Top 11 Natural Shampoos Available In India June 14, 2016

If you are like me, you don’t prefer chemical treatments on your hair and are always in pursuit of the best natural shampoos. However, the lack of information often leads to wrong selection or poor choice of cheap and duplicate products.

That is why today we have compiled a list of the Top 11 Natural Shampoos. So if you like staying away from strong chemicals, then try these brands offered natural shampoos for hair. What more, they are pocket-friendly too.

Not just that, these products are readily available at the local malls, stores and also online. Since these are natural, you can use these regularly. Team these up with their specific range types of conditioners for maximum benefits.

1. Khadi Herbal Amla & Bhringraj Shampoo

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Buy Khadi Herbal Amla & Bhringraj Shampoo For ₹ 172.00 @

This natural shampoo for hair contains extracts of Amla, Sesame oil, Brahmi, and Bhringraj. It also contains active ingredients like reetha, henna, neem extracts, glycerine, and kali. Claims to remove impurities of the scalp with its neem extracts, enhance hair growth with its Amla and Bhringraj extracts. It has helped me maintain my long and thick hair.

My Experience:

This gave me soft hair and shiny hair, but not bouncy.

2. Khadi Herbal Shikakai Shampoo

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Buy Khadi Herbal Shikakai Shampoo For ₹ 190.00 @

This Shampoo contains natural ingredients like Shikakai, Amla, Tulsi, Mehndi, Lemon, Trifala and Rare Herbs. Shikakai is a natural conditioner. This product gives you super soft and silky hair with its Shikakai extracts and Trifala extracts (which is a mix of Amla, Haritaki, and Bivitaki) which detoxify the scalp and Tulsi fights dandruff with its antiseptic properties. I would rate it 5/5.

My experience:

This gave me soft and bouncy hair. It’s good to get rid of excess scalp oil secretion, but not for people with dry hair.

3. Khadi Herbal Saffron, Tulsi, And Reetha Shampoo

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Buy Khadi Herbal Saffron Shampoo For ₹ 209.00 @

This Shampoo contains natural ingredients like Shikakai, Amla, Tulsi, Mehndi, Lemon, Trifala and Rare Herbs. Shikakai is a natural conditioner. This product gives you super soft and silky hair with its shikakai extracts and trifala extracts (which is a mix of amla, haritaki and bivitaki) which detoxify the scalp and tulsi fights dandruff with its antiseptic properties. I would rate it 5/5.

My experience:

Gives soft and smooth hair. Results may vary from person to person though.

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4. Vaadi Herbals Amla Shampoo With Shikakai And Reetha


This shampoo is enriched with the goodness of Amla, Shikakai, and Reetha. It also contains soy protein which provides nourishment to the hair and also promotes hair growth. Amla promotes hair growth. Shikakai is an excellent conditioner. Reetha is a foaming natural cleanser.

My Experience:

The feel after using this shampoo is nice, though not excellent. Cleans scalp deeply but doesn’t condition it. Therefore, it leaves the hair tangled. A good conditioner is a must after this. Results may vary for people with dry and frizzy hair.

5. Vaadi Herbals Anti-Dandruff Shampoo With Lemon And Tea Tree Oil Extracts

Vaadi-Herbals-Anti-Dandruff-Shampoo-With-Lemon-And-Tea-Tree-Oil-Extracts-05 Pinit

Buy Vaadi Herbals Anti-Dandruff Shampoo For ₹ 177.00 @

This Shampoo is enriched with lemon extracts and tea tree oil. Lemon has citric acid in it making it an excellent ingredient for fighting dandruff. Tea tree oil is used for fighting acne on the scalp and for fighting bacteria which causes dandruff. It also contains a blend of aromatic oils, Shikakai for natural conditioning and neem extracts for an antiseptic action on the scalp. Neem helps you cure any boils or zits on your scalp. This is a great shampoo if you are suffering from dandruff and itchy scalp conditions.

My Experience:

Promises to relieve you of itchy scalp conditions, though I suffer none of those such conditions myself, it does keep my scalp clean. It, however, doesn’t make hair tangle free. You need a conditioner after this as a must.

6. Aloe Veda Herbal Conditioning Shampoo

Aloe-Veda-Herbal-Conditioning-Shampoo-06 Pinit

Buy Aloe Veda Herbal Conditioning Shampoo For ₹ 145.00 @

This herbal shampoo contains the extracts of neem, cinnamon leaf, hibiscus leaf, Tulsi, Amla, Shikakai and more. This shampoo will last a long time as little quantity goes a long way. It gives soft and shiny hair and also prevents the occurrence of dandruff.

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7. Soul Flower Let Your Hair Down Soap Bar

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Soul Flower has some fabulous soap bars that are popular for a reason. Let your hair down soap bar is a vegan product that contains coconut milk, lemon oil essentials, cocoa butter, fresh ginger, etc. It keeps the scalp squeaky clean and extracts all dirt away. The bar needs to be kept away from water when not in use. This soap bar gives nutrition to hair and prevents hair fall and dandruff.

8. Aloe Veda Cleansing Anti Dandruff Shampoo With Tea Tree Oil

Aloe-Veda-Cleansing-Anti-Dandruff-Shampoo-With-Tea-Tree-Oil-08 Pinit

Buy Aloe Veda Cleansing Anti Dandruff Shampoo With Tea Tree Oil For ₹ 216.00 @

Dandruff being the primary concern to a lot of people, this anti-dandruff shampoo from Aloe Veda is surely a winner. The tea tree oil present in it is antiseptic and keeps infections at bay. Due to the presence of tea tree oil, it also keeps itching at bay. And indirectly, hair fall too is reduced.

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9. Aura Vedic Harmonizing Hair Cleanser

Aura-Vedic-Harmonizing-Hair-Cleanser-09 Pinit

Aura Vedic has always been known to make herbal products with minimal chemicals for preservation purposes only. The Harmonizing Hair Cleanser claims to balance the sebum secretion and help in oily/dry scalp issues. It doesn’t leave hair limp or dry but adds bounce and shine instead. This is very mild on hair as it is oil balancing. The absence of harsh chemicals makes it a good hair fall preventive shampoo.

10. Aloe Veda Mild Nourishing Shampoo

Aloe-Veda-Mild-Nourishing-Shampoo-10 Pinit

Buy Aloe Veda Mild Nourishing Shampoo For ₹ 142.00 @

This shampoo is for daily use and yes, it’s mild and well suited for daily use. It also contains some conditioning elements in it and is effective in making hair shiny and silky, just the way you want.

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11. Omved Purifying Shampoo


Buy Omved Purifying Shampoo For ₹ 490.00 @

This shampoo from Omved contains Brahmi, which is very well known for its purifying properties. Peppermint refreshes and strengthens while hibiscus keeps scalp away from any infection. It also contains Vitamin E. Yashtimadhu provides all the shine and silky softness. This mild shampoo can be used every day.

You also can try some homemade shampoos that feature natural ingredients like Amla, Reetha, Shikakai and other ingredients that help you achieve soft, long and beautiful hair.

Which are your favorites girls? Shoot a comment and let us know! Stay gorgeous!




    are these shampoos all free of chemicals? sls/sles parabens?

    • Zinnia

      yes Gargi hopefully they are , am quite sure about the khadi range , but unfortunately you will never find mention of all ingredients on the packs , only the key ingredients, am not too sure about about the vaadi range though ..khadi products are more or less the best natural products available in India right now , for hair atleast. But on the other hand, i love using aroma magic range also, they are also doing a good job. But their triphala shampoo isn’t good for dry hair. Though it works for me cuz it keeps my hair dry and oil free, my scalp is really oily. Thank you for your comment :) <3


    hey zinnia , thanks for the reply..

    • Zinnia

      my pleasure dear :) replied as best as i could :)

  • Dia

    Oriflame Coconut & Ricemilk Nourishing Shampoo can be the best deal for you if you’re looking for a natural product to treat your mane. I’ve used it myself and I’m quite impressed with it.

    • Zinnia

      Hey dear thank you for the lovely information , am sure it will be of much help to our community girls :) :) and also thank you for your comment :) :)

  • http://none bhuvana

    u forgot to mention himalays in your list.. it does not contain any chemicals and are free from SLS sles and parabens.. i am not sure about these shampoo’s coz they have t mentioned in their ingredients list!. himalaya is also one of the best ayuvedic shampoo in decent price

    • Zinnia

      thank for adding new information :) @ Bhuvana :)

  • Ratna

    I dint know any of these brands until now.. i always stuck to these chemical shampoos.. but now.. i want to get back to natural products.. and i guess these will help.. Thnks for the update.

    • Zinnia

      thank u Ratna :) <3

  • Heena

    Nice post.. i dint know these shampoos are also available.. thnku for updating me style craze… im looking forward to try them now.

    • Zinnia

      thank u for ur comment @ Heena :) <3

  • John

    Hey, do you know if that shampoo number 2 is good for men by any chance?!

    • Zinnia

      yes definitely good for it’s unisex :P don’t wry..give it a try ;) @ John

  • Dolly

    Where can I buy this shampoo the Khadi where is it available?



  • Tanishqa

    i have tried all khadi shampoo , they have sls, they are are not chemical free, any shampoo which does not lather much is safe

    • K Amin

      Try Sulfate free shampoo. …I know it’s very hard to find but it’s really good .u can find it on organic shop Thanks.

  • Rahul Seth

    Mam, If possible please give us a chance give you our herbal handmade shampoo. and i can assure you that you would love that above all and will use to regularly. you can mail me at

  • SusuMon

    How is Vaadi Hena Shampoo ?

  • saptarshi

    Hi all ,

    Try Cetaphil range of products from Galderma for sensitive skins, they are all SLS/PARABEN free, use their face wash/ moisturising lotion/ moisturising cream for face.

    For hair n bodywash try Sebamed shower gel (All over) again SLS/ Paraben free,

    above products should be available in any decent medicine shop in India.

    Sensodyne Pro Enamel range is Paraben/SLS free for toothpastes,

    cheers !

    • Keerti

      will the pharmacy need a priscription for the cetaphil products???

      • saptarshi

        These are available without prescriptions , cheers !

  • Hanna Jackson

    check out the pro naturals shampoo!

  • Women Tips

    Very useful post! Khadi Herbal Amla & Bhringraj Shampoo is available in all medical shops?

    • StyleCraze

      Khadi Herbal Amla and Bhringraj shampoo can be found at various retail stores or medical shops. They can be ordered at various online sites such as,,,,, and also it can be ordered on its website

  • ballo

    Casia Herbal Hair Wash is best natural hair product for me..i am a cas(s)ia fan….Prodcut is good and the price is less,just 120gm is Rs.160

  • suman rani

    You have not mention about patanjali products. it’s also should include it.

  • Mayuri

    hi dolly, i always use these khadi products from long time, and its good rather than chemical shampoos, and it is available only online shops…few of them are,, etc… u can buy online and its easy aswel…

    hope its helpfull to u….

    • Richa

      Thanks for the suggestion! We hope it helps!! :)