5 Homemade Face Packs For Acne And Pimples With Videos

Face Packs For Acne And Pimples

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Teenage. Aaah! How badly we all wanted to grow up into teenagers when we were little kids? We wanted the freedom and independence that comes with teenage! Every time mom said, “You are too young for it, honey”, we swore to do ‘it’ when we grew up. But who knew? The rosy cheeks would also pave way to pimples as we ‘grew up’?

Pimples have haunted me throughout my teenage and they keep continuing to mark their presence every now and then, which reminds me of their invasion. But not anymore. Yours truly has finally found you some of best home remedies for acne.

Here I present 5 natural homemade face packs for acne. These face packs for acne and pimples will help you fade those unwanted spots. Do make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients before you try them! Acne happens due to clogged pores that get infected by bacteria. Mostly, oily skinned people get acne problems as the excess oil clogs pores and makes them more susceptible to bacteria to get rid of acne marks.

Before we start off, keep these points in mind:

  • Always, ALWAYS moisturize after you wash the pack off.
  • Always apply the pack on a clean and dry face. A Little dampness helps in better and faster absorption by the skin.
  • Ensure that you remove the after 20 minutes, or after it dries. Otherwise, the pack will absorb the moisture which is not a good thing.
  • Pre and post wash of face during pack application with Luke warm water enhances the benefits.
  • Mild exfoliation before application also gives you better results.
  • Any home remedy for acne and acne scars needs at least two weeks of regular application for visible results.

Home Made face Packs For Acne Recipes:

1. Multani Mitti Face Pack:

This is a god send to those of us with oily skin. Multan mitti (Fuller’s Earth) is easily available in general stores.


  • Multani Mitti/ Fuller’s Earth
  • Rose water
  • Lemon juice
Method :
  • Make a paste of multani mitti, few drops of rose water and a pinch of lemon for a refreshing face pack.
  • Multani mitti draws excess oil off your face and dries the existing pimples.
  • Rose water freshens and moisturizes your skin while lemon juice fades the acne scars.

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2. Besan and Curd Face Pack:


  • Mix in two spoonful’s of besan (chick pea flour) and sufficient curd to make a good paste.
  • Apply it and let it dry.
  • When it’s completely dry, dampen it and with mild, circular motion, scrub your skin.
  • Wash off and say hello to happy skin!

3. Mint Face Pack For Acne:

Mint leaves(pudina leaves) makes for a wonderful face pack.


  • Ground Pudhina/ Mint leaves
  • Honey
Method :
  • Grind some pudina leaves, add in a dash of honey and let it be on your pretty face until it dries.
  • Wash off.
  • It might tingle on pimples but that is okay, they are very close to meeting their end.

4. Lemon juice + Honey Face Mask for Pimples:

This is your Knight in Shining Armor. Having struggled with acne all my teenage, and enjoying the realms of a clear skin only recently, I am telling you! Go for it! Honey face packs with lemon are the best of the best.

Lemon juice is acidic and citric; it bleaches your skin, helping you get rid of scars and tan.


  • Lemon juice
  • Rose water if needed
  • Honey
  • Apply lemon juice on face post wash. It will tingle and burn and you won’t love it. But it absolutely works. If your skin is too sensitive, then dilute lemon juice with rose water to lessen the acidity.
  • After fifteen minutes, follow up with honey.

This helps moisturize as honey is a humectant. You can leave honey on your face however long you want to. Your skin will glow in a couple of weeks and you can see it

Here is another way you can use and lemon together!

5. Cucumber Face Mask:

Cucumber extracts heat from body. This reduces inflammation of your pimples and reduces their appearance.


  • Cucumber pulp and juice
Method :
  • Grate cucumber, strain the juice.
  • Refrigerate the pulp.
  • When it’s cold enough, use the pulp to pick the juice and moisten your face, one spot at a time.
  • Once you feel the pulp warm up, dip in the cold juice again and repeat for other spots.
  • This unclogs your skin’s pores and cools down the system.
  • Place slices of cucumber on your eyes for a spa effect.
  • You can also add in two spoons full of rich yogurt to the pulp without draining it. Apply the mixture and leave it on for a while, say thirty minutes, and wash off.

These are some very effective Homemade face packs for acne scars and acne prone skin that can be made easily at home. Do use them and let me know how it worked on you.

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