How To Avoid And Remove Pimples/Acne – 21 Effective Methods That Worked For Me February 13, 2017

If you are fed up of popping painful pimples, it is high time you do something about them. Prevention is the way to go. How do you prevent acne or pimples? Which products or remedies work best?

How To Avoid Pimples – 21 Effective Methods

The most important thing to remember is prevention is better than cure. These unwanted pimples can be prevented by following some basic skin care regimes.

1. Good Lifestyle:

Following a good hygiene routine that includes washing the face regularly to get rid of makeup, dirt, dust and grime is very important to keep pimples at bay. Cleaning the skin helps remove dead skin cells and also frees the skin from contaminants that may aggravate the growth of pimples. Do not forget to apply a toner after cleansing. Avoid popping the pimples and avoid cleansers that destroy skin balance. Check product ingredient labels for salicylic acid, neem, tea tree oil, honey or turmeric as each of these natural ingredients fight pimples. Many brands available in the market like Cetaphil, Neutrogena, Aroma Magic, Clean & Clear and Himalaya have specific cleansing products to target and help pimple-prone skin.

2. Wash Pillow Cover and Towels Regularly:

Dirty pillow covers and dirty towels aid bacterial growth, leading to breakouts. It is very important to wash pillowcases, bed sheets and towels at regular intervals. It is also a good idea to frequently wash all makeup brushes and sponges to minimize the changes of spreading bacteria.

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3. Use Non-Comedogenic Makeup and Skin Care Products:

As acne is most commonly caused due to clogged pores, which are perfect for bacteria to grow and flourish, it is important to use non-comedogenic products or products that do not block the pores. Such products allow the skin to breathe and reduce the chances of skin infections, inflammation, irritation and acne. Consider, choosing oil-free and fragrance-free products.

4. Do Not Skip Moisturizing:

Contrary to popular belief, acne-prone skin needs moisturizing and hydration. Not providing the skin with enough moisture, will encourage sebaceous glands to produce more sebum or oil to compensate for moisture and leading to increased chances of acne. Consider choosing a moisturizer, which is oil-free, lightweight, water-based or gel-based and non-comedogenic will hydrate the skin without making it look oily or greasy. A basic beauty regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing must be followed religiously.

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5. Exercise:

With the hectic lifestyle nowadays, stress levels are high, just 30 minutes of daily exercise is excellent for the health as well as the skin. As daily exercise keeps hormone levels in balance and also releases toxins through sweat, it reduces the chances of pimples. Moreover, the importance of sleep should not be ignored. Take ample rest and ensure you do not over stress yourself.

6. Avoid Touching the Face:

Keep your hands away from the skin. Do not rest the chin or cheeks on your hands or dirty surfaces, as this will cause bacteria to spread. Do not pop, prick or squeeze a pimple that would further spread the infection and cause scarring. Make it a habit to wash your hands with an anti-bacterial soap before touching the facial skin. Moreover, try and keep your hair away from the face.

7. Eat Healthy:

Pimples can be prevented by following a healthy and balanced diet. Reduce carbohydrates, sugar and dairy products and include more vegetables and fruits in the diet. Drink lots of water to remain hydrated and flush out toxins from the body regularly.

Natural Remedies to Remove Pimples

Pimples can be prevented and cured by many cosmetic products and through natural remedies. Cosmetic products can be costly and can also cause side effects. Natural remedies are comparatively more cost-effective, and do not possess any side effects. There are many natural remedies to cure pimples. While some may be more effective for some, others might have little effect. It is best to try them for yourself to find how the remedy works.

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8. Orange:

Applying orange juice with a cotton swab is an effective remedy to avoid pimples. Alternatively, apply the juice on the affected area and let it work overnight. Ensure the juice used is fresh and does not contain any preservatives as this could aggravate rashes on sensitive skin. Dried orange peels can be ground in a mixer and stored in an airtight container. Make a paste using the powder by adding some water in it to gently cleanse the face.

9. Toothpaste:

Applying toothpaste over pimples will cause them to dry quickly and disappear soon. Use toothpaste that contains silica. For best results, rub ice over the face before applying the toothpaste. Allow the toothpaste to rest on the skin for 30 minutes before washing with water. Repeat 2 – 3 times for effective removal of acne.

Here Is The Video – Toothpaste For Pimples

10. Baking Soda:

Apply a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice to prevent and cure pimples. This remedy can be used for all types of skin, oily, dry, sensitive or combination. To ensure best results, cleanse the skin before applying the paste. Leave the paste for 5 minutes and then wash the face. Do not forget to moisturize the skin after cleansing the skin.

11. Aloe Vera:

Rub aloe vera on pimples or pimple-prone skin. Aloe vera helps remove oil from the skin and makes it soft and healthy. The natural remedy also cures redness and sunburns. For best results, the leaf of a fresh plant should be rubbed over the affected area on a regular basis.

12. Ice Cubes:

Apply ice over the affected area and get rid of pimples quickly. Ice freezes the skin pores and removes excessive oil and dirt that has been trapped in the pores. Ice cubes also reduce swelling and also smoothen the skin.

13. Mint Leaves:

The juice of mint leaves when applied overnight on affected areas can help get rid of acne and acne scars.

14. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Natural apple cider vinegar regulates the pH level of the skin and helps cure pimples. Add half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water. Dip some cotton wool and gently apply it on the affected areas and let it stay overnight.

15. Honey:

Applying honey over the face helps prevent pimples as well as treats them. Honey contains an antibiotic that helps reduce inflammation and heals affected areas. Apply honey and let it sit for 30 minutes before washing with tepid water for healthy and glowing skin.

16. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal helps remove impurities and acts as a gentle exfloitant that absorbs excess oil and works wonderfully at clearing pimples. Cook oatmeal like you normally would. Let it cool and apply it on the cleansed face for 10 – 15 minutes. Pat dry and apply a toner and moisturizer.

17. Garlic:

Rubbing garlic cloves on the skin is very effective for healing pimples as it contains sulphur, which is an anti-septic, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Leave the juice on the skin for 5 minutes before washing it with water. Repeat the process everyday in order to get quick results.

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18. Tea Tree Oil:

The Australian tea tree contains terpinen-4-ol, which is an antibacterial agent that kills zit-causing bacteria. The solvent can stop oil and greasy substances from clogging pores and sebaceous glands that form pimples. Tea tree oil also helps get rid of blackheads and white heads and can be used on all skin types. Use it directly by applying on the affected areas with a cotton swab. The Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop costs Rs. 695 and is highly recommended.

19. The Aroma Magic Fairy Oil:

This can be found at most drug stores and chemist shops and costs about Rs. 250 for a 15 ml bottle. The product helps reduce pustules, blackheads and inflammations. The natural anti-bacterial properties help reduce acne and balance oily skin. The product can be used after cleansing the face. Apply some on a wet cotton wool and dab it on the affected area by pressing it gently for a few seconds.

20. Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser:

This effective cleanser can be found in most stores for Rs. 235. It is effective for cleansing skin, removing excess oil, dirt, skin debris and makeup. The cleanser is formulated to remove oil without affecting the skin barrier and ensures the skin is well hydrated for long hours.

21. Neutrogena Oil Acne Face Wash:

The oil-free formula reaches the deepest of pores and effectively cleanses them. The face wash contains salicylic acid that helps gently to get rid of acne on the skin. Moreover, it also prevents the formation of inflammations or rashes. The product is commonly available for Rs. 425 for a 175 ml bottle. Acne or pimples are embarrassing and burdensome. Though you do not have control over the breakouts, you surely can take measures to prevent them or reduce their intensity. Moreover, it is a personal choice whether you want to use natural remedies or chemical based products or medications. However, sometimes all that really is required are a good lifestyle, right nutritional balance, exercise, water, no stress, good sleep and a proper skin hygiene regime. If you are passionate about effective skin care and enjoyed reading our article, please share your valuable comments and also share our article.

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    Oindrila….thank you so very much for such a detailed article. I have had trouble with pimples forever and i had no idea why. The remedies seem to look so very simple! And toothpaste? i never even saw that one coming!

    • Oindrila

      Hi Neha, Thanks a lot for liking the article :) Toothpaste certainly works as a spot treatment to reduce pain and swelling; do try :)

    • Oindrila

      And do use the regular toothpaste as I mentioned. The pic is of gel toothpaste but it should be the white toothpaste like Colgate normal one. I had put in the white toothpaste pic there.

  • tripti

    Hey Oindrila, These are some great tips for acne prone skin.
    I have never had any problems with acne, but these days i see them popping out and its very disappointing. Will try these tips soon:)

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      Hope these tips will help you in getting rid of them. :) Pimples can be annoying.

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    Hey these are wonderful tips!!! really it will be helpful.. :) Toothpaste however should be the only white toothpaste like that of colgate.. that will only help.. gel toothpastes wont.. :) thats wht i have learnt.. !! good work.. :)

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      Hi, thanks a lot for your sweet comments. I am aware of the toothpaste which is why I mentioned use regular toothpaste but actually our articles are edited by the team of Stylecraze so the pic of the gel toothpaste is provided by them though I had sent in a white toothpaste pic. :)

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    You have listed out some best and effective ways to avoid pimples. Changing pillow cases frequently really helps for any acne to pop out.

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        your article is really help me, kindly tell me how to remove acne marks.. now my problem is acne marks is turn to black color..thanks

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    Well, thats a superb article mam. Really really informative article. However, pls can u provide me more details on tea tree oil.. the one you mentioned n this article.. im hearing for the first tim. so not sure.
    even Aroma Magic Fairy Oil

    • Oindrila

      Thx so much for your comment. To begin with you can try the Himalaya Neem Pack or another homemade mask: Multani mitti/Sandalwood made into a paste with rose water and applied on the face evenly, wash off after 30 mins. If you find results with these, there wouldn’t be a need to try the others.

      • manish

        what d time period of using a multine mitti

  • Te

    Great article Oindrila, these are some great tips. I have suffered with a never ending cycle of acne since I was a teen and have used many of these remedies already. Acne is so frustrating because while you can treat pimples rather quickly when you only have a few, the stress of dealing with a never ending problem just creates more acne sometimes! I have learned that I can reduce breakouts by making sure I keep my skin clean and moisturized, limit foods that can make me break out (like dairy) and keep my hands OFF MY FACE. That is a hard one! While I haven’t manaaged to completely get rid of acne I have made great strides. I urge your readers to try your tips and also keep researching, knowledge is power!

    • Oindrila

      Thx so much for sharing your thoughts :) Multani mitti/Sandalwood made into a paste with rose water and used as a face mask helps a lot. I also found the Himalaya Neem Face Pack very useful

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    Washing your face with water every two to three hours helps a lot:)

    • Oindrila

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  • Mary Richards

    Great Article. Acne is definitely a person to person case. I will always have oily skin, and mistreating it will produce huge acne lumps. I’ve used so many things…what works for me fast is a sulphur cream or sulphur bar soap on those monsters. My routine is washing with dial soap, a follow-up wash of a salicylic scrub (neutrogena works best for me) then I use alba botanicals oilfree lotion (Awesome lotion). Plus, I try to drink more water than I’d want to and eat avacados weekly. Hope this helps to remove acne scars . :)

    • Oindrila

      Thx so much for sharing your thoughts and experience :)

  • sunandhasai

    Very interesting article i must say:) will try these tips soon! Washing the face the face twice or trice when having pimples actually dries up the skin eventually making it look dry and flaky :( moisturizing with a water based moisturizer helps as the skin wouldnt get greasy or oily!

    • Oindrila

      Hi, thx for sharing your feedback.Yes, every time we wash our face, moisturizing is a must. :)

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    sandalwood trick is awesome I must say it works

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    then gonna try the toothpaste or baking soda ..
    thanks for the tips =) it’s a great advice

  • danna mae

    is this really effective? i have alots of pimples, i’am nervous.

    • sheena

      I have to. But when I use cetaphil + ice cubes + toothpaste, the redness was lessen. Try it. No regrets :)

  • namratha

    am gonna try with ice cubes i hope it helps me

  • Shena

    cetaphil is so good! The first time I used it, I already saw the difference. Try it!

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    i tried ice cubes… really helpful thanks….

  • Ramya

    I have terrible acne and this became a major cause for me not to enjoy my college. This article is very helpful and i will try the tips.

  • veronica paul

    I have lots of pimples all over my face when 2 or 3 pimples reduces other pops up and i keep on touching those . i was 16 when it started but now i am 20, still it continues please help me .

  • chai

    garlic burns your skin. please dont try it.

  • gabriel

    how minutes do i need to put the ice still in the face? ill try the ice cubes first

  • gabriel

    and also how many times do i need to put it in my face?

    • StyleCraze

      Hi Gabriel, you can apply these ice cube once in day regularly till you get rid of pimple/ acne completely.

  • Rain

    I am trying an asprin paste mask I found elsewhere. Used the Neutrogina face wash before, only made acne worse. If asprin mask doesn’t work I will be trying the honey, mint, oatmeal & garlic.

  • Anonymous

    thanks a lot for your sweet comments really appreciated

  • Audie Dewey

    Applying Honey Masks is by far the most popular natural remedy you will ever find to get rid of acne as quickly as possible.

    • Jedidiah Samuel

      Not so true… Honey didn’t work on me.. Just made me darker

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Cynthia, thanks for sharing your experience ! It is true that to avoid an acne outbreak…one should follow a balanced diet and avoid oily, fatty food. Instead fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed along with 8 – 10 glasses of water to keep oneself hydrated throughout the day.

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Alisha, to stop acne from forming along your nose, you can use simple self-care measures at home. Wash your nose and face each day. lightly scrubbing the area with a gentle facial cleanser twice a day can go a long way in preventing blemishes. Use a facial cleanser or cream containing either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Apply only non-comedogenic moisturizers. Make sure when selecting a non-comedogenic moisturizers that it is also oil-free. Use only oil-free makeup to prevent acne on your nose. Always wash your nose and face before bed. Lastly do not use bar soap to wash your nose and face. Soap is often too harsh for the skin on your nose and face, and could result in a breakout.

  • StyleCraze

    Dear Swati, pimples can be a persistent problem for any woman with oily skin. In oily skin type, oil glands of this skin is extra active and always secrete excessive oil. If we leave this skin type without proper cleaning, the probability of the occurrence of pimples, acne and black heads increases. A proper regime of exfoliation, moisturization, hydration and revitalization is important for the oily skin type as well as a proper solution for pimple treatment. One of the techniques of pimple treatment for oily skin at home is: Lemon and Honey mask – Squeeze 1 spoonful fresh lemon juice and take the same amount of honey in a clean bowl. Mix them well. Apply it all over the face and neck after cleansing the face properly. Leave the mixture on the face for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. By doing this pimple treatment regularly, you can help keep the pimples at bay. After that you can do this weekly twice.

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Harsha, there are few ways to get rid of the pimple and shrink the size of the zit.
    1. Toothpaste – Squeeze a small amount of nongel toothpaste with baking soda in it and apply it to the pimple. Allow this to dry over night. This helps to reduce inflammation and draw out the pus from inside of the pimple. In the morning, rise and wash your face as usual.
    2. White Vinegar – Dab your pimple with few drops of white vinegar. This will help you to dissolve the pus inside your zit.
    These are the suggestions for occasional pimples, but if to continue to see them often then you should check with your dermatologist.

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Manish, popping pimple may not be the best solution to get rid of the pimple, however occasionally we do so. Few of the things that you can do are: once you pop the pimple, applying ice wrapped in a tissue will help to reduce the inflammation and swelling. Afterwards, use an anti-bacterial treatment such as Neosporin which will help heal and form a protective moist shield to keep the area from becoming dry. Be careful to keep your hands away from the affected area and avoid applying any makeup till it heals. Hope these tips help you.

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Rishabh, washing your faces 5 times may do more harm to your skin than any good. Washing your face twice a day with medicated face wash would be more appropriate. Here are few remedies to get rid of pimples/acne:
    1. Aloevera – Rub aloe vera on pimples or pimple-prone skin. For best results, the leaf of a fresh plant should be rubbed over the affected area on a regular basis.
    2. Mint leaves – Apply the juice of mint leaves or basil leaves. Leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning with plain water.

  • dolly

    Hi I am dolly I have oily skin and my forehead I have a lots of ance scare… It’s look really bad I have used lots of product but they can’t work…. Plz help me to remove pimples