6 Natural Hair Straightening Products That Work Wonders September 29, 2016

The trend of straight hair has rewritten the stylebook. Hair straightening products are very much in demand. But the chemicals which are mostly used to make your hair flat and sleek, leave their impact on the health of your hair. Hence, natural hair straightening products have become the new look-out.There are many such products present in your kitchen, regular use of these products make your hair smoother, softer and straighter. Let’s look at a few natural hair straightening ingredients that will help you in straightening hair at home:

1. Coconut milk mixed with lemon juice:

Coconut milk mixed with lemon juice Pinit

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Grate a coconut to extract the milk from it. Coconut milk has hair straightening permanently properties. But if you add lemon juice to it, it will give you better results. Refrigerate the mixture for a few hours. A creamy layer will be produced on the top of the mixture. Apply that cream to your hair and wrap it with a hot towel. Wait for at least one hour. Then, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and dry it completely. You will rediscover your hair with added softness. At the same time, your unruly curls will also become manageable.

2. Regular hot oil treatment:

Regular hot oil treatment Pinit

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Not many people know that apart from adding nutrition to your hair, regular oil treatments can make them straight and sleek. Mix coconut oil with olive oil. You can also replace olive oil with almond oil after a few days. Massage this mixture on the scalp and the hair. Cover the hair with a hot towel. Leave it for at least 45 minutes. Then wash with a shampoo.

3. Natural conditioning:

Natural conditioning Pinit

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Regular use of hair conditioner after a wash makes your hair soft and supple. Use tea liquor as a natural curly hair conditioner.

4. Milk spray:

Milk spray Pinit

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Milk is very useful when it comes to flatten your hair. Pour milk in a spray bottle and spray it all over your hair. Wait for half an hour and let your hair absorb the milk. Then wash with a shampoo to discover the new look of your hair

5. Milk and honey:

Milk and honey Pinit

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Take some milk and add honey to the milk to make a paste. To get more effective result, smash strawberries or banana into the mixture. Apply it to your hair. It will take time to get dried. So wait for one and half hour and then wash it.

6. Olive oil with egg:

Olive oil with egg Pinit

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Both are known to be the integral parts of hair care. But it is not known to many that olive oil and egg together can do wonders on your hair. Beat two eggs and add adequate amount of olive oil. Mix and apply to the hair. Wait for at least an hour and then wash with a mild shampoo.

All these natural products are easily available around you. But you have to be patient. These will not work like a hair straightening treatment at a salon. You have to make a hair care regime and repeat any one of these straightening processes at least twice a week. Only then you can find a marked difference in your hair after a few months. If your hair is too curly and you want it to be straight, you have to visit a salon and expose your hair to the harmful chemicals, which done regularly will damage your hair.

I hope this article on natural straightening at home offers best results!!!

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  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/shikha/ Shikha dressnmakeup

    nice DIY tips

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/butterfly/ butterfly

    Thanks Shikha :)

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/gargisinha/ GARGI SINHA

    nice…….but do they work on very curly hair

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/butterfly/ butterfly

      It will work but slowly..and it will not harm your hair at all…

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/manjarisingh/ Manjari Singh

    nice… will try them :)

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/butterfly/ butterfly

      thanks manjari..pls try and let me know how you felt…:)

  • meenu

    Hey thats a nice article.. except for coconut and olive oils i dint know that the other ingredients would do wonders..!!!! Thnks for sharing. now they are gonna be on my list to make my hair straight naturally.. Thnks Thnks Thnks.. <3

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/butterfly/ butterfly

      Thanks meenu…would be very happy if you try them

  • Ratna

    Nice article. Thank you for sharing such great tips. Apart from Coconut Oil i dint know that other ingredients help straighten your hair.. Thats a wow thing to know.. Good Going!!!

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/butterfly/ butterfly

      thank u so much Ratna..I never knew that I would receive so many compliments from you guys…

  • Cherrie

    Well written piece. Good to hear that ingredients like tea liquor boost hair straightening, that to naturally. I knew about eggs, olive oil and coconut oil ofcourse.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/butterfly/ butterfly

      Yes..these things do boost hair straightening, though in a slow rate..would love to know if you get result.. thanks for such a nice compliment

  • Charmee

    Nice do it yourself tips. Thanks for sharing. It was really informative and kept me glued.. coz even i want straight hair naturally.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/butterfly/ butterfly

      Thanks Charmee..its really nice to know that my article kept you glued..Hope you get straight hair following my tips..

  • Shakala

    Hi!! great article.. :) I really believe in natural methods!! chemicals will do no good. not for once i have seen chemicals being of help.. they only ruin good hair!! i thnk ur article best explains that natrual methods are the best.. :)

  • Nishka

    Hey.. nice post.. :) Natural methods are the best.. i once tried that permanent straightening.. and it ruined my hair.. wouldnt ever do it again.. will stick to natrual methods.. :)

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/saara/ Saara

    Nice post butterfly.. good to read about ingredients that naturally boost straightness to the hair.. im sure to turn wavy hair into good straight hair.. :)

  • shanti

    Do we need to try the methods more than 1 time to
    get good results for curly hair?

  • Stacey

    I chanced into your article, great information! I have wavy hair and been straightening once every 8 months. These worth trying, even if it isn’t straightening hair, it will definitely nourish the hair anyway. Thanks!

  • Reet Kaur

    Hey Its Gr8 Info…(y)
    Plzzz Tell Me What Can I Do for Split Hairs..Its Realy Look so Bad yaar m very worried For My Hairs

    • Aana

      monthly trimming is the best solution of split ends…

    • deepa

      Apply the coconut milk and lemon juice pack as it mentioned in this post…That really helps great in get rid of hair split…Also avoid heavy chemical based hair products and apply oil [Like coxonut or ovile oil] regularly say for twice a week to your hair..I am sure u will see good change in just two weeks…

  • ritika

    thanx we were really confused but u really helped us

  • Taj

    so is this something that should be done consistantly and then flat iron or can you do it before flat ironing and achieve the same results?

  • Ma Catherine V. Arcillas

    tried the coconut milk with lemon juice last night and i love love love the results. . .
    got a question though can i do this on a weekly basis?

    • Buttercup

      did you use lemon juice from a bottle? because I dont get the creamy layer on top… I use canned coconut milk en bottled lemon juice.. I get lemon juice on top… it isnt creamy like the description say

      • thessa

        Since we are going Natural, I would prefer juice from freshly squeezed lemon AND coconut.Canned and bottled sound processed IMO.

  • Mitch

    I am a guy and I have tried this twice with natural coconut milk and lemon
    I never got much of a foamy layer on top am I doing it wrong? Also it makes my hair go sort of crunchy when I leave it in, not sure if I’m doing it right
    Advice would be appreciate thanks

  • Emma

    How many of these treatments can u use a day? Also how often should you use them to get constant effective results?

  • Prativa

    Heyy, my hair was rough and frizzy. I tried this hot oil treatment. It really works. It not only helped me in getting straight strands but conditioned my hair deeply. After repeating this treatment for 3-4 times, it has actually made my curly hair smooth and bouncy. I just love my hair now. Thanks!

  • Hari

    The milk and honey techique, for how long does it last , plz help

    • sam

      for a month

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

      Hi Hari, you can apply milk and honey pack twice or thrice in a month for a long lasting results. By regularly applying this pack..the texture of hair is improved by making hair smooth and shiny.

  • Gene

    I would love to try the first technique. I am just confused. Do I have to shampoo my hair before or after applying the treatment? And how many times can I do this every week?

    • sam

      try casia herbal products for hair loss problems and hair growth with fully natural products..

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

      Hi Gene, you have to shampoo the hair after the application of coconut and lemon cream mask. You can apply this pack once or twice in a week.

  • sam

    must go with natural,don’t go with chemical…

  • Aqi Gee


  • avril

    i am african and i have a permed hair, how do i make my hair grow more without hair loss

  • Anonymous

    Nice post……I really want my hair straight…i’ll try it but tell me what is coconut oil….

  • shanaya

    Guys I have tried my hairs are straight now. Yes
    My hairs are very wavy not curly so I tried this and my hair got straight I used this treatment everyday one by one nd my hair got straight

    • Anonymous

      Hi shanaya whch treatment did u try nd for how long… was der seriously any diffrnce.. ?? I wan to make my curly hair straight naturally. ..

  • http://sv Jessica

    Nice will try them. But how long will it take ?

  • https://www.facebook.com/rakhi.hiran Rakhi Hiran

    Hey whch treatment did u try and fr hw long??

  • http://Facebook.com Nargis

    Hello Shanaya..Congrat for straight hair..I also hv same prblm wanna try this but I didnt got how to wrap hot towel..Means by hot water or something else bcoz how to seat for 1 hour with wet towel..sorry but can explain it

  • Anonymous

    I just rebond my hair but the lady who did the rebonding did not do a nice job my hair still curly :( so my question is that safe if I use one of those products mensioned above even my hair already have chemical?

  • Anonymous

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    How to reduce spot on my face.and fair skin?

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    We r not using egg so what can we do?

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    haii…can u give any tip to rid off the blackheads on nose…specially for dry skin

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  • http://yahoo shikha

    How do I overcome my extreme hair fall issue…

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    my hair getting thinner day by day…it falls from my root. what to do?

  • http://google.com suresh

    Hi every one can somebody help me …i am a boy aged 23 …all these days i have been maintaining a long hair and all of a sudden when i cut my hair i have seen patch on my head with no hair at all…i have consulted a doc she said like it is becoz of “alopecia” and now i’m using a solution called Hair4u solution .but i’m really scared since these are chemicals and i need a cure for this in a natural method …..i can’t imagine myself without my hair :( since it is my biggest asset…

  • pam

    Very nice & valuable information.

  • nargis

    I m little confuse ….these are six steps of the procedure or I can use One of the

  • Anjana

    I mm really shocked now no need to go to parlors

  • priya gowda

    Cooool tip n mention some more tip to grow hairs fastly

  • Anonymous

    I hv been using coconut+olive oil for my hair since 2 months and noticed significant positive change. Will try other tips mentioned here.thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Tnx for ds informative article.i ws hvng straight nmlong hair..but after rebonding..my beutiful hair converted into dull n damaged..wnt my ild hairbck..today i tried ur tip of banana milk n honey..hope for d best result…

  • Rachna Kumar

    Good suggestions! There is no side effects by Home treatment.

  • Anonymous

    This is really great.didn’t knew such wonder working recipes could be found with common recipes.will surely try it out.

  • pinal

    nice artical.. i will try it…

  • gunjan

    Do the hairs will be parmanantly straight or will curl little bit after sometime

  • Gunjan Bharadwaj

    Will hair be permanantly straight or will curl after sometime

  • chisad

    Do we HV to try all the 6 techniques at once?or one is enough?

  • Anonymous

    Thnx I will try

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/richag/ Richa

      Do try these remedies and let us know how our article has helped you. :)

  • Humera

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    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/richag/ Richa

      Your’re welcome Humera!:)
      Do try and let us know how our article has helped you.

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    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/richag/ Richa

      We really hope some of these ideas can help you.. All the best :D

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    really good tips

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/richag/ Richa

      Thanks!! :D

  • kasturi devi

    I have along n strong hair before deliveries but no it become very thin n short wat to do to become my hair strong plz suggest me any

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

      Dear Kasturi, hair loss is a normal occurrence for a woman after a pregnancy. Telogen effluvium is the medical term for post-pregnancy hair loss, which happens to nearly 50% of women after they give birth. You can use these tips to reduce or prevent hair loss after pregnancy. They are:
      1. Maintain a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables.
      2. Add vitamins like Vitamin B complex, vitamins E, C and nutrients to your diet such as zinc and biotin to you to help increase hair strength and health.
      3. Reduce the use of heated styling tools.
      4. Get a new haircut. A shorter hairstyle may cause your hair to look fuller and healthier, in addition to being easier to take care of than longer styles.
      5. Avoid Stress. Stress can cause your hair to fall out or decrease in thickness. Avoid stress to increase your chances of retaining more of your pre-pregnancy hair.
      Hope you find these tips to be useful !

  • nani

    Hey,from the posts below i believe it works well.I have a very rough and a dry hair and with lots of splits.Does the milk with lemon really helps??

  • Saranya Kala

    applying honey on hair will bring gray hairs!!!! then how????

  • niki

    i personally like number 1,2,3,4,& 6

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Sneha, yes you can use milk on a daily basis and it is advisable to use cold and unboiled milk on hair for maximum benefits.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Anushka, there can be several factors behind hair loss such as environmental effects, aging, too much stress, excessive smoking, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, genetic factors, scalp infections, use of wrong or chemically enriched hair products, certain medicines and medical conditions like thyroid disorder, autoimmune diseases, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), iron-deficiency anemia, and chronic illnesses. Some of the home remedies to combat hair fall are:
    1. Hair oil massage – You can use hair oils like coconut or almond oil, olive oil, castor oil, amla oil, or others. Massage any of these hair oils onto your hair and scalp by applying light pressure with your fingertips. Do this at least once a week.
    2. Onion Juice – Extract the juice of one onion by grating it and then strain it. Apply the juice directly onto the scalp. Leave it on for about 30 minutes, and then wash it off. Finally, shampoo your hair.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Rose, dandruff is one of the most common scalp disorders wherein accumulation of dead skin cells appears onto the scalp in the form of white flakes. Dandruff might be the result of a number of factors such as frequent heat or cold exposure, excessive exposure to hair styling products, chronic constipation, stress, fatigue, pollution and much more. Some of the home remedies to get rid of dandruff are:
    1. Yogurt and pepper mask – Take two spoons of black pepper and grind it finely. Add this pepper to one cup of yogurt (curd). Mix it completely and apply on the scalp (make sure you apply only on the scalp and not on the hair). Leave it undisturbed for an hour and then rinse. Use a mild shampoo after that. Ensure that the yogurt and pepper you use are fresh.
    2. Olive oil – olive oil moisturizes the dry areas of the scalp and prevents them from flaking. Before going to bed, massage your scalp with warm olive oil every day. Wash off your hair with a mild shampoo the next morning.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Kathy, to keep your rebounded hair straight, you need follow certain steps to ensure your hair remains in a good state. Rebounded hair needs regular hair care then only you can maintain a healthy mane. Some of the ways are: use a special shampoo for straight hair, use hair conditioners, apply hair oil regularly, oil and steam hair atleast once in every 15 days, and lastly have a healthy and a balanced diet. You can also visit your stylist who can further give you tips to maintain your mane.

  • sherry

    Plz give any solution for increase in hair volume

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

      Hi Sherry, there are simple remedies that you can follow to increase the volume of your hair. Applying hair mask is one of the way:
      1. Eggs – an egg serves as a protein treatment for the hair. Take one or two eggs, depending on the length of your hair, and beat it properly. Apply the egg on wet hair and allow it to sit for about 30 minutes. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo. You can use this protein treatment once or twice a week.
      2. Avocado mask – Avocado can be used to get thicker hair as it moisturizes and adds body to your hair. Also, the vitamin E in this fruit contributes to the overall health of the hair shaft. Make a mixture of one mashed avocado, one mashed banana and one tablespoon of olive oil. Massage it on your scalp and leave the mixture on your hair for about 30 minutes so that the nutrients are absorbed by the scalp. Finally, rinse it out and shampoo your hair. You can apply avocado mask once a week.
      Apart from applying or treating hair with these masks…you should use right hair care products, consume a healthy diet, avoid styling your hair with heating tools and protect your hair from pollution.

      • sherey

        Thanku ! For the solution will try n let u know the result

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Arti, most of the time hair loss during teen years is temporary, and it usually means that the your kid is not eating right or she may be sick. Any medical condition like thyroid, diabetes or any prescription medicines can be one of the most common causes of hair loss. Follow or take certain steps to ensure good hair health of your child.
    1. Make your teenage girl eat protein-rich food.
    2. Regular oiling of hair. Oiling is one of the best ways of making one’s hair stronger.
    3. If your teenage girl suffers from alopecia areata, make sure she visits an appropriate doctor and get her condition treated at the earliest.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Leena, all the ingredients mentioned in the above article can be used and applied on a 11 years old kid too. Please check that your child is not allergic to any of those products.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Keerthi, some of the mild shampoos available in the market are:
    Assure Ultra Mild Shampoo, Asepta Ultra Mild Shampoo, Schwarzkopf BC Aloe Essence Sensitive Soothe Mild Shampoo, Tvam Henna Extra Conditioning Shampoo For Dry Hair, Aloe Veda Mild – Nourishing Shampoo, Rene Furterer Okara Mild Silver, Khadi Shikakai Honey Shampoo, Nyah Ginger Lime Mint Extra Conditioning Shampoo and The Body Care Anti Hair Fall and Dandruff Shampoo. You try or choose any of them.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Palak, dry and frizzy hair require regular moisturizing of hair. One of the way is the application of almond oil and egg mask. Almond oil acts as a natural hair moisturizer, while the egg proteins repair the hair strands. Mix 1/4th cup of almond oil with one raw egg and blend it well to form a smooth paste. Apply this on hair and scalp, and wait 40 minutes before washing hair. Rinse hair as usual with clean water.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    You are most welcome Palak :-)

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi, you can try using coconut milk mixed with lemon juice. Coconut milk has hair straightening properties and if you add lemon juice to it, it will give you better results. Refrigerate the mixture for a few hours. A creamy layer will be produced on the top of the mixture. Apply that cream to your hair and wrap it with a hot towel. Wait for at least one hour. Then, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and dry it completely. Also, indulge in regular hot oil massage twice or thrice in a week.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Sarabjeet, thinning of hair can occur cause of reasons like low iron levels, low thyroid levels, poor diet, fluctuating hormones or genetic predisposition. It would be advisable that you consult a dermatologist to understand the cause and meanwhile you can follow few remedies or care of your hair like use a natural and gentle bristle brush to comb your hair. Application of ingredients like aloe vera, egg, avocado and coconut oil will condition your hair naturally and boost your hair growth.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Anyah, graying of hairs can be caused by factors like a genetic predisposition, poor nutrition, hormonal fluctuations, smoking, pollution, stress, use of unsuitable hair products, and certain diseases such as chronic colds, sinusitis, and thyroid disorders. First of all eat a healthy and nutritious diet. Deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, iron, copper, and iodine can contribute to this problem. Few of the home remedies to get dark hair are:
    1. Amla (Indian Gooseberry) – Put some coconut oil in a pan. Boil a few dried Indian gooseberry pieces (if you do not have dried amla then use amla powder) in the oil until they become charred. Let the oil cool. Apply the oil on your hair and scalp. Leave it on overnight, or at least for an hour, before rinsing it out. Do this at least once or twice a week.
    2. Black Tea – Boil 2 tsps of tea leaves without adding any sugar or milk. Take the tea water and let it cool at the room temperature. Then apply it all over your hair. Rinse your hair with cold water. Do not use shampoo while rinsing your hair.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Komal, there are various treatment available at salon to make your hair straight like Brazilian Straightening or Thermal Reconditioning. It can be done at home too using a hair straightening home kit. Few things to keep in mind before straightening your hair is that it is a chemical process like hair rebounding…these processes can cause damage to the hair and scalp burns so be sure to have it done by an experienced professional. Chemically straightened hair requires more care as it will be dryer and more fragile. Be sure to deep condition regularly and be wary of product build up. As your hair has already been chemically treated before it will become even more damaged if permanently straightened. This can lead to a major break down in the hair and a long period of recovery.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Swagatika, apply coconut milk to the hair and regular hot oil treatments are excellent ways to make hair smooth, soft and straight. Apply them regularly to make your curls manageable.

  • shivani

    i have lot of split ends if i cut my hair then they become shorter. so please sugest me the natural method?

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

      Hi Shivani, some of the causes of split ends are over washing, exposure of hair to the sun, heat, dust and pollution, excessive use of hair styling tools, like curlers and straighteners, washing of hair with hot water etc. Some of the ways to prevent split ends are: always use a wide tooth comb, shampoo only your scalp – let the ends of your hair experience the second hand suds and cut your hair regularly. If you aren’t trimming split ends yourself, avoiding the hairdresser will not save your long hair. Neglected split ends will become weaker and weaker, eventually breaking off.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Dear Shakila, some of the ways that you can manage frizzy and dry hair is by pampering your mane with some of the simple home remedies. Regular application of hair mask, hair spa, massaging of the scalp helps to nourish and strengthen the hair along with retaining the moisture of the hair. You can try these:
    1. Avocado – Depending on the length of your hair, mix the pulp of ½ to 1 ripe avocado and 1 to 2 teaspoons of olive oil in a blender until you get a thin, smooth consistency. Apply it to your hair, leave it on for about 1 hour and then wash it out. Follow this treatment once a week and soon your hair will become healthy. Banana can be used instead of avocado too.
    2. Honey – Prepare a hair mask with 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt and 1 tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil. Mix well and warm it. Apply it on your hair and put on a shower cap. Rinse it off after 20 minutes. Use this hair mask once a week only.

    Do try them and share your experience with us !

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Anjali, lack of moisture can turn your hair rough, dull and lead to thinning of hair too. Some of the remedies that you can follow are:
    1. Hot oil massage – When you massage your hair with oil, you improve your scalp’s blood circulation. Hot oil massage is a wonderful way to lubricate your dry hair and preventing damages done due to all roughness. Follow this atleast once in a week.
    2. Avocado hair mask – Mix one avocado with one egg white, one teaspoon of olive oil. Mash all this together to form a smooth paste. Apply this mask on hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse well with water. You may even use lukewarm (not hot) water to wash off the mask. Avocado makes and hair stronger and smoother. Hope these remedies help you.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Jyoti, lack of moisture in your hair can make them dry and brittle. Some of the remedies for dry and curly hair are: Aloe vera – You can make a paste with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and 3 tablespoons of curd and leave this on your hair for about half an hour. Wash and condition your hair as usual.
    Eggs – Beat 2 eggs, mix in about 2 tablespoons of almond oil and half a cup of curd. Stir to get a pasty mass and massage this into the hair and scalp. Cover with a plastic cap for about 30 minutes and then wash with warm water and a mild shampoo.
    Follow these remedies regularly to see the difference in the texture of your hair.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Tanu, some of the remedies that work to improve hair texture and improves hair growth are:
    1. Coconut oil – The rich content of coconut oil helps in providing moisture to the hair. Not only this, it also helps in increasing the thickness and length of your hair. Therefore advisable to regularly massage your hair using warm coconut oil.
    2. Aloe vera – The use of aloe vera improves the growth of hair, prevent hair loss and breakage to a very large extent. Massage some fresh aloe gel on the scalp, leave it on the scalp for 20-30 mins. Wash and condition your hair as usual.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Yes Riya, both coconut oil and guava leaves are known to promote hair growth.

  • EmB

    Instead of grating a coconut, will you get the same benefit if you buy coconut milk from the store? If buying coconut milk from the store, should be whole or can it be light?

  • ginger

    hello I’m new here and i luv this article. I would be very grateful if you can suggest a very effective way to naturally permanently straiten hair I also straightened my hair and well though we say it is permanent, it really isn’t after all and now my roots have grown again but not that curly…I had such curly hair…anyway, any tips o make it permanently straight and healthy without side effects of hair fall or hair bleaching such as lemon….. Like lemon has bleaching properties…It is used for cleansing as well isnt it? I want to try out these methods but am too scared to cause well…I don’t want my dark hair to turn white or grey or loose its colour…so um does it happen? I mean everywhere it says to use lemon and coconut milk…One of my friends had curlier hair than me and one day after the exams she came with straight hair…it has been straight ever since!!! It is so lovely but she wont tell how she did it lol ..anyway, I straighted my hair last year and now the curls have turned to waves but I want permanently hair withoutttt any side effects etc…so um..if it is no troble can you recommend some safe ways? safe health wise and safe for my hair as well…my hair is dry as well and has lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttssss of dandruff sniff….any remedies?

  • karthick

    Hey ppl.. i hav dry hair and hairfall for the past 1year , since then i have used different types of hair oils and shampoos . But i could not find any improved results … so someone please suggest some shampoo and conditioner …

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

      Dear Karthick, some shampoos suit only a particular scalp type, because not all cases of hair fall are similar; though they can be simple. Considering that you already tried many options, visit a trichologist to know your hair type and what can affect your skin adversely. Also, stick to a particular shampoo because too much of change in what is being used can damage the hair.