Easy Holy Leaf Nail Art Tutorial

I am really in a Christmas mood…So here is one another tutorial for Christmas nail art.

Leaf nail art:

Things you will need for a design with gold leaf for nails:

Red nail paint.

Golden nail paint( I used NYX girls Buzz worthy)


Green nail paint

loose glitter.


1. Paint your all nails red except ring finger. On your ring finger apply golden nail paint.

Holy Leaf Nail Art Tutorial

2. Now add 3 red rhinestones towards your cuticle as shown.(on ring finger)

Holy Leaf Nail Art Step1

3. Make 3 lines with green colour as shown in the pic.

Holy Leaf Nail Art Step2

4. Now make leaves like pattern out of these lines.

Holy Leaf Nail Art Step3

5. Add little details with black colour to the leaves as shown.

Holy Leaf Nail Art Step4

6. Add loose glitter on your other nails and apply top coat to your all nails and you are done.

On my nails:

Holy Leaf Nail Art

Holy Leaf Nail Art design

Holy Leaf Nail design

Holy Leaf Nails

Hope you all like this! Aren’t leaf nail designs simply a mood lifter?

if you try this easy nail art at home , upload your pic in the photo section of the Style Craze community,

Puja Malhotra


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