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Top 10 Weight Loss Meal Plans For Indians

Top 10 Weight Loss Meal Plans For Indians October 9, 2017

A proper lifestyle, healthy eating habits and regular exercise can help you shed those extra kilos in a healthy way. A perfect diet should contain all the essential nutrients required for promoting the general health and wellbeing of the individual.

Following the right dietary meal plan to lose weight is essential to help attain a toned and rightly shaped body.

Weight Loss Meal Plans

Some effective diet plans that Indians have sworn by are:

1. GM Diet Indian Version:

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This diet plan was initially devised for employees of General Motors Incorporated, USA. General Motor or GM diet in its Indian vegetarian version is one of the most successful diet plans in India. This seven day detox diet promotes eating different types of food each day that render varied nutritional benefits to the body. Fruits, vegetables, bananas, milk, rice, cottage cheese are some edibles from this dietary plan. Drinking a lot of water during this diet is advised to reap maximum benefits. One can easily lose up to 5 to 10 kilos in a week through this weight loss meal plan.

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2. Rujuta Diwekar Diet:

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Rujuta Diwakar is an eminent nutritionist and fitness expert whose customised diet plans have worked wonders for many. She is especially credited for giving Kareena Kapoor a size zero figure. The core of all her diet plans comprises of eating 8 small healthy low calorie meals a day. This, according to her, helps avoid food craving. She also advises drinking loads of water to detoxify the system. Taking daily nutritional supplements is essential to properly nourish the body while exercising by the pi rule, i.e. atleast 7 out of 22 days. This is a must to attain that healthy, toned and flab free body.

3. South Indian Diet:

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This latest diet plan is a dream diet for people who relish south Indian food. South Indian delicacies like idli, sambhar, butter milk etc. are tasty as well as detoxifying. These are also low on calorie counts. This diet determines the calorific value of each food. It allows you to consume 25 cal/kg of your body weight. The diet helps keep the calorie intake in check and lose weight with ease.

4. 7 Day Flat Belly Diet Plan:

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This clean and lean diet by James Duigan believes that eating unhealthy processed, junk and fat laden food causes the body to store fats. This diet emphasises on eating the right food while restricting the intake of unhealthy food. This is supposed to aid in burnin the calories rapidly. Consuming lean meat, fish, chicken, organic vegetables etc. coupled with regular exercising helps to shed flab easily.

5. 3 Day Fruit Flush Diet:

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This diet created by Jay Robb, an American nutritionist, primarily makes you eat fruits in every 2 hours. This aids to detoxify the body, burn calories and lose weight. The nutrients, water and fibres in these fruits restore the digestive health and flush out the toxins from the body. The lean proteins help burn calories and lose extra pounds. Protein shakes, vegetables and one whole meal is also consumed during this 3 day diet. One can lose up to 10 lb in this weight loss meal plan.

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6. 5 Day Apple Diet:

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The star element of this diet happens to be apple. The apple is known to be one of the healthiest fruits containing loads of vitamins, fibres, minerals and minimal calories. Apart from its nutritional value, apple is a natural laxative which helps in detoxifying the body and maintaining a healthy nervous and digestive system.

7. 7 Day Liquid Diet:

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Liquid diet consists of consumption of large amount of water, juices, protein shakes and other healthy liquids. These liquids detoxify the body while nourishing it properly. This helps you feel fuller and avoid overeating. If this diet is followed carefully, one can not only shed weight effectively but also improve their general health.

8. 5 Factor Diet:

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The 5 factor diet includes 5 nutrients namely carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, fats and fluids. These are accommodated in 5 meals a day. This diet is complemented by 5 exercise plans, each constituting of 5 exercises for duration of 5 minutes each.

9. 1200 Calorie Diet Plan:

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This low fat high fiber diet burns up to 1200 calories every day. It helps one stay healthy, fit and flab free. Fruits, vegetables and low fat foods help nourish the body and keep it healthy. It also burns the calories, thus helping in losing weight.

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10. Anjali Mukherjee Weight Loss Diet Plan:

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Anjali Mukherjee of Health Total provides effective individual specific diets. These aim at losing weight in a quick, naturally safe and sustainable way. The diet plans are scientifically based. It makes one eat proper but healthy foods. This suits the taste buds as well as increases the health of the individual. These diet plans do not believe in starving to lose weight. Instead, this diet is all about eating food that helps to cleanse and energize the body while cutting down on the unwanted flab.

With so many meal plans for weight loss to choose from, we’re sure you’ve found your perfect match. Let us know which one you’ll be trying out, or if you’ve already tried out some of these.


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