5 Simple Ayurvedic Treatments for Face April 9, 2015

Healthy skin glows and shows. We can use a hundred cosmetics but still, the bright glow of healthy, blemish free skin can’t be faked. This is why we all dream of getting a clear and blemish free skin. Some opt for expensive salon treatments whereas a few others rely on homemade recipes. The good thing about home based recipes is that it does not have any harmful chemicals and thus, there are no side effects. The ‘only a diamond can cut a diamond principle isn’t really applicable everywhere.

A chemical, no matter how carefully formulated, is still a chemical. While it may be greatly beneficial for one purpose, we cannot ignore the fact that it may have some other effect that isn’t all too good. Sometimes, the side effects are far more harmful than the actual symptom that’s getting treated. This is where natural and Ayurvedic solutions are better off. They might be slower in showing results but you can be certain of the fact that the results are more reliable and with lesser side effects.

The most effective Ayurvedic treatments for face

1. Milk:

Milk is an excellent natural cleanser that suits all skin types. Take 1-2 tbsp. of raw milk, and to it, add a pinch of turmeric powder. Dip a cotton ball and sweep it all over the face and leave it for 5 minutes. This cleanser removes all dirt from the skin, moisturizes the skin and gives it a nice glow.

2. Honey and lemon mask:

If you’re looking for an Ayurvedic treatment for pigmentation on face then this is it! It includes anti-oxidant and moisturizing properties that cleans and lightens the skin. Take one tablespoon of honey (preferably raw, organic honey), add 3-5 drops of fresh lemon juice and apply on the face, and let it stay on the face for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with water and you will discover soft, glowing skin in no time.

3. Herbal pack:

Chickpea flour (besan) face pack for dull skin: This is one of the most effective, extremely efficient face pack for sullen skin. Its exfoliating action takes away the dead cells, removes sun-tan, and is a very famous Ayurvedic remedy for blemishes too. Take 1 tbsp. chick-pea flour in a bowl, add few drops of lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric powder and add rose water or raw milk to prepare a paste. Apply the pack to cleansed face, and let it stay on the face for ten minutes. Regular usage will get you a soft, smooth, glowing skin, and slowly, the blemishes on the skin will start fading too. There is no other face pack that takes sun tan away like this one does. It absolutely clears the skin of all the gunk and tan, and gives an added glow as incentive.

4. Drink lots of water:

At least 8-10 glasses are required to keep the skin hydrated from within. You may even add a dash of honey and lemon to the water. Cold water burns more calories as body has to bring it to its own temperature before using it. This way, you burn calories too. Water is also required to maintain the working of all organs in optimal levels.

5. Get 6-8 hours of sleep:

Aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Exercise regularly as it promotes blood circulation, flushes out toxins from the body, and keeps the body and skin healthy.

Inculcate the Ayurvedic tips above in your daily life. We promise you’ll notice a tremendous change in just a few weeks.Do leave us a comment and let us know!

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