Best Wedding Day Makeup Tips Based On The Wedding Time August 3, 2016

Most women get fret about their looks, hair and makeup for their wedding day continuously. If it is makeup you are concerned about, then we have some cool wedding day makeup tips that will make you look glowing and beautiful throughout the big day.

To have a fun filled and perfect wedding, get enough sleep the previous night. Consume good amount of water and pamper your skin well so that it remains flawless on your Wedding day.

Wedding Day Makeup Tips For Brides

Remember, make up for morning, mid-day, afternoon and night weddings would be different.

Morning Wedding Tips:

Keep the makeup subtle by using natural colors. Below are some tips for the daytime bride. Just see, they work wonderfully!

  • In hot weather conditions, use a primer so that the makeup will not melt.
  • Choose a foundation with medium coverage and matte consistency.

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  • Choose subtle warm colors to keep the eyes simple.
  • Use a subtle matte shade blush.
  • Line your eyes with a thin coat of eyeliner.
  • Apply a coat of mascara.

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  • Choose a natural shade of lipstick, stick to nude shades like light pink; avoid red, maroon or deep colors.

Mid Day Wedding Tips:

If it is an outdoor wedding, the sunlight is harsh. And this is not at all a difficulty when you go for proper makeup. There are some simple tips to look best during the wedding.

  • Use a primer and choose a light matte foundation.
  • Do not use lots of shimmer or glitter.
  • Use matte blush.
  • Choose a light shade of eye shadow, a shimmery highlighter and keep the mid-tone and contour shade matte.
  • A neutral shade lipstick is perfect for the occasion.

Afternoon Wedding Tips:

Afternoon weddings have the best light for photography so you need to choose a more dramatic look than the mid-day brides. Use colors to add that drama in your looks.

  • Prime your face and eyelids
  • Use a medium coverage foundation and keep it matte with pressed powder.
  • Use richer colors for eyes; opt for a nice eyeliner and false lashes.
  • Add drama to your lips with some deep color

afternoon weddings
Evening Wedding Tips:

An evening bride can go dramatic, as this is the perfect time to be dressy and colourful.

  • Use a full coverage foundation for long lasting makeup.
  • Opt for colors like dark pink, maroon, red, pink or golden for eyes, blend well and create a smokey eye look for more drama.
  • Bronzer to highlight the contours of your face
  • Use a good blush to define your cheeks
  • Define the brows, go for a thick line of eyeliner and complete the look with false eyelashes.
  • Use a dark lip color to highlight your lips.

Your wedding is a big day that is the time to be in special attention. Therefore you should not let your makeup deluge your natural shine. Hope your will surely follow the above Wedding day makeup tips to add a bit of shine and oomph for your wedding. Go for a natural glamarous leer!
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