So your wedding bell is ringing, and you are indecisive as to which hairstyle to sport for the wedding! Well, let us help you out. When it comes to choosing hairdos for Indian wedding, loose curls, high bun, puffy crown, side braid, etc. matter the most. But if you need something special that can augment your look in an embellished outfit and heavy jewelry, you have to mix and match different ideas.

Here are top 50 hairstyles for Indian wedding that you should check out before deciding on one:

1. Twisted High Bun With Flowers:


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This is a traditional high bun made just by twisting all the hair together and securing it with bobby pins. Fresh bright flowers or a stunning piece of accessory is all that is required to make this look elegant.

2. Loose Waves With Long Bang and Puffy Side Sweep:


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Go simple with your hair, if you have chosen a heavily decorated lehenga for your big day. This side-parted loose wave hairstyle with slightly puffed-up side sweep and long relaxed bang will be the best for you.

3. Layered Waves With Volumized Top:


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Jazz up your bridal look by letting loose those layered wavy locks of yours. All you need to do is add volume to your crown and secure it at the back of your head with bobby pins.

4. Beautiful High Bun With Hair Wrap:


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Be it a gorgeous saree or a designer lehenga, this beautiful high bun wrapped by hair will complement any of the bridal outfits perfectly. It will also emphasize your strong facial features the best way.

5. Long Loose Curls With Puffy Brushed Back Top:


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Curl up your thick long locks intensely and let them rest on your shoulders. The front section of the hair should be brushed back, smoothened and finally secured at the back of the head.

6. Twisted and Braided Hair With Loose Waves:


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A bohemian look can also go well with traditional Indian bridal attire. All you need to do is to take two thin sections of hair from the front, twist them to some extent and then secure them together at the nape of the neck after braiding up.

You can check out more hairstyles for Indian wedding reception here:

7. Middle-Parted Luscious Curls With Little Puff:


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Here is another simple yet graceful hairstyle for beautiful Indian brides. Create a center part, volumize the crown slightly and let the soft, luscious curls embrace your face as well as shoulders.

8. Huge Low Chignon With Casual Messy Finish:


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A huge low chignon is ideal for that special day of your life. You can make it look even more glamorous by adding side sweeps, using accessories and giving it a casual messy finish.

9. Gorgeous French Twist With Bouffant:


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A French twist can always complement your wonderful bridal look. Also, add height to your crown by creating a bouffant.

10. Textured Side Curls With Wavy Side Bang:


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Curl up and texturize all your hair and gather it to any one side of your shoulder. A deep side part, a wavy side bang, and subtle makeup will be enough to add zing to your bridal look.

11. Long Textured Ponytail With Twisted and Pinned Hair:


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Here is a unique hairstyle that will enhance the natural beauty of an Indian bride to a great extent.  The long textured ponytail has created a base for this style while the twisted and pinned section of hair has beautified it significantly.

12. Huge Neat Updo With Twists and Turns:


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If you want to look ravishing in your royal wedding dress, this is the hairstyle that you need to opt. This huge updo is created by twisting and turning the hair. It is also given a neat and tidy finish.

13. Low Side Chignon With Messy Twisted Side Sweeps:


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This low side chignon is super stylish, ultra-feminine, and carelessly beautiful. It should rest at the nape of your neck just like a pretty flower. Make it look more charming by adding those twisted side sweeps.


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