Best Blue Nail Polishes – Our Top 10

by Neha Mane
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Bright colours always seem challenging to wear but summer is the perfect time to bring out polishes that you might normally shy away from. Blues are one of them. What more to refresh you and remind you of the beach during summers than a nice coat of bright blue polish on your digits. Blue polish can be carried off by anyone provided you choose the right shade. Ranging from light powdery blues to bold neon ones, there are numerous variations available. Here are some pretty blue nail polish shades for you to jazz up your nails this season:

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Most Captivating Blue Nail Polish Shades

1. Essie Mesmerise:

Mesmerise is a dusty royal blue in a crème finish. This shade is a must have for the summers. Perfect to brighten up even a dull day. Finish is pretty glossy so you can skip topcoat. Requires two coats.

2. China Glaze For Audrey:

If you are apprehensive to wear blue polish, this one is a safe bet to try. For Audrey is a light blue color with a tinge of green in a crème finish. This colour closely resembles the famous Tiffany Blue. It is a shade you can wear every day. Requires two coats.

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3. China Glaze First Mate:

This is one of the most unique shades of blue. First Mate is a dusty navy blue shade in a crème finish. It is another one of the subdued blues that anyone can wear. Requires two coats.

4. China glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le:

Secret Peri-Wink-Le is a true periwinkle blue in a crème finish. Requires two coats.

5. China Glaze Up All Night:

Up All Night is a gorgeous dark blue nail polish in a metallic finish with tonnes of shimmer in it. Here too, the blue closely resembles black. A few rhinestones over this would take the glam quotient to the next level. Requires three coats.

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6. OPI Can’t Let Go:

This one is my favourite of all. Can’t Let Go belongs to OPI’s Liquid Sand Collection which I’m in love with. It is a dark blue polish with fine square and medium hexagon glitters in it with a sandy finish. Requires two coats.

7. China Glaze Sexy In The City:

This shade reminds me of the deep blue sea. Sexy In The City is a bright blue with lots of shimmer in it. Perfect polish to wear while hanging out at the beach. Requires two coats.

8. Essie Midnight Cami:

Try this one if you want a glamorous substitute for regular blacks. Midnight Cami is a deep blue colour packed with loads of shimmer. The blue is so dark, it almost looks black. A option for an evening out. Requires three coats.

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9. China Glaze Passion In The Pacific:

Passion In The Pacific is a pretty turquoise blue with shimmer in it. The greenish blue shade makes it a very unique colour. Requires three coats.

10. China Glaze Rainstorm:

Rainstorm is a periwinkle blue with shimmer in it. Quite similar to Secret Per-Wink-Le but with shimmers. Requires four coats due to its sheer consistency.

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This is our list of the best blue nail polishes in the market. Which one do you love the most? Do tell us in the comments below!

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