Top 8 Pantene Shampoos Available In India February 21, 2017

Pantene is one of the oldest and widely popular brands of hair-care products all over the world. Their range of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, treatments etc are suitable for every hair type. They have been formulated to address specific hair concerns and restore long-lasting hair health for lasting benefits. There are quite a few pantene shampoo types and in this article, we aim to give you the best of the best.

Check out the top 8 Pantene shampoos.

1. Pantene Pro V nourished Shine Shampoo:

Majority of the women encounter the persistent problem of split ends, which hinders the growth of hair. There are many factors such as harsh environmental conditions, pollution, excessive exposure to sunlight, heating tools, excessive use of chemicals etc. Due to all these reasons, the hair cuticles get damaged.

The nourished shine shampoo claims to fight all the 7 signs of hair damage such as split ends, dull hair, dryness, weakness, roughness, brittleness and excessive tangles. It claims to reduce all signs of damage with regular use in just 14 days. This magical shampoo moisturizes, nourishes and provides smoothness to the hair from within. It also reduces any product build-up in the scalp, thus making the hair soft and bouncy. After regular use, the hair retains a healthy shine for a longer period of time.

For best results, use regularly with the same range of conditioner.

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2. Pantene Lively Clean Shampoo:

Excessive use of chemical products on your hair such as hair gel, hair sprays, hair creams etc, leads to the products build-up in the scalp as well as the hair. This leads to oily and greasy hair and also hinders the growth of hair. And if you sweat a lot, then it also leads to the accumulation in the scalp.

So if you are looking for the shampoo which easily cleans your hair and scalp and can be used daily, the lively clean shampoo is the one of the best solution for you. It lathers effectively, easy to dissolve as it contains high quantity of water and sodium and also easy to remove. The shampoo leaves your hair squeaky clean but does not dry up your hair. It has a mild floral smell and transparent in nature.

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3. Pantene Pro V silky Smooth Care Shampoo:

The search for the perfect shampoo ends, as we have the silky smooth shampoo, which is my favourites. The shampoo deeply nourishes and smoothes the fizz and fly-always hair. It also removes the chemical product build-up on the scalp and hair. It comes in a flip cap which makes the shampoo bottle extremely travel-friendly. The shampoo has a mild fragrance and a thick consistency.

4. Pantene Hair-fall Control Shampoo:

As you know that the first step to healthy hair is from within the hair strand, from root to the tip. The hair strands suffer breakage due to weakening from within due to many environmental factors and physical damage. This shampoo nourishes and replenishes your hair strands from root to tip, thus providing it the required strength and shine. It removes the excess oil, sweat, dirt and other impurities from the scalp and the hair that blocks the penetration and absorption of the essential nutrients required for the growth of the hair. It also protects the hair from further damage from physical damage. It has the regular thick consistency with the mild floral smell.

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5. Pantene Anti-dandruff Shampoo:

Dandruff occurs due to weather changes, environmental factors, and hormonal changes or sometimes the cause is hereditary. It also causes itchiness and irritation on the scalp. This shampoo, with regular use prevents the occurrence of dandruff and also strengthens the hair strands. It contains ZPT and Pro-V complex, which is quite effective for reducing the appearance of the dandruff flakes, nourishes the scalp and hair and gives you the healthy shine. The shampoo effectively removes the dandruff in one or two washes, and also gives you smoother and softer hair.

6. Pantene Pro-V nature Fusion Shampoo- Fullness and Life:

Pantene has recently launched its nature fusion range of shampoo, conditioners, treatments and hair masks. This particular range is reared by combining the benefits of nature and science, thus making it the ideal combination.

As time passes, our hair gets damaged and loses its natural health and shine. The hair becomes weak, tired and dull-looking. The shampoo contains pro-vitamins which revitalises the damaged hair with fullness and shine. It also contains plant-derived complex of cassia flower, avocado and grape-seed oil. This shampoo can be used every day and also prevents and removes the product build-up on the scalp and hair. It is completely parabens-free and lathers well.

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7. Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo:

This awesome shampoo moisturizes even the driest part of your hair, from roots to tips as it contains silk extracts. Moreover, it removes the excess oil and cleanses the scalp quite effectively.  It is white in colour with thick consistency and a pleasant fragrance. The shampoo is quite travel- friendly as it doesn’t spill out due to tight flip-flop cap. This pantene shampoo for dry hair is as good as it gets.

8. Pantene Long Black Shampoo:

We Indians are fond of long, black and shiny hair which most of us inherit from our ancestors. However, pollution, dust, harsh sunlight, chlorine water etc play havoc on the hair. Thus, to help you maintain the shine and luster, you have the long black shampoo. It’s intense moisturization and nourishment darkens and repairs the hair from root to the tips. With regular use, you would enjoy the healthy black shine.

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Which one is your favourite? Please leave us a comment. Stay gorgeous!

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