25 Simple Tips To Lose Weight In 10 Days

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Obesity has become a very common factor these days. Lovely restaurants and their delicious food have paved way for a nation of foodies. And this problem is seen in equal measures in both adults and children.

Reducing weight has always been a challenging factor. It took me 2 years to realize that I had to stop eating and start losing weight. As an obese person, you will definitely have the following experiences:

  • You might not be very comfortable wearing tight fitted clothes as it shows off your extra flabs.
  • You would tend to lose your confidence. When you meet new people, your relatives or friends might advice you to lose weight which is a bit embarrassing and reduces your level of confidence
  • Health related problems – When you’re not fit, you would indeed come across health related problems and the problems that are very common in adults are strokes, diabetes or blood pressure.
  • Pigmentation- You can find obese people with pigmentation on their face or body. This is due to the improper nutrients and junk food they consume.
  • Improper menstruation cycle – A very common factor in obese women is delay of pregnancy.

But I lost weight with some effort and I am sure you can lose weight easily too by following these simple tips. Here is a 10 days calendar that you can follow to lose weight in 10 days.

How to lose weight in 10 days at home


Morning beverage

Breakfast (within 9 am)

Lunch (within 1.30 pm)

Evening beverage

Evening intake( by 5)

Dinner (within 9)

Day 1 Hot lime juice with honey Oats or protein meal* Small cup of rice + 3 different steamed vegetables (avoid potatoes) + 1 or 2 chapattis Green tea without sugar Small cup of sprouts (or) fiber content fruits 2 to 3 chapattis(numbers depend on your intake but not more than 3)
Day 2







Day 3







Day 4 Hot lime juice with honey (or) green tea without sugar Protein meal* 1 medium cup of wheat rice + 1 chapati+Steamed veg or veg salad


A cup of veg salad +2 chapattis A cup of veg salad+2 chapattis
Day 5







Day 6







Day 7 Green tea Protein meal* 1 medium cup of wheat rice (or)2 chapattis + 1 cup of raw veg salad


A small cup of sprouts(or)A small cup of fiber containing fruits Protein meal*
Day 8







Day 9







Day 10








Protein meal*- a protein meal can be sprouts which are rich in protein (or) shakes made with soy proteins

Recipe to make protein shake at home


  • 120 ml of skimmed milk
  • 120 ml of soy milk
  • 3 spoons of oat meal
  • Cardamom or vanilla essence

Step 1: Add 120 ml of skimmed milk, 120 ml of soy milk, 3 spoons of oat meal and 1 drop of vanilla essence or 2 cardamoms into a blender

Step 2: Blend the mixture for 60 seconds and drink it immediately

*If you are aware of any other recipe of making protein shake you can use that too.

If you are wondering how the above table will help you lose weight in 10 days, read below:

1. Hot lime water with honey (or) Green tea- when these beverages are consumed on empty stomach, it regulates metabolism helping us to reduce weight. Hence it is necessary to consume it as a part of the weight loss program.

2. Consuming oats or protein meal instead of dosa or idly for your breakfast would reduce the calories as they are good source of proteins which enhance weight loss.

3. Initially it’s difficult to change your eating habit drastically, so it is necessary to slowly minimize the food consumed and in order to do this it is done over a period of 3 days. Since day one is when you start up with your weight loss program, having a cup of rice along with chapathi will reduce your hunger. The three different steamed vegetables will give you extra fullness with low calories.

4. After three days the food consumption is further reduced where rice is substituted with wheat rice. Wheat rice is good source of fiber that helps in weight reduction and it simultaneously gives fullness. The quantity of chapathi is reduced to one. Vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet and hence they are added

5. Further the food consumption must be reduced and so it must be either wheat rice or 2 chapatis. In this stage, your body gets used to this type of eating habit where less food is consumed.

6. This same eating habits are also followed for dinner where the food consumption is reduced day by day

7. Consuming sprouts or fruits as an evening snack helps to prevent food craving and also gives you fullness in a healthier way thus enhancing weight lose.

Ø  Apart from the diet, exercise plays a vital role in weight reduction program so prefer simple exercises like skipping or walking. When it comes to skipping, start with minimum 50 jumps and increase it every day by 30 jumps.

Ø  It’s really important to follow “the water mantra” (mentioned below) because without proper water intake, your weight loss will not be easy!

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Apart from this food chart, just follow these simple tips on how to reduce weight in home in 10 days:

1. Increase Water Intake (the water mantra):

Water is a very important factor in a weight reduction program. Consumption of water cleanses the toxins from the body in the form of urine. Drink about 4 to 5 liters of water every day. A simple way to identify how many liters of water your body needs is to divide your weight by 20 and this will give you the number of liters of water to be consumed per day. For example: If you weigh 70 kgs, then dividing it by 20 gives 3.5, so you will have to drink min 3.5 liters of water a day. This is a necessary step to weight loss in 10 days.

2. Green tea instead of coffee or tea:

Drinking a cup of hot green tea every morning on an empty stomach can cleanse the toxins in our body and reduce the problem of constipation. Green tea has low calories and starting our day with it instead of tea or coffee is very good for weight loss.

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3. Hot water with lemon and honey:

Mixing a spoon of lime juice and half a spoon of honey with hot water and drinking it every day morning on empty stomach can help you to weight loss in 10 days

4. Reduce the intake of carbohydrates:

Rice contains a lot of calories and carbohydrates in it, reducing the intake of rice can reduce weight. A lot of people in India (south Indians) start their day with dosa and idly which is made from rice; some also have this for dinner. If you want to lose weight, it is essential to reduce these carbohydrates intake.

5. Increase protein intake:

Protein is a muscle builder that can effectively reduce the fat in our body and also covert the loose fat into muscles. Increase the intake of protein and replace carbohydrates food with protein food.

6. Increase fiber intake:

Soluble fibers are a great source to reduce weight. Consuming foods that contain soluble fibers will shed the weight by reducing the bad cholesterol in the body.

7. Avoid the problem of constipation:

Constipation can delay the weight reduction process. This is because the toxic and waste components are not flushed out from your body.

8. Avoid junk food:

Want to lose weight in 10 days? Then avoid junk food. Junk foods like pizza, burgers, sausages, etc. do not contain nutritive values but only ‘fat’. Junk food is the single most important factor for putting on weight.

9. Soy protein:

This protein is a plant derived protein and helps in weight reduction as its low in fat. Adding the right amount of soy protein to your diet can help you reduce weight.

10. Protein meal twice a day:

A meal that is rich in protein can promote weight loss, so it’s necessary to consume a protein rich meal twice a day i.e for your breakfast and dinner. It can either be protein shakes or salads that are rich in protein as it helps to build up the muscle mass reducing the fat in your body.

11. Consume calorie less food:

It is important to consume calorie less food to reduce weight. Add boiled food to your diet and avoid foods that are sweet, rich in fat or fried.

12. Get rid of food craving:

Food craving is very common and an uncontrollable factor among obese people. Never consume snacks or food when you have food craving sensation, instead drink plenty of water to avoid it.

13. Prefer sprouts to snacks:

Boiled sprouts are rich in nutrients and have fewer calories. They can be consumed twice a day for brunch or in the evening time 2 hours before dinner. They provide you better nutrients than any other snack.

14. Not more than 3 meals:

Never consume more than 3 meals a day and most importantly only the meal for your lunch can be heavy where as your breakfast and dinner must be light. This is one of the important tip on how to lose weight in 10 days naturally

15. Proper exercise:

Working out is very important to lose weight and the simple equation to stay fit is:

Proper diet + work out =FIT

It is not necessary to work out only in the gym, you can start it at home with simple exercises like sit ups or skipping for about 10 -15 minutes a day.

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16. Consume fruits with high water content and less calories:

Fruits and vegetables like water melon, cucumber, and papaya have very less calories. They can be consumed for brunch or in the evening as salads as they make you full.

17. Avoid carbonized drinks:

Carbonized drinks like coke, lime soda, pepsi, etc. must be avoided during a weight loss program. Instead of these carbonized drinks, you can prefer to have lime juice, green tea or tender coconut.

18. Keep a count of your BMI and BMR:

Check your body metabolic index (BMI) and body metabolic rate (BMR). This gives you the amount of calories you should consume and the amount of calories burnt in your body.

19. Avoid red meat:

Red meat is highly dangerous as it not only leads to obesity but also diseases like cancer, so avoid it at all costs.

20. Avoid these three white poisons- rice, sugar, salt:

You can avoid these three in your diet. They can’t be completely avoided but quantity of consumption of these can be controlled.

21. Prefer salads for juices:

Liquid foods like juices get digested quickly where as salads stay in your body for about 6 hrs. Consume salads instead of juices but do not add bananas, pine apple, jack fruit or any other calorie rich fruits in your salad.

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22. Maintain your sugar level:

It is necessary to maintain your sugar level at 140. If your sugar level shoots up more than 140, your pancreas produces more amount of insulin to convert the sugar into fat. This happens whenever you consume food, in order to control this you have to consume food that can maintain your sugar level.

23. Never skip your meals:

When you skip your meal thinking that you might lose weight, you actually gain weight. This is because the hunger stays in your body and the next time when you consume food, you end up consuming twice the quantity. This is also another important tip for you to abate the worry on how to lose weight in 10 days naturally.

24. Reduce your food consumption to 1/3 of what you are consuming now:

The food that you are consuming now leads to obesity so you will have to reduce the quantity of it to one third and if hunger still persists, consume fiber rich fruits or vegetables as your dessert.

25. Never postpone:

Last but not the least, you must never postpone you weight loss program. Some get tempted by food or have no time to start the weight loss program. It’s now or never. Start your weight loss program and strictly stick to your diet.

Now, if you have observed, in the above points I have not mentioned about any radical weight loss techniques as they never work. This is how to reduce weight in home in 10 days. Just stick to these natural methods and you will start to see the results in no time.

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