7 Simple Ways To Make Herbal Hair Colour At Home April 27, 2016

Hair color has became a rage in recent times. It is considered essential to look good. It is adopted when you have problem with premature graying or just for a change of look or may be just for fun. I color my hair but not the complete hair but I love to have some peek-a-boo highlights. I have them now. So, the question is “is it healthy for hair?”

Well, you know the answer. It’s NO. This is because coloring your hair means putting your hair to undergo a physical torture (did I sound harsh?) Our hair is made up of proteins and can tolerate only certain treatments. If it crosses its threshold level, it starts to fall off (you can read it dies, again I’m rude here).

It is advisable to avoid coloring of hair! But should we sacrifice our wish to look cool just for the sake of this? No right. So, for the people who want to color the hair but not damage the hair, this one’s for you. Color your hair with herbal products which don’t have chemicals at all. Here is how to make herbal hair color at home. Learn the various recipes.

How to Make Herbal Hair Color at Home?

Here are those herbal products and the hair color preparation recipes.

Herbal hair dyes usually are obtained from natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and other essential offerings.

I would summarize few recipes on how to colour hair at home using herbal products.

Recipe 1:

To lighten the dark hair

Add lemon juice to half its quantity of water. It’s like 2 parts lemon juice to 1 part water. Fill a spray bottle with this dilute alkaline solution. Spray it on your hair and head out in the Sun. Let the sun rays work on your hair for an hour or so.

If you wish to have the complete hair turn lighter, then apply the mixture to the complete hair. If you want to lighten specific strands only, then spray the solution on those particular strands only.

If you don’t have time to be in the sun light, Use a hair drier. It will work alike. Rinse it off after an hour for sure. Do not forget to rinse and condition the hair properly.

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Recipe 2:

To color hair Red with natural dyes

Carrot and beet juice are the main ingredients in this process. Mix both the juices and keep it in a spray bottle. Make sure it is only the liquid not containing any residue or any dirt. Dampen your hair. For this process, the hair should be quite damp. Apply the juice mixture to the hair from the roots to the tips. Next, sit outside for the Sun light. The sun rays work with the mix giving your hair beautiful low lights/undertones in shades of red. It may take several times to achieve your desired hair color. So keep repeating.

Recipe 3:

Make different kinds of tea to color your hair

  • Black tea for hair color
    You can darken the brown or black hair with a strong coffee, black tea or a tea made from walnut shells or cloves. Make the tea by boiling the ingredient in water for 20 minutes and apply as a final rinse.
  • You can get yellow highlights with tea made from chamomile flowers.
  • To have reddish tones, use cloves. Make a tea out of the spice. You can use the tea after it is cooled down.

Recipe 4:

Lighten your hair with vinegar and soy sauce

Mix equal quantity of vinegar and soy sauce and apply it on hair for 20mins. Rinse out the products thoroughly. Shampoo and style as usual.

Recipe 5:

Color the grey hair with Henna

Mix required amount of henna with some water to make it a paste. Make sure it is not runny. It should be quite thick in order to stay on hair. Apply to your hair and leave it on for 2 hours. Wash and condition as usual. It gives you red shade on your first wash. But keep repeating in regular intervals of time to achieve a brown shade on your grey hair.

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Recipe 6:

Get Funky color with food colors

Mix the food color (usually the food colors available in red, maroon and yellow). Mix your desired color with hair conditioner and apply on hair. Let it set there for 30mins and then Rinse off the color. It is the easiest way to add the temporary color to your hair.

Recipe 7:

Color your hair with saffron

If you have brown hair and you developed grey hair, use this method.

Boil 1tb spoon of saffron with 2 cups of water for 20mins. When cooled, apply the mix to hair. Massage on to hair and scalp and let it dry. Later shampoo and condition your hair. It will leave your grey hair turn dark golden brown which complements your already dark hair.

Mix your conditioner with some dark-colored unsweetened flavored drink like black cherry or grape. The mixture should be have flowy consistency. Apply this on your hair for as long as you want. Rinse you hair thereafter. Wear a glove during application and do not blow dry your hair let it dry naturally. Besides darkening you can also use this method to colour you hair in other vivid colors like blue or green!

Did you get by now how to use herbal hair colour? I hope this article on herbal hair colours helps you achieve desired hair colors..!!!

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  • Bhumisha

    Hey!! good article.. i guess beetroot works the best for hair color.. i use it in henna.. and it gives great red color.. :) i dint kw about the others.. now that im updated.. will try adding them too.. :)

  • Divyanta

    HI, very nice and informative article..Your points are truly valid.. i hadnt ever thought of it until today when i read this post.. :) thnks so much for sharing :)

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/saara/ Saara

    Natural is the way to go.. its any day better than the man made chemicals.. that do harm instead of doing any good.. over all a good one.. quite informative..

  • oscar

    chemicals are bad thing for hair so dont use chemicals for hair,if use chemical product for hair u will lose your hair,try natural herbals like cassia,henna,neem,hibiscus herbals,take gd vitamins for hair and avoid bad habits in bad eating foods,smoking,stress life….i hope these will help u