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50 Hairstyles For Girls With Curly Hair

50 Hairstyles For Girls With Curly Hair September 20, 2017

Are you blessed with naturally curly hair? Do you find it boring to wear the same curly hairstyle every day? Well, you have reached the right page. We are going to talk about 50 amazing hairstyles for curly hair. Check out the list below:

Hairstyles For Girls With Curly Hair – Top 50

1. Full-Head Blonde Curls With Middle Part

Full-Head-Blonde-Curls-with-Middle-Part Pinit

Image: Getty

Create a center part on your long golden blonde curly bob and let the soft luscious coils frame your face nicely. The voluminous structure and messy texture will increase your beauty to a great extent.

2. Careless Curly Bob With Side-Swept Bang

Careless-Curly-Bob-with-Side-Swept-Bang Pinit

Image: Getty

This shoulder-length black bob with random soft as well as spiral curls will make you look like a true careless beauty. Part it to one side, sweep the front hair over your forehead and give a messy finish.

3. Short Bob With Textured Halfway Curls

Short-Bob-with-Textured-Halfway-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

The specialty of this hairstyle is that the curls start leaving a few inches from the roots and turn into wispy ends. A side part and neat texturization will help you define your style perfectly.

4. Layered Spiral Curls With Center Part

Layered-Spiral-Curls-with-Center-Part Pinit

Image: Getty

Wondering how to style up your golden blonde spiral curls? Get a layered cut and part the hair in the middle. Finally, set the whole style by applying a hair spray.

5. Thin Delicate Full-Head Curls On Blonde Bob

Thin-Delicate-Full-Head-Curls-on-Blonde-Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

This cute doll-like hairstyle suits young girls very well. Create thin delicate golden blonde curls all over your head, let the front section lie at one side of your forehead and use hairspray to set the style.

6. Thick Textured Curls Rolled Back To Side

Thick-Textured-Curls-Rolled-Back-to-Side Pinit

Image: Getty

In this medium-length curly hairstyle, the dark beige blonde curls are rolled back to one side after applying mousse to the roots. Now, take them in thick sections and texturize properly for a sexy look.

7. Soft Reddish Blonde Curls With Random Fringes

Soft-Reddish-Blonde-Curls-with-Random-Fringes Pinit

Image: Getty

Soft large curls look extremely romantic and gorgeous on reddish blonde hair. You can add random front fringes to them in order to frame your face, while a little messy finish will complement the style rightly.

8. Super High Ponytail With Layered Wispy Ends

Super-High-Ponytail-with-Layered-Wispy-Ends Pinit

Image: Getty

Give the natural beauty of your curls a boost by wearing this super high ponytail. Pull all your coils to your crown and secure them with a nice hair accessory. The wispy layers should rest around your head and face playfully.

9. Frizzy Voluminous Rounded Bob On Coily Hair

Frizzy-Voluminous-Rounded-Bob-on-Coily-Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

This rounded bob is a great choice for a round face. Super coily locks, absolute frizzes, ultimate volume and a subtle side sweep have made it look stunning.

10. Highlighted Veiled Bob With Intense Curls

Highlighted-Veiled-Bob-with-Intense-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

This is another shoulder-length bob on thin light brown curls with light natural blonde highlights. The beautiful white veil featuring a bow has balanced off the intense curly look ideally.

11. Thick Curls With Frizzes And Twisted Spiral Front

Thick-Curls-with-Frizzes-and-Twisted-Spiral-Front Pinit

Image: Getty

Create a deep side part on your light beige blonde hair and curl up the sides into thick coils. The rest of the curls should be frizzy and voluminous, while the front section should be twisted up along the hairline and secured into a spiral structure.

12. Auburn Red Bob With Full-Head Ringlets

Auburn-Red-Bob-with-Full-Head-Ringlets Pinit

Image: Getty

You can easily grab the attention of others at any event with a head full of rich auburn red hair. But how about sporting soft fluffy ringlets all over the head? Do give it a try and enjoy the experience!

13. Soft Side-Gathered Curls With Long Side Sweep

Soft-Side-Gathered-Curls-with-Long-Side-Sweep Pinit

Image: Getty

Look gorgeous in this beautiful side hairdo just by parting your soft highlighted curls to one side and gathering them on the other shoulder. The front hair should be swept over the forehead for a dramatic effect.

14. Romantic Tousled Side Braid On Curly Locks

Romantic-Tousled-Side-Braid-on-Curly-Locks Pinit

Image: Getty

If you are a girl with highlighted beige blonde curls, this would be the most beautiful style for you to wear on a romantic date night or prom party. Just braid up the hair loosely over one shoulder and let a few strands cuddle your face. Simple!

15. Side-Parted Curly Bob With Floral Headband

Side-Parted-Curly-Bob-with-Floral-Headband Pinit

Image: Getty

In this shoulder-length bob, the soft curls are parted to one side and a floral headband is used to beautify the style. Curl up the side-swept bang in outward direction and secure it into the headband for a neat look.

16. Golden Blonde Pixie With Curly Top-Front

Golden-Blonde-Pixie-with-Curly-Top-Front Pinit

Image: Getty

Who says pixie is only meant for girls with straight hair? Check out this golden blonde pixie with dark roots. It is parted to one side and its top-front section is curled up in the sexiest way.

17. Low Side Ponytail On Rolled Back Curls

Low-Side-Ponytail-on-Rolled-Back-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

This is an example of super curly, long and light beige blonde hairstyle. All you need to do is roll the curls at the back and gather on one shoulder. Then secure them with an elastic band right at the nape of the neck. Finally, set the ponytail by applying a hairspray.

18. Side-Parted Curly Pigtails With Twisted Front

Side-Parted-Curly-Pigtails-with-Twisted-Front Pinit

Image: Getty

Pigtails are one of the most favorite hairstyles for girls with curly hair. If you have naturally curly hair, simply part it to one side, make two coily pigtails and secure the twisted front part at the back with bobby pins. Cute and absolutely adorable!

19. Loose Halfway Curls With Pinned Back Front

Loose-Halfway-Curls-with-Pinned-Back-Front Pinit

Image: Getty

Smoothen up the top section of your golden brown locks to some extent so that the remaining natural curls stay intact. Now, pin your front hair at the back with bobby pins, while leaving the curls on your shoulders.

20. Afro-Textured Frizzy Bob With Braided Pouf And Brooch

Afro-Textured-Frizzy-Bob-with-Braided-Pouf-and-Brooch Pinit

Image: Getty

This is perfect for girls having Afro-textured curls. Braid up the front hair in thin sections and turn them into a small pouf at the top. Adorn it with a nice brooch, while letting rest of the frizzy curls frame your face properly.

21. Layered Spiral Curls With Even Fringes And Headband

Layered-Spiral-Curls-with-Even-Fringes-and-Headband Pinit

Image: Getty

Get your glossy dark brown luscious curls layered, give them a nice spiral structure and allow them to cascade your shoulders gracefully. Long, thick, even front fringes and a gorgeous headband with complete your look.

22. Frizzy Textured Side Curls With Bang And Side Sweep

Frizzy-Textured-Side-Curls-with-Bang-and-Side-Sweep Pinit

Image: Getty

Create an awesome beach babe hairstyle by gathering all your long layered curls on one shoulder, adding texture to them, giving them a frizzy finish and setting the entire style with a sea salt spray. A casual side bang and an untidy side sweep will balance off your appearance perfectly.

23. Curly Frizzy Bouffant With Side Bang And Headband

Curly-Frizzy-Bouffant-with-Side-Bang-and-Headband Pinit

Image: Getty

Girls with curly hair can try out a classic bouffant too. However, the curly texture of the hair will give it a little messy look. Jazz up the look by adding a simple side bang and a dazzling headband.

24. Extra Voluminous Curly Bob With Braided Headband

Extra-Voluminous-Curly-Bob-with-Braided-Headband Pinit

Image: Getty

As you can see, volume is one of the biggest features of this shoulder-length bob with intense curls. The locks braided up along the hairline and used as the headband have worked as a wonderful add-on.

25. Afro-Textured Bushy Bob With Wide Headband

Afro-Textured-Bushy-Bob-with-Wide-Headband Pinit

Image: Getty

A bushy bob looks great on Afro-textured curly hair and you can make it look even greater by adding a wide monochromatic headband or bandana to it. Isn’t it nice?

26. Irregular Bushy Bob With Electric Blue Highlights

Irregular-Bushy-Bob-with-Electric-Blue-Highlights Pinit

Image: Getty

Well, want to experiment some more with your bushy bob? Just get it cut in an irregular manner, part it to one side and highlight it with electric blue. Totally unique!

27. Rounded Bob With Retro Textured Curls

Rounded-Bob-with-Retro-Textured-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

This old-fashioned curly bob will turn you into a true attention-grabber at any event. Curl up the short layers all over your rounded bob and texturize them properly. You are looking just like a doll!

28. Layered Curly Half Hairdo With A Small Side Bun

Layered-Curly-Half-hairdo-with-a-Small-Side-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

Part your dark brown layered hair with dense ringlets to one side and roll it back to the bigger section. Take a small part of curls at the smaller section and make a small bun at the side of the crown. At last, apply hair spray to set the style.

29. Frizzy Spiral Highlighted Curls With Stylish Hat

Frizzy-Spiral-Highlighted-Curls-with-Stylish-Hat Pinit

Image: Getty

This is a layered curly hairstyle in which the soft black spiral curls with burgundy highlights are parted to off the center and given a frizzy finish. Perk up the look by opting for a small stylish hat.

30. Reverse Layered Curly Bob With Side Braid

Reverse-Layered-Curly-Bob-with-side-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

If you are looking for something new to sport on your golden blonde curls, just try out this reverse layered hairstyle. The front hair braided up along the hairline and secured at one side with bobby pins has added new dimension to it.

31. Short Bob With Wispy Curls And Veiled Hat

Short-Bob-with-Wispy-Curls-and-Veiled-Hat Pinit

Image: Getty

Here is a short curly golden blonde bob with wispy layers and dark brown highlights. Part it to one side, Sweep the front hair over the forehead and complete the look by putting on a nice veiled hat.

32. Smart And Super Curly Pixie With Highlights

Smart-and-Super-Curly-Pixie-with-Highlights Pinit

Image: Getty

Here is another pixie featuring dark brown intense curls with light brown highlights. Here, the curly layers are swinging over the forehead as well as eyes to create a smart, youthful and charming look.

33. Chic Large Front Bun On Beautiful Curls

Chic-Large-Front-Bun-on-Beautiful-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

A front bun looks chic, classy and highly glamorous, especially when worn on soft curls. Here, the beautiful curly hair is pulled up together tightly and turned into a large flowery bun right at the front of the head.

34. Curly Hair With Twisted Front And Hair Wrap

Curly-Hair-with-Twisted-Front-and-Hair-Wrap Pinit

Image: Getty

The pearl-white lace hair wrap and the lustrous copper-red curls are the major features of this style. You just need to twist up your front hair at one side and keep it gathered at the other for a modish look and then, wrap up the hair with the lace wrap.

35. Hair-Wrapped Topknot With Soft Curls

Hair-Wrapped-Topknot-with-Soft-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

If you have long thick hair with soft curls, you will love to sport this huge fashionable topknot. Pull all your curls together at your crown without smoothening the top and make a tight topknot with them. Finally, wrap its base with another section of hair and you are done.

36. Ultimate Curly Bob With Headband For Girls

Ultimate-Curly-Bob-with-Headband-for-Girls Pinit

Image: Getty

Here is a true girly look that can be achieved by wearing this short curly bob. Let a certain section of your front curls lie on your forehead and bedeck the hair with a gorgeous headband.

37. Voluminous Wispy Bob With Ringlets And Reverse Layers

Voluminous-Wispy-Bob-with-Ringlets-and-Reverse-Layers Pinit

Image: Getty

Create precise ringlets all over your curly hair and come up with an extremely voluminous bob hairstyle. Part it in the middle and let the front layers hug your face playfully.

38. Long Uneven Bob With Tight Ringlets

Long-Uneven-Bob-with-Tight-Ringlets Pinit

Image: Getty

Get your hair cut into a long shoulder-length uneven bob and part it to one side. Now, turn your curls into tight ringlets and let the wing freely over your shoulders. That’s all!

39. Curly Bob With Smooth Front Fringes And Messy Top

Curly-Bob-with-Smooth-Front-fringes-and-Messy-Top Pinit

Image: Getty

This is a half-n-half hairstyle in which the smooth long front fringes are sectioned off from ear to ear in order to keep the rest of the curly bob separated. Give the top section a slight messy finish for a new look.

40. Curly Textured Pigtails With Middle Part

Curly-Textured-Pigtails-with-Middle-Part Pinit

Image: Getty

Smoothen up the top section of your curly unmanageable hair and part it in the center up to the crown. Now, make two curly pigtails and add intense texture to them. Simple and sweet!

41. Messy Curly Pink Bob With Extensive Volume

Messy-Curly-Pink-Bob-with-Extensive-Volume Pinit

Image: Getty

Well, this is apparently a simple rounded chin-length bob on super curly hair. But the amazing volume, bright pink shade and the messy flair can make you stand out from the crowd easily.

42. Very Short Boyish Bob With Bushy Texture

Very-Short-Boyish-Bob-with-Bushy-Texture Pinit

Image: Getty

This is an extremely short bob on Afro-textured bushy curls. Let the sides remain intact, while adding a wispy flair to the top and keeping the front layers over the forehead.

43. Curly Bob With Dramatic Side Sweep

Curly-Bob-with-Dramatic-Side-Sweep Pinit

Image: Getty

Here is an angular layered bob in which the hair is parted to one side and the ends of the layers are curled up nicely for a refreshing look. For an added magic, sweep the front section of hair over your forehead dramatically.

44. Curly High Bun With Pretty Lace Headband

Curly-High-Bun-with-Pretty-Lace-Headband Pinit

Image: Getty

Love to wear buns? Here is another choice for you to include in the list. Pull all your curls together at the crown and make a casual high bun. Skip smoothening the op hair and wear a wide lace headband to beautify the style even more.

45. Short Curly Hair With One Side Shaved And Tattooed

Short-Curly-Hair-with-One-side-Shaved-and-Tattooed Pinit

Image: Getty

If you are looking for hairstyles for short curly hair, then here it is. Get ready for a punk look! Try this exclusive curly hairstyle. Shave off one side of your head and get a bright tattoo there. Now, apply mousse to rest of your curls and finally, let them rest on your shoulder as well as back.

46. Curly Side Bun With Front Braids

Curly-Side-Bun-with-Front-Braids Pinit

Image: Getty

Give your curls a manageable look by applying lots of serum. Now, make a bun at one side of your head and braid up the locks along the hairlines and secure them at both sides with bobby pins.

47. Reverse Layered Ringlets With Middle-Part

Reverse-Layered-Ringlets-with-Middle-Part Pinit

Image: Getty

Part your long, reverse layered hair in the middle. Take the dark brown locks with golden brown highlights in small sections and create tight ringlets on them. Your hairstyle is complete now.

48. Middle-Parted Soft Curls With Side Veiled Hat

Middle-Parted-Soft-Curls-with-Side-Veiled-Hat Pinit

Image: Getty

This is a simple style tried on medium-length soft curls. However, you have to part it in the center and wear a veiled hat at one side for a fashionable look.

49. Very Short Bob With Highly Textured Curls

Very-Short-Bob-with-Highly-Textured-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

Get a very short boyish bob cut on your hair and then, curl up the top hair by taking it in thick sections. Add intense texture to those curls to get a retro look with contemporary flair.

50. Curly Mohawk With Multiple Side Braids

Image: Getty Pinit

Image: Getty

Finally, here is a Mohawk to flaunt on your curly locks. Divide the side hair into multiple sections and braid them up individually. The curls in the middle section of your head should be kept intact, while the braids should be secured into them carefully.

Which one of these curly hairstyles is yours? Do give it a try and share your experience with us in the following comment section.

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