How To Do Nail Art At Home? – With Detailed Steps And Pictures

nail art at home

After clothes, shoes and hair, nail art is the next big thing. The concept is gaining popularity and the girls are enjoying every bit of attention their nails get them. Nail art is done with creative designs using different art forms. We try sharing tips and remedies for several beauty aspects. Our readers sent several requests on covering ‘easy nail art designs at Home’.

Simple Chevron Tip Nail Art that needs no professional experience or tools.

To sport this Nail art you will need:

  • A base coat
  • A top coat
  • Use any two nail paints that you like. We used a pink and a purple polish here.
  • A white polish
  • A dotting tool or a toothpick.


1. The first step is to prepare your nails. So

  • Properly file your nails
  • Push cuticles with the help of an orange stick
  • Buff nails
  • Make sure that there is no moisture in your nails.

2. The second step to getting beautiful nail art is to apply your base coat.

step two

3. The third step starts once the base coat dries completely. Apply a coat of pink polish and purple polish (on ring finger). Repeat this twice.

step three

4. To create a chevron tip,

step four

  • Take the purple polish and stroke it in diagonal position from the left side of the nail.
  • Fill in the remaining part of the nail below the diagonal
  • Repeat the same stroke from the right side of the nail (as shown in right picture).

5. Now let it dry and if necessary, repeat the process to apply a second coat. Remember, on the ring finger, create the chevron tip using pink polish. This is what your nails would look like thereafter.

step five

6. The next step is to use a toothpick and dip it in the white polish. Place some big white dots on tips of your nails. The picture below showcases how the dots would look.

step six

7. Give a good finishing touch to the dots. Dip a toothpick in pink polish and draw a dot inside each white dot on all fingers except the ring finger. Use a purple polish for the ring finger. The picture below shows how the dots would look.

step seven

8. Now we are done with the creating part. For the last bit, use a polish remover with a thin brush to clean up the cuticle stains. This step is necessary to give a neat look.

step eight

Aren’t you surprised? I am sure you are. A little patience and imagination can help you save a lot of your time and money. Doing nail art at home isn’t that difficult after all. You can try various nail arts with different colours. You may also try and alternate the base colour for various looks.

The picture below shows another pretty-looking chevron manicure using the same technique. So go ahead and try these.

This nail art is perfect for special occasions and can be done very easily at home. Use silver crackle polish to get the perfect chevron and dotted look.

Give your imagination a little push and transform your nails into gorgeous-looking nails. Have you tried any nail art before? Would you try these designs? Please tell us more about your experiences with nail arts.

Hope you enjoyed this article. We will come up with more nail art designs in our future posts. Till then, leave us your comments and let us know why you love nail art?

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Avatar of Dimpal
Hello, i am dimpal.. my blog is Crazy Polishes.. I am a software engineer cum house wife.. I am fun loving, easy going person who love exploring new places... Nail art actually started with simple rainbow polishing ... and now creating different nail looks is my passion.. i will try to show you most of my work here.. Feel free to buzz me anytime :)

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44 thoughts on “How To Do Nail Art At Home? – With Detailed Steps And Pictures

    1. Avatar of DimpalDimpal Post author

      Eshani, u can use any polish combination available, instead of dotting tool u can use bobby pin or toothpick.. u can order dotting tool online on some sites like urbantouch

  1. Avatar of DeepakshiDeepakshi

    Wow. Really gorgeous nail art and you make it look so simple. I am wondering where to start off. There have been so many nail art how to’s recently that i am totally in love with this art now :)

    1. Avatar of DimpalDimpal Post author

      i am so glad u like it Deepakshi,.. yeah u r right.. i was in same condition when i started .. so many good art all over and cldnt really decide how and where to start ..i started doing the with very basics and still learning :)

  2. Avatar of PavitraPavitra

    Thanks for the excellent tutorial. This looks like a very simple design that I can try at home. It is really bothersome with salons as they charge a bomb for even simple nail arts. Following you right away.

    1. Avatar of DimpalDimpal Post author

      thnk u Pavitra. i am glad i cld help.. ur right salons are bothersome.. one have to have enough time to go there and pay tht prices.. other than tht whtever i create on my nail whether it is good or bad i feel proud to say tht i did it..u knw wht i mean.. :)

  3. Krishna

    This one is the best nail tutorials i have come across!! really loved the colourful color combination…;) i guess i can use green and blue.. too.. :) im surely gonna try this weekend..

  4. Taranjeet

    Simple and nice tutorial.. It needs a lot of time i guess to do it.. my hands shake a lot.. and im not so perfect in doing these.. but would love to try it out once.. :)

    1. Dimpal

      taranjeet.. i know it looks hard at the beginning with all tht drying time and shaking hands but give it a try….put both of ur hands on a tough support and thn paint thm ..i hope tht wll help :)

  5. Anonymous

    Having had my nails done at a nail salon for many years; I perfected doing nail art for myself for more than 20 years, saving a ton of money! I learned nail art by observing having my nails done over the years; stopped going because the technician wore a mask but never offered clients one. I am asthmatic, the fumes really got to be problematic for me – solution, I began doing my own! I now have 3 great-grand-daughters, and they enjoy me doing their nails twice a month!

    Great Nana Bam