7 Wonderful Vegetables For Hair Growth

Vegetables are our best friends when we are trying to lose some pounds, right? What with the dieting and all! These humbles veggies are also great for our hair. These fruits and vegetable for hair growth contain vitamins, fibres and minerals which are known to help with hair growth and maintaining the texture and smoothness.

Here I’ll list down some pointers to keep your hair healthy and happy. Before that, like always, here are some things to know before you start with the tips

  1. Clean, damp hair absorbs nutrients better than dry, dirty hair. It might look like a cumbersome task to wash your hair, put on a pack and then wash it again, but its totally worth it. There is a reason why salons give you a hair wash before and treatment and styling.
  2. Using warm water opens up your hair and scalp pores while cold water closes them. So use warm water before application and cold water post application.
  3. Avoid using hot water on your hair as it drains hair of its natural oils and lessens the elasticity.
  4. Some vegetables leave a weird smell, so follow up with your favorite conditioner to mask the smell.
  5. Any mask needs ample time to penetrate into your hair. Leave on the mask for atleast 30 minutes to see effects.
  6. Also, do not over leave it. When the mask starts drying, it might draw water from hair and counter act the results.

Vegetables for hair growth

Now let’s see some of the most beneficial vegetables that can be included to your list of best tips for hair growth.
1. Curry leaves are one of the best known remedies for hair growth. Include them in your diet for lustrous hair.

2. Greens. You have always been told about them. They bring pink to your cheek and also help you achieve good hair. Spinach is one of the easiest of greens to incorporate in your diet.

3. Having a red-colored vegetable increases your lycopene, which is known to increase hair growth rate. Beetroots, red peppers are the veggies that give you most of lycopene.

4. Orange veggies give you beta compounds which also help achieve healthy long hair. They reduce hair breakage and hair fall. Get your dose of beta carotene from oranges and yellow colored vegetables – bell peppers is a great source.

5. White vegetables are not far behind – onions juice is known to reduce hair fall and provide relief from dandruff. Include a rich amount of vegetables in your diet, the more colors, the merrier. They also protect you against high fat content and other deficiencies.

6. Boil some carrots and blend them. Don’t throw the water you boiled them in, use the same to grind and blend them. Apply the paste to your hair and leave on for 30 minutes. Wash it away. This mask helps reduce hair fall and also promotes hair growth.

7. Cucumber is also known to achieve healthy hair.  Blend in some fresh cucumbers and apply the paste to your scalp and massage thoroughly. You might want to add some fenugreek powder as blend will be runny.

So girls, let me know how rich and healthy diet is and what vegetables for healthy hair help you get happy and pretty hair days!

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9 thoughts on “7 Wonderful Vegetables For Hair Growth

  1. Dannie09

    Here is a stupid question. At the beginning of the article I thought we were going to put the veggies on our hair, but later down the second list it sounded like we had to eat them to make our hair luscious long. What is the right way to do it?

  2. Cin

    Years ago, I found a bald spot on my head. This was caused by a hair relaxer. A friend suggested a homemade treatment that worked wonders. I boiled and blended carrots, I added rosemary leaves, coconut milk and birth control pills.
    Another suggestion, increase the amount of veggies you eat. I’ve been a vegetarian for 1.5 yrs and my hair is the longest it’s ever been.