Most Koreans are known for their flawless skin. All over the world people envy Korean beauties because of their looks and skin. In fact, when Korean Actress Go Hyun Jung published her beauty secrets in a documentary titled ‘Go Hyun Jung’s Texture’, it was a best seller & all copies were sold out within two days of its launch in 2011.

korean celebrity

By KIYOUNG KIM from Seoul, South Korea (093) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Go Hyun Jung

Koreans And Their Beauty

Koreans spend a great deal of time and money in nurturing their skin and are known to be very skin conscious. In fact, Koreans’ approach to makeup is very different from ours; the flawless Korean make up is much more technologically advanced than western cosmetics or cosmetics produced in other Asian countries.

Song Hye Kyo

In normal circumstances, we wait for the cosmetics to add the magic touch to the skin and give it an even toned look. We all search for the right BB crème or perfect foundation to conceal the skin flaws and make the skin look beautiful.

SuZy Bae

In Korea, the person who is using the cosmetic should work hard to get the perfect look. Applying the base makeup in Korean means ‘expressing your skin’ and the effort that they put in applying the makeup. What Koreans believe is perfection, so they make slow and deliberate movements while applying cosmetics. So if you don’t have access to Korean cosmetics, don’t worry, just take enough time to apply cosmetics on your face and use the rich technique. Since cosmetics on its own can’t create miracle, the application matters.

8 Korean Beauty Secrets And Tips You Should Definitely Try:

Here are few beauty secrets of Korean women to get a gorgeous looking healthy skin.

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1. Adequate Hydration:

Koreans believe that drinking lots of fluids helps to add a healthy glow to their skin, hence they start their day by drinking a cup of water & splashing their face with cold water for a few minutes. Fruits & vegetables are the most important part of their meals & they consume foods with very less sodium to maintain the hydration in their body.

2. Regular Cleansing, Toning & Moisturising:

They have a unique way of applying skin care products because they believe it yields better results.

  • Cleansing:Korean actress Suzy Bae talks about the ‘424’ technique, where you must clean your face with an oil (coconut, almond or any cleansing oil) for 4 minutes , follow it with a foaming cleanser for 2 minutes & then rinsing your face for 4 minutes, start with lukewarm water ending with cold water to close all opened pores.
  • Toning: Koreans prefer tapping the toner with fingertips for better absorption.
  • Moisturizing:  By rubbing the hands together, the product is warmed on the fingertips & then applied all over the face in an outward & downward manner.

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3. Face Pack/ Mask/ Sheets:

Korean face sheets are infused with ingredients that were tried & tested by their ancestors and today they are most sought out skincare product all over the world. A routine of using two masks – a cleansing mask & a nourishing mask simultaneously once a week helps reduce the puffiness of the face. Using a mask made up of silkworm cocoon powder called baekgangjam helps in achieving white skin. Besides this, homemade masks with egg white & honey mixture are an all-time favorite.

4. Neck Care:

Actress Go Hyun Jung applies her neck cream from jawline to décolletage as stated by her in her documentary for it to be more affective.

5. Beauty Sleep:

Sleeping for at least 6 – 8 hours is as important for a healthy skin. Sleep rejuvenates the skin naturally and removes the layer of dead skin cells, giving way to glowing skin daily.

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6. Skin Care Products:

Asian brands are gaining more popularity these days all over the world for their good properties and Koreans use about 10- 20 products each day for their skincare.

7. Facial Stretching Exercise:

This is a common practice among Korean actors & actresses, where ‘Ma Me Mi Mo Mu’ is repeated 10 times for exercising their lip & cheek muscles. In addition to this, co-ordinated stretching of facial muscles with breathing is also recommended.

8. Subtle Make-up:

Koreans keep it simple.

  • Eyes are kept minimal with warm hues over the lid, lined by a black eye-liner.
  • Loads of mascara for the lashes
  • Eyebrows are kept tidy with brow gel

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10 Simple Beauty Tips To Have The Flawless Korean Complexion:

Koreans think caring about their skin and complexion as the ultimate investment. It is not just financial investment but they spend equal amount of time in caring about their skin, basically they take their skincare regime really seriously! You must be following the cleansing and moisturizing regime every night before going to bed, but still you are missing out on some important steps that can help you to get spotless beautiful skin. Here are 10 Korean skincare secrets that we all desire:

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      There are few websites where these masks re available!

  • zetiasavitri

    it’s call layering..
    morning : cleansing oil – cleansing foam – toner – essence/serum – emulsion/lotion – cream – primer – sunscreen/foundation/bb cream – powder/compact powder.

    night ; cleansing oil – cleansing foam – toner – essence/serum – emulsion/lotion – cream – sleeping pack

    I’m now using korean skincare :)

    • RayConnect

      :) Koreans are very particular about skin-care :)

  • Divya Kerani

    Most of the girls are love to be slim. Koreans will not preferred to be toned. All Koreans usually prefer girls to look younger. I am sure that most of the korean girls don’t have fat like western girls. Ofcourse few of the boys prefer curvy and thicker girls, however most of the guys looks for thinner girls. Nice artice Ray :)

    • RayConnect

      Thank you Divya :) And yes Koreans prefer looking younger & fairer than being slimmer 😛

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    Hi, dats quite a well written article.. i adore these south asian women. they have their own charm.. and seems like all the best thngs are made in the world to only suit their body.. just perfect like barbies.. agree to all your points as well

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      thank you Suhana :) I adore their ‘dolly’ness too :)

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    South East Asian girls are the best!! everythng looks good on them. really nice informative tips, which i can also put to use.
    thnku for sharing.

    • RayConnect

      glad you liked the article Cally :) And yes even I have in-cooperated their techniques in my routine & skincare is lot more easier now :)

    • Han

      Not really, South East Asian where the countries dont have 4 seasons, the skin will not be as good as countries like Japan, Korea and Taiwan as the weather is too hot

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    I love Miss A Suzy, they said she is the prettiest idol without makeup 😀

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    I loved these simple tips in your article Ray, I’m gonna try them all and I’m quite sure that they will work. Thankyou so much friend and ya, I really admire Korean girls as well and even the guys.

  • swati ghosh

    awsm tips..specially Ma Me Mi Mo Mu great exercise for facial muscles

  • JL

    Skin care is important, but I think DNA plays a strong role in getting that flawless skin here. Most Koreans I know usually already are in that disposition of having great skin, and also they are usually small boned being lean and slim.

  • Shine

    People are crazy admiring korean beauties while the fact we are more pretty than them.They are just white but koreans love Filipinos because we have small faces,big eyes unlike koreans they have to go plastic surgery to make their faces better! Korean actresses are 100% plastic surgey as i have korean friends in cebu and they admitted it!

    • elle

      Ermm, I know for a FACT that Song hye Kyo and Suzy haven’t had any surgery yet they’re stunning. and there was a study that showed only 1/5 Korean women got any kinds of surgery done; that’s 20% of the whole population (No where near 100%). plus, I love how the commenter “shine” above you made fun of Koreans’ flat chests when the no. 1 surgery that Filipino women get is a boob job.

      • Serialmania

        Don’t forget the likes of Lee Hyori or Hwangbo. They are natural beauty dark skin singers who have never go into any surgery…..

        • vihi

          hyori admitted she got a nose job. but she is still awesome. there are many who havent had anything done to their face. suzy is really pretty

    • Benny

      Shine, you sound very bitter. Sorry you have so much pettiness and hate for beautiful people. I think you need to calm yourself down and focus on yourself more. :)

    • Pyro Sushi

      Whoever you are, chillax……You have Korean friends that admit it because they are in your country right? I love both Filipinos and Koreans but in terms of taste, I would go for Koreans. And you sound like a racist 0_0

    • Yen

      Shine calm down I’m a Filipino too and i don’t want us to be branded as uneducated,irrespectful,racist and the likes….you’re so gross in your words girl,we Filipinos love koreans as they are a part of ourlives cuz we love watching them in televisions and loved there songs too… never say bad words about them they have also imperfections like us let’s just respect each other… :)

  • Shine

    If koreans are black can you imagine how they look like? LOL:) if you really pretty even you’re black you’re still beautiful,color doesn’t matter! Imagine a korean if she didn’t went through surgery?! Very small eyes,big face but their body is very slim,flat nose,flat chested..could you imagine how they look like??:-) They are just white but they are not beautiful! And most koreans you saw in philippines are fake faces..Now you realized how lucky we are to not need surgery?;) you must love your own

    • Snail

      Another reason why Koreans are admired is for their height! The average height for Korean women is 5ft 4 whereas the average height for Filipino women is 4 ft 11. Nonetheless, this is not a battle to debate who is prettier. I think both Koreans and Filipinos are pretty:)) And I would like to say…it is not true that all Korean celebrities get plastic surgery. Some get filler injections to smooth out imperfections in their faces but that is totally different from undergoing actual surgery.

    • Serialmania

      Pinoys are annoying though. They like to invade others country like a swarms. And they are ugly too…..

    • Pyro Sushi

      You say that but if surgery in your area was as cheap as Korea, a lot of you would have done it……I know that a lot of philippineans love Korea

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    At least korean dont have to go to other people cauntry for work enough filippino worker is malaysia they just use people like pilipino girl in my place find rich guys pitty all the stupid male malaysian … Love korean girl at least they dont use guys for money

    • Pyro Sushi

      Korean girls go for rich guys too…..You haven’t met a lot of them. They don’t go for average ones unless 1. They are rich or 2. They can’t date one due to a disadvantage in terms of status and appearance

      • ordinary korean

        oh dear pyro sushi.
        it’s not just korean thing. unfortunately, no matter where you go around world, those so called gold diggers are everywhere. again, that’s not just korean thing, dear.

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      Anyway , before saying rude things look at your grammar,
      What a disgrace !!

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    I loved these simple tips in your article. Frankly speaking i have never ever been fond of Korean women earlier. But when i came across this article i was surprised to know their beauty secrets. I’m definitely gonna try them all and I’m quite sure that they will work. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Zuijiadeai

    Thanks anyway. The trick is misleading to everyone. Average Korean girls aren’t pretty, just like normal girls in any other countries. The real secret is actually the plastic surgery that is so common in Korea. Korean is a fake country, or some may say is a magic land.

  • Kim Ji young

    So you call me fake cause I’m part Korean too. I’m part phillipino,viet,Chinese and Korean. I learn English going school abroad.

  • Putri

    in 424 techniques, “ending with cold water”, is it ice cold water or room temp water?

    • luhi

      its natural cold water..if you have well in your area..then use the water from well…otherwise room temprature

  • cs

    It’s just the way to keep the skin healthy For their culture. Nothing to do with plastic surgery or changing the face features.

  • Mel Stevens

    For the hair I recommend the pro naturals argan oil shampoo and conditioner. They are effective, smell good and moisturize the hair

  • Pyro Sushi

    I’m okay with fake faces. Now, butt and breast surgery is not okay. They call Korea a fake country and Americans are getting breasts surgery all over the place. Imo, I look at a girl’s face and personality than her body…..

  • Chika

    I disagree with you. I have many very pretty Korean friends who have amazing skin. I’d say they’re average because they haven’t had any surgery done. One of my friends in particular had a very strict skincare regime.

    • dr.maryam

      exactly chika as far as i knw koreans are among top 4 countries having beautiful girls so we cant say they r average .. n i knw it takes time to get used to their facial features but they truely r beautiful people .. i really adore their skin :* n m a fan of all above mentioned ladies n song hye kyu is among top ten beauties of world ..

  • Jon Daniel

    Most korean women (not just celebrities) are also known for their insane amounts of plastic and cosmetic procedures, no matter how subtle (double eyelid surgery, nose jobs, etc.)

    • Jazula

      Wow, if most Korean women do this surgery thing, then plastic surgery must be extremely cheap in Korea, or most Koreans must be extremely wealthy to afford such a hospitable procedure.

  • Yu Shwe Yi Tun

    plastic surgery and seafood , fresh fish .

  • Minji

    Some people are definitely born with good skins. Genetics play a big role. But it’s even more important to take care of your skin. If you don’t put on sun screen or properly hydrate your skin, your good genetics won’t do any good. When I lived in Korea, two most prominent items were coffee and cosmetics. Etude, Skin Food, Missha, and, the most ridiculous, diamond and emerald infused Kisskin.

    • StyleCraze

      Hi Minji, yes as you said…it is right and important to take care of our skin and health. Healthy diet, regular exercise, application of sunscreen, proper hydration….all these factors help in maintaining a good skin.

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Charuni, if you are still going for swimming then make sure you wear a water-resistant sunscreen. The combination of chlorine and water is bad for your skin! Wear the highest SPF sunscreen with any of these ingredients – mexoryl, avobenzone, zinc oxide or titanium oxide. Apply every 1 and a half hours. Sunscreen will protect your skin from further darkening. Few of the home remedies to remove tan are:
    1. Mix 1 tsp of milk powder, 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp of lemon juice, and ½ tsp of almond oil. Apply on the affected areas and wash off after 10-15 minutes. This pack helps bring shine to the skin,smoothness and also removes tan from your skin.
    2. Apply Curd on exposed area for a month.
    3. Another mixture for lightening the skin color would be buttermilk with a bit of oats in it. The oats has exfoliating capacity and the butter milk is an excellent after skin soother.
    Hope you find these tips to be helpful !

  • StyleCraze

    Hi Manu, some of the remedies to get rid of acne and acne marks are:
    1. Apple cidar vinegar – Wash your face with water and pat dry. Using a ratio of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water, dip a cotton ball into vinegar and apply it directly to the blemish. Leave on for at least 10 minutes, or overnight. Reapply several times a day, washing face thoroughly after each time. Make sure to use a moisturizer afterwards.
    2. Papaya – Rinse your face with water and pat dry. Mash up the flesh of the papaya well, until it is of a consistency that can be easily applied to your skin. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse off completely with warm water.

  • StyleCraze

    Dear Saera, some of the simple home remedies for oily skin are:
    1. Egg White – Whip one egg white until stiff and spread it on your skin. Allow it to dry and then wash it off with warm water. Do this twice a week.
    2. Lemon juice – Mix one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice with one-half teaspoon of distilled water. Apply it on your skin using a cotton ball. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash your face with warm water. Lemon juice can dry out your skin, so apply some oil-free moisturizer afterward. Do this once daily.
    3. Tomatoes – Cut a tomato in half and rub it on your skin. Allow the juice to soak into your skin for at least 15 minutes. Rinse your skin with cold water, pat it dry and apply a light oil-free moisturizer.
    You can follow any of the remedies regularly to remove excess oil from your face. Do try them and share your experience with us.