face. The ingredients of the face pack will maintain the moisture levels of your skin and avoid dryness.

3. Face Masks With Gram Flour For Acne Or Pimple Prone Skin:

Pimple prone skin needs to be looked after because mostly pimple prone skin tends to be little sensitive too. Always stick to natural ingredients if your skin is sensitive.

Face Packs for Pimple Prone skin

Source: Shutterstock

Pack 1: Mix gram flour and warm honey. Apply this paste regularly to your face. The anti-microbial properties of honey will definitely help curb pimples.

Pack 2: Mix Gram Flour, sandalwood powder, turmeric and rose water into a paste. Apply on the face and wash off after 20 minutes.

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 4. Gram Flour Face Masks For Blemishes And Open Pores:

A paste of besan and cucumber juice will help reduce the blemishes and also tightens pores.

5. Besan Face Pack For Skin Whitening:

face pack for blemishes

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To bleach your skin naturally, Ground 4 almonds. Mix it with half teaspoon besan and half teaspoon of milk and lemon juice. Apply this paste on your face for 30 mins and allow the bleaching effect to occur.

For Dry Skin: homemade face pack of besan, lemon juice, full cream and honey also works better.

For Oily Skin: Replace the full cream with sandalwood powder or curd. These packs will lighten your skin tone and help in tan removal. Gram Flour Homemade face pack, dried orange peel powder and milk powder applied regularly will ensure you have smooth and fairer skin.

These besan face pack for fairness options work wonders for both dry and oily skin!

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 6. Besan Face Mask To Remove Unwanted Facial Hair:

Mask to remove unwanted Facial Hair

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Mix gram flour with little water and apply on the desired area. Scrub it off when it completely dries. You can also add fenugreek powder to the mixture.

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7. Besan Face Mask To Treat Dark Legs, Arms And Neck:

Masks to treat Dark Legsand

Source: gettyimages

Apply til oil daily and massage. Afterwards, mix besan, turmeric, lemon and curd and apply it thrice a week. Wash it off after keeping it for 30 minutes. Follow this by massaging til oil again.

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Am sure these varied besan based face masks works great on your skin. Don’t forget to let us know how besan got your skin transformed! Leave a comment below!

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  • Daksha

    These are just brilliant. thank you!! All the above face pack recipes are very easy to try at home and very effective. once again thanks for the amazing face pack recipes.

    • Riddhi Jholapara

      Thanks daksha. try em

  • eva

    thanks dear for the amazing face pack recipes, …………….

    • Riddhi Jholapara

      Thanks Eva

  • Nivy

    I didn’t think it was possible for one ingredient to have sooooo many benefits! Thank you Riddhi….now i am going to spend this weekend at home instead of a parlor!

    • Riddhi Jholapara

      Yes nivy .. Yr trips to the parlour ll be postponed if u regularly use besan

  • Amrutha

    Hey Riddhi. Its too excellent! I never knew that we can mix besan in so many combinations to make our skin glow . All the above given homemade besan face pack recipes are amazing. Thanks a lot for providing such a wonderfull tips.

    • Riddhi Jholapara

      Thank you amrutha

  • Namrata

    Besan is a good scrubbing ingredient. It is safe to use as well. i have been using this to scrub my body since ages and its the best natural scrubbing agent that tigthens and firms my skin. I love it.. On the whole a great article Riddhi.

    • Riddhi Jholapara

      Thank you namrata

  • swetha

    um…. are these facepacks ok for children?………im only 14 :-P

    • Riddhi Jholapara

      Yes Shweta it is safe :)

  • Smitha

    yes..i am using besan face pack..and it has made great effect on my skin.

    • Riddhi Jholapara

      Thanks smitha … Besan has good effect on my skin too

  • payal

    hello… i am having open pores on my cheeks……can i apply besan and curd mixture on my face??????

    • Riddhi Jholapara

      yes payal

  • pratu

    how to remove facial hair by using besan

  • reshma

    Thank u for the amazing face pack

  • Meeta

    Besan is best exfoliating ingredient.. It suits my skin perfectly.. and i do use it with honey, turmeric and curd.. i apply that pack of face and hands and scrub it after it dries up.. All its ingredients so the wonders.. to make my skin glow..

  • kriti

    Hi i have doubt,whether i have to use boiled milk or raw milk in besan pack i.e besan+milk+lemon juice .Please reply …

    • Anjali

      u shuld use raw milk……
      bolid milk is f noo use in makng a face pack…..:)

    • Anonymous

      Use room temperature milk

  • Judie

    Hi. I have besan, turmeric, honey, egg white and lemon juice. I want to create a homemade face mask to lighten my skin and fade dark spots as well as remove excess oil. Pls could I use this mix without having to use milk or curd. I react to milk and curd. Help!!!

  • Pooja Sharma

    Hi ,

    Yes , This is true & best effects of Mixture of Curd,Gram Floor & Turmeric Powder. I feel very freshness on my face

  • monita

    does usage of milk on face increase facial hair growth?

  • shweta

    does besan help in reducing acne scars….

  • ganga

    i m using the mixture of milk lemon turmeric powder honey and besan……………will it help tol lighten my skin or not ???

  • lisha

    hi well im having dark neck. im really sad of that. i like the gram flour,turmeric,lemon curd mixture bt im confused as u mentioned Apply til oil daily and massage what is that mean? i can”t get it what u mean

  • ansa

    hello..kya ap mujhy clour farir krnyki tip bta skti hen winter me

  • mansi

    i have dark circuls under eyes,what should i do?

  • sup

    can i in apply this paste in winter and how many times could i apply pls reply me . on

    A paste of besan and cucumber juice will help reduce the blemishes and also tightens pores.

    • Saumya Rastogi

      20 minutes

  • Bruna

    Hey good post! The packs are pretty easy and well researched. I would love to try the facial hair removal pack. Please keep up the good work!

  • arsh

    hi mam mujhe weather according pimple acne problem hai…what shud i do…m using haldi besan milk pack for whole ngt but after wash i dont know kya cream use krun jisey normal rhey skin for winter

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    sorry for the post it was just a mistake kindly delete it

  • vaishnavi

    my skin is oil skin .plz help to control my oil face.
    and face want look shinning.

  • tanvi

    i’m of 17 years and want to apply some natural things over lotions,face wash etc…..can i apply besan with milk and turmeric…pls advice me how to apply these….can i apply this daily?is this also help me to be fair and glowing?also suggest me susituts….

  • tanvi

    i’m of 17 now and i want to use something natural on my face …can i use besan,raw milk (soaked overnight) daily for 10 remove tan and browness of my face…pls RIDDHI i need ur sugestion .

  • fouzia

    good information surely we will try and get back to u after one month.

    • Richa

      Hope you find it useful :)

  • Iram Mannan

    hello can i remove black heads by using milk huldi and besan pack .my skin is very dry

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Nilima, there are several home remedies to get rid of pimples such as:
    1. Turmeric paste – Mix turmeric in the right ratio with a little water or yogurt and apply at night for at least 30-40 minutes before washing with water as a mask.
    2. Cucumber mask – Grind a bit of cucumber to form a paste, and put this directly on your pimple or over your whole face. Wait for it to set for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse your skin off with cold water.
    These methods may not bring instant results but with regular application it may reduce and bring relief to your face and improve your skin tone. Healthy and a balanced diet also plays a major role in skin care, hence avoid consuming any sort of junk food. If your problem persists then it is advisable to consult a dermatologist to assess your skin.

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Vandana, preparing these face packs are simple, quick and easy. Storing the face packs in the refrigerator may lead them to become dry and difficult to apply the next time you use. Hence prepare these packs a few mins before its application to get maximum benefits out of it.

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Zaynab, you can use or massage your skin with almond oil or olive oil instead of til oil. The ingredients used in this pack are herbal and natural, thus it is absolutely safe and harmless to use it on a 5 years old kid. Also ensure that your kid is not allergic to any of these ingredients such as curd, lemon or turmeric. Massage this pack gently on the skin to get rid of any tan.. this pack works well as an exfoliater.