Do you want your hair to be strong and shiny? Have you always dreamt of being the star attraction when it comes to flaunting glossy and bouncy hair? Then you can use the miraculous benefits of the great castor oil!

Are you wondering how castor oil can benefit your hair? Then you must read this post!

Hair Loss And Castor Oil

Hair thinning and hair fall are common problems that both men and women experience. Some experience mild hair fall, while others experience excessive hair loss leading to balding. It is important to quickly solve the problem. Hair fall may happen due to various reasons, such as prolonged ailments, poor diet, genetics etc. Even certain prescribed medications can also trigger the issue.

Whatever might be the main culprit behind its inception, hair fall is a curable issue. Nowadays, drugstore shelves are packed with a variety of products, which claim to reverse hair loss and give you healthy and shiny hair  in no time.

One such product is castor oil. Yes – castor oil is one of the most effective treatments you can find!

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

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Benefits Of Castor Oil For Hair Growth:

Castor oil bags the goodness of anti-oxidants, omega 9 fats and ricinoleic acid. All these ingredients make castor oil a hair growth promoter. Following are the benefits of castor oil for hair!

  1. Omega 9 fats in castor oil make it a miracle discovery for hair growth. It triggers stunted hair growth and also fights back baldness and hair thinning. Omega 9 fats add strength to each hair follicle. It prevents keratin against damage that is caused due to pollution and sun. Hence, it not just promotes new hair growth, but also protects existing hair against damage and thinning.
  1. Ricinoleic acid in castor oil restores the normal pH level of the scalp. It cures the problems like scalp acne and dandruff caused due to imbalanced pH level of the scalp. This directly fights back dandruff and makes hair stronger, longer, shinier and thicker.
  1. Anti-oxidants present in castor oil make it an amazing treatment for hair against dullness and frizz. Anti-oxidants increase blood circulation throughout the scalp. Increased blood circulation means increased oxygen supply throughout the scalp. This makes the hair roots stronger. It naturally offers deep conditioning to hair roots, hair follicles and scalp. As a result, the hair becomes frizz free, radiant and stronger.
  1. Castor oil is also an amazing therapy for adding gloss to hair. It coats each hair strand when applied. The keratin gains strength from the antioxidants present in castor oil. Hence, the hair looks glossy after wash.
  1. As castor oil is rich in essential vitamins necessary for healthy and robust hair, it has long been used for treating several hair conditions including hair fall.
  1. Castor oil helps in promotion of hair growth rate in more than one ways. When rubbed thoroughly into the scalp it stimulates the scalp and thus encourages circulation to the follicles, making them healthier and more inclined to produce hair.
  1. When taken orally it has also been noted to have a similar effect.
  1. In addition, owing to its antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, castor oil improves your scalp quality by destroying infection causing organisms and thus makes it easier to grow hair faster.

Castor Oil for Hair Loss Prevention:

Castor oil is a thick oil derived from the seeds of castor plant, Ricinus communis that happens to be rich in omega 9 fatty acids and essential vitamins. It boasts of multiple beneficial properties, making it a recognized remedy for various disorders including constipation and hair loss.

Castor oil, which is most suitable for hair growth purpose is raw and unprocessed one. Processed oil is said to lose out its extraordinary results that are mainly due to the exclusion of natural healing properties needed for the castor oil hair treatment.

How To Use Castor Oil For Hair Loss:

  • Using castor oil to prevent hair loss is a very easy as you don’t have to make a special formulation.
  • Simply take some oil on your palm and work it through your hair from roots to tips in the same way apply your regular oil and massage well.
  • Make sure not to use too much oil because it has thicker density and would be difficult to wash out.
  • Let the oil sit in your hair for 15-20 minutes before rinsing with tepid water and shampoo.
  • Alternatively, apply the oil before going to bed and leave overnight. Wash the hair next morning.
  • To keep the oil staining your bed linen cover your head with a towel or any clean, cotton cloth.
  • You can mix castor oil with any other stimulant oils such as peppermint before use for added effect.

Removing Castor Oil After Its Use

Since castor oil is thick in consistency, it can be a bit challenging to rinse it off the hair. To remove it completely, you need to shampoo your locks twice using a good clarifying shampoo.

Using a conditioner on your hair 30 minutes before taking shower can help you remove the oil easily. You just need to ensure that the conditioner doesn’t come in contact with your scalp, especially if it contains silicon.

You may also want to add a little rosemary, almond or grapeseed oil to the castor oil before applying. This will lighten its consistency, making it easier to remove. 

Did you know the two oils, castor oil and olive oil when combined can work benefits? They can give your hair that kind of a sheen and glow that will stay in your mind for the years to come!

Combined Benefits Of Olive Oil And Castor Oil For Hair:

Olive oil and castor oil are two nourishing hair oils that come with the goodness of anti-oxidants. Both these hair oils offer unique sets of benefits to make hair free of frizz, splits, dandruff and dullness. They offer unmatched hair benefits when the two are combined together and applied. Read on to find out those amazing benefits.

  1. A combined application of these two hair oils make hair frizz free in a month of its application.
  2. Olive oil and castor oil together help in controlling lice attack as well.
  3. A combined application of these two hair oils guard hair against sun damage. It strengthens keratin protein in hair. As a result, hair follicles grow resistant to breakage and tangling.
  4. A combined application of olive oil and castor oil works wonders for wiry and curly hair. These hair oils offer deep conditioning to all curls when applied together.
  5. Olive oil and castor oil, when applied together, makes thin hair bouncy.

Castor oil and olive oil offer unmatched hair benefits that are too tempting to be overlooked. Find out the simplest way of sprucing spa like benefits from these two hair oils below!

  1. Comb your hair to make it straight.
  2. Heat oil (olive oil or castor oil or both) and place it in a bowl.
  3. Apply the heated oil all over the scalp. Massage your scalp with circular rotation of the fingers.
  4. Dab the warm oil all along the hair length to cover them from roots to tips.
  5. Take a moist shower cap and cover your hair for 1 hour.
  6. Remove the moist shower cap and rinse your hair with herbal shampoo.
  7. Wash with lukewarm water.

This is the best way to offer spa like conditioning to hair at home.

So what are you waiting for? Start using castor oil right away to flaunt glossy, healthy and strong hair! Or use it with combination of olive oil to reap the benefits.

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  • Chahna

    nice article on hair growth :)

    • Shaista

      Thanks Chahna

  • Minakshi

    Good article.. but im not sure abt this oil.. its way to sticky.. i tried it once.. it dint leave my hair only.. had to wash so many times… :( but now that you have suggested tips for removal.. i can try..
    thnks for sharin the post with us..

  • mithila

    Hey.. im gonna try this now.. atleast after reading the benefits.. i was so hesitant about using this!!! but seems like i can give it a shot.. il try your metthod only.. and will let you kw if i find some difference..
    Anywys.. thnks for posting.. :)

  • Yashna

    Very nice article.. i was hesitant about using castor oil on hair.. but seems like il keep the inhibitions for somethng else.

  • Knut Holt

    A good diet is also essential. I lost a lot of hair due to my genetics, but the hair loss stopped 20 years ago due to a diet with all essential nutrients in an ample amount.

  • Sayantani

    I have been loosing my hairs for say 4 yrs.. I have applied everything I got to get rid of it.Suffering from hair loss.. and my hair is not growing..
    I dont want to have baldness though cant help it.
    Please tell me if castor oil can grow my hair.

  • neeharika

    how offen can we use this oil? i mean daily or weekly??

  • rosemary

    in how many days the hair will grow

  • masath

    i’m using castor oil with almond oil for about one month… can notice the hair growth in my balded area… its natural as well…instead of going for chemical hair oils, which promise hair growth in 6-12 month, use castor oil u will feel the improvement soon enough… as castor oil is very dense, use it with coconut/almond oil…

    • haidan

      how much quantity u missed both?
      use small table spoon for both or normal table spoon?

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    it is use full one for hair fooling treat ment

  • Anonymous

    I have used coconut milk mixed with honey.Is castor oil better than the honey for stopping hair loss and to help hair to grow?

  • Neha Ahuja

    Which type of castor oil should be used , medicated or non medicated ?

    • StyleCraze

      Hi Neha, to reap the maximum benefits of castor oil it is advisable to use raw and unprocessed one that is non – medicated one. Processed oil is said to lose out its results that are mainly due to the exclusion of natural healing properties needed for the castor oil hair treatment.

  • Bets

    Just make certain the castor oil (or any other you eat or use topically) is Organic, NO pesticides or chemicals in it… You don’t want to apply or eat any Junk….

  • IWOWDskincare

    I have heard that castor oil has astringent properties. would not it dry the scalp out too?

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Priya, yes…using an anti-dandruff shampoo for a long time or using it when you dont have any dandruff may turn your hair dry and rough in a long run. As anti-dandruff shapoos contain chemicals in higher quantities than any normal shampoo. For soft hair you can try and choose a mild herbal shampoo. You can check the list of shampoos given in the article below:

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Pallavi, some of the brands of castor oil that you can purchase from online shopping sites are: HillDews Pure and Cold Pressed Castor Oil, Pure Castor Oil, Aroma Magic Castor Oil, Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Snehal, yes….you can use any herbal shampoo or a shikkai powder or shampoo that is suitable for your hair type.

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Snehal, a home remedy using castor oil for warts involves a combination of castor oil and garlic. You can try it by rubbing the wart with castor oil or applying a drop or two of the oil and then covering the wart with a small slice of fresh garlic. Then, you can wrap this concoction with a bandage and wear it for several hours or while you sleep. You may also seek a doctor’s advice before using castor oil for warts. Though castor oil is generally considered safe for topical application, your doctor’s input can help you decide whether it is right for you. Secondly, to remove boil marks you can opt for a chemical peel or dermabrasion from your dermatologist. Another things you can follow are: apply vitamin E enriched moisturizer to the scar regularly to speed up healing. Eat foods rich in zinc such as pumpkin seeds, Swiss cheese and Brazil nuts. Eating these foods along with a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and low-fat dairy will ensure proper scar healing.