27 Amazing Benefits Of Vitamin B12 For Skin, Hair And Health June 4, 2017

Life is a roller coaster ride. We all need someone and something that takes care of us.

Vitamins do just that. They look after our health and ensure the smooth functioning of our bodies.We are all so busy.More often than not we fail to meet our nutritional goals and our vitamin intake drops. This is fine in the present but it’s not so great in the long run.

Vitamin B12 is one among the list of very much needed.

What Is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 Benefits

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  • Vitamin B 12, also known as Cobalamin, is one of the 8 vitamins found in vitamin B complex. All B group Vitamins are required to convert food into fuel to produce energy but vitamin B 12 also plays an important role in regulating metabolism. This makes Vitamin B12 an essential nutrient found especially in animal sources of food.
  • These are water soluble and delicate. They get destroyed easily when cooking or by consumption of alcohol. Food processing also reduces the amount of Vitamin B in foods.
  • However, this vitamin does have a difference from the remaining of the complex. This is the only water soluble vitamin that is stored in large quantities in the liver for years.
  • The daily requirement of Vitamin B12 varies from person to person. Strict vegetarians, heavy drinkers, smokers, pregnant ladies and elderly people usually require more doses of Vitamin B12 than others.
  • People with a liver or kidney condition and sufferers of haemolyticanaemia also require a bit more of Vitamin B12 than others.
  • RDA recommends at least 2.4 micrograms of Vitamin B12 per day.

Sources of Vitamin B12:

  • Vitamin B 12 is present in liver, meat, eggs, shellfish , cheese, muscle meat and fish
  • Milk contains Vitamin B 12, processing of milk often leads to destruction of Vitamin B 12.
  • Fortified soy milk, fortified yeast and some sea leaves are the vegetarian sources of Vitamin rich foods.

Vitamin B12 is mostly found in animal meat and othernon-vegetarian food sources. This means that vegetarians are at risk of Vitamin B deficiency. If you are a vegetarian, then you can replace the source with Vitamin B 12 supplements that are easily available in the market. Always consult a doctor before starting any supplements

Deficiency in Vitamin B12:

Nutritional deficiency of Vitamin B 12 is rare; but the body’s inability to utilize the vitamin can lead to deficiency disorders.

Sometimes our body is not able to absorb the Vitamin well, mainly because of defective absorption in the digestive system. This can happen with a person suffering from anemia, Crohn’s disease, bacteria growth in intestine and or due to worms.It is rare for young people to be deficient in Vitamin B 12 and more likely for older people to be mildly deficient. This may be because their diet is not sufficiently healthy or because they have depleted production of stomach acids which the body needs to absorb Vitamin B 12. However, it is rather difficult to identify a vitamin deficiency as the symptoms don’t present themselves during the early stages.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms

Check out here the symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency.

1. Memory Failure:

Vitamin B deficiency can lead to a weakened memory that leaves you puzzled. If you are constantly misplacing things or forgetting about your schedules and appointments, you need to check your diet. You might be suffering from Vitamin B deficiency. Add some fish and proteins in your diet.

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2. Megaloblastic Anemia:

Vitamin B 12 deficiency leads to megaloblastic anemia. In this type of anemia, the red blood cells become bigger than normal causing problems in nutrient distribution and blood circulation.

3. Neurological Abnormalities:

Deficiency in Vitamin B 12 also causes neurological abnormalities including tingling and numbness on hands and feet. It also causes difficulty in walking and dementia. It can also lead to psychiatric conditions, like Ataxia, which is characterised by shaky movements and unsteady step.

4. Loss of Appetite:

If you have started to lose your appetite or if the food does not appeal to you anymore, you might be lacking in Vitamin B 12.

5. Anxiety and Confusion:

If you suffer from bouts of anxiety and confusion, and regular panic attacks, there might be a high possibility that you are suffering from Vitamin B deficiency. Confusion and anxiety can be triggered by Vitamin B 12 deficiency.

6. Weakened Digestive System:

If you are eating regularly but your body is not able to absorb nutrients, it might lead to constipation and a weakened digestive system. Vitamin B 12 also plays an important role here as metabolism rates also influence the digestive abilities of the body. So taking Vitamin B 12 in the form of supplements can help improve your digestive system.

7. Hypo-tension:

Hypo-tension can also be caused due to Vitamin B 12 deficiency.

8. Osteoporosis:

Women over 64 with low levels Of Vitamin B 12 i.e. below 28 pg/ml are more susceptible to osteoporosis or loss of bone integrity.

9. Canker sores:

Vitamin B 12 deficiency can also cause canker sores.

A. Skin Benefits Of Vitamin B12:

Check out here the best vitamin b12 benefits for your skin.

1. Prevents Dull Skin:

If you are suffering from chronic skin issues or if you are having dull and unhealthy complexion, there might be a possibility that you are suffering from Vitamin B 12 deficiency.

2. Treats Eczema:

Vitamin B 12 helps to treat eczema. When ingested, it not only treats eczema but also fights the symptoms that might lead to eczema.

3. Prevents Drying:

When applied, Vitamin B 12 improves the balance, texture and moisture retention of the skin. Thus it protects the skin from drying.

4. Heals Skin:

Vitamin B 12 also helps to heal damaged skin and evens out skin tone. Vitamin B 12 helps to regulate the skins pigment and location thus prevents hyper-pigmentation which causes excess darkening of the skin. It lessens skin pigmentation to a great extent.

5. Prevents Vitiligo:

It also helps protects the skin from vitiligo, which causes irregular white patches on the skin.

6. Prevents Skin Lesions:

Vitamin B deficiency can also lead to skin lesions. If you suffer from skin lesions there are high possibilities that you might be having Vitamin B 12 deficiency.

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7. Cell Formation:

Vitamin B 12 controls cell formation and cell life span. It gives the skin healthy colouring. Pale skin is a sign of poor circulation, malnutrition and Vitamin B 12 deficiency. Make sure you are eating enugh Vitamin B 12 rich food to regain your inner glow.

8. Keeps Skin Young:

One of the most important features of Vitamin B 12 is its ability to maintain youthfulness of the skin. We all love smooth and supple, baby skin, but lack of Vitamin B 12 can lead to premature lines and wrinkles. This anti-ageing property of Vitamin B 12 is one of its most prime aspects.

B. Vitamin B 12 Benefits for Hair:

9. Proper Doses:

Vitamin B12 has a lot of hair related benefits too. Vitamin B12 provides nourishment to all the cells of the body including our hair follicles. While Vitamin B12 is essential for hair growth, taking it in more than usual amount will not help the hair to grow. Only people with Vitamin B deficiency need supplements for proper hair growth.

10.  Premature Hair Loss:

People who lack Vitamin B 12 in their bodies often suffer from premature hair loss. If you consume a diet that is inadequate in Vitamin B 12, you experience hair loss, or slow hair growth rate. This is because the body cannot process Vitamin B 12 on its own and cannot utilize the food you eat without vitamin B 12. This results to undernourished hair follicle cells which slows the hair growth rate.

11. Healthy Hair:

Vitamin B 12 is important for healthy nervous system and the formation of red blood cells and a compromise in either of these can affect our hair.

12. Hair Growth:

Vitamin B 12 also stimulates hair growth. Once the level of Vitamin B 12 is corrected, hair follicles start receiving proper nutrients and will be able to replicate correctly which leads to the regrowth of previously lost hair.

13. Pigmentation:

Melanin is a form of amino acids known as tyrosine, which helps to support healthy brain functions and is responsible for the pigmentation and colour of hair and skin. Vitamin B12 helps to encourage the re-pigmentation of the hair and also maintains the original  colour of the hair.

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C. Vitamin B12 Benefits for Nails:

14. Unhealthy Nails:

Poor nail health is another common sign of Vitamin B 12 deficiency. Some symptoms of unhealthy nails include rigged nail surface and disappearing of the moon of the cuticle. Brittle nails also mean that you require more Vitamin B 12 intake.

Vitamin B12 is also a key to healthy nails and plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells which prevents anaemia. The deficiency of blood can lead to pale and unsightly nails.

D. Vitamin B 12 Benefits for Health:

Vitamin B12 has a plethora of benefits to offer as far as human health is concerned. Here is the list of some of the health benefits offered by Vitamin B12.

15. Cell Maintenance:

Vitamin B 12 lends a helping hand in maintaining different types of cells in human body. Formation, repair and maintenance of red blood cells are largely dependent upon Vitamin B12. The nerve cells are also taken care of by Vitamin B 12. It also helps in maintaining a strong nervous system.

16. DNA Formation:

Vitamin B 12 is important for the regular formation of DNA cells in human body. This is performed during the cell division and this vitamin is one of the most significant participants in the formation of red blood cells. Lack of Vitamin B 12 leads to a condition called megaloblasts, abnormal cell formation. This results in further shortage of blood, known as anaemia in human body. Thus Vitamin B 12 is necessary to be included in human body.

17. Relieves Fatigue:

Vitamin B 12 helps to relieve body weakness and fatigue. Thus vitamin B 12 helps to improve the stamina of human body and enables you to withstand heavy work pressure.

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18. Controls Cholesterol:

The diet rich in food products containing Vitamin B 12 is helpful in reducing the level of cholesterol in human body. It also helps to control the level of triglycerides to take care of the proper functioning of human heart.

19. Cell Disorder:

Vitamin B 12 is considered an important constituent for treating several problems of sickle cell anaemia. It further even saves the body from endothelial damage.

20. Alzheimer’s Disease:

Vitamin B 12 is very effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is accompanied by symptoms like confusion and perplexity and difficulty in remembering things. It has been proven that people deficient in Vitamin B12 often suffer from this disease.

21. Prevents Cancer:

It has also been found that most women suffering from breast cancer are deficient in Vitamin B12. Thus a diet rich in Vitamin B12 is highly important for preventing breast cancer.

Vitamin B 12 also aids in methylation reaction, which is a complex process that helps to protect our DNA from damage. Poor methylation reaction increases our cell’s risk of DNA damage which elevates the risk of cancer. Daily intake of 7 micrograms of vitamin B 12 to help reduce DNA damage and lower the risk of various cancers.

22. Effect on Male Fertility:

Taking vitamin B 12 might also benefit men due to the effect of cobalamin on fertility. Low level of Vitamin B12 correlate with azoospermia; a condition characterized by lack of sperm in semen. Taking vitamin B 12 supplements might help to treat infertility to boost sperm production. But it is important to refer a doctor to know the amount you will need to consume for this.

23. Effect on Prions:

Cobalamin also helps to protect against prion diseases. Prions are unhealthy proteins.When exposed to the tissue, they badly effect healthy proteins and render them useless. Prions can also destroy tissue of the nervous system. It can also cause Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a human form of mad cow disease and other neurological conditions as well.

24. Prevents Cardiovascular Disease:

Vitamin B 12 helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Elevated levels of Homocysteine, an amino acid, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Homocysteine level in the blood is regulated by Vitamin B 12 and Folate.

25. Brain:

Research has proved that high level of vitamin B 12 protects us against brain damage that mostly happens with ageing. People with high Vitamin B 12 intake show less age related problems.

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26. Protein Synthesis:

Vitamin B 12 plays a key role in converting various substances and amino acids in your body into new proteins. It acts as an integral factor in metabolism and ensures that our body gets the required energy.

27. Improves Mood:

Vitamin B 12 also helps to improve mood by maintaining proper mental function and mood balance. Deficiency of Vitamin B 12 leads to mood swings and mental imbalance. Vitamin B 12also exhibits the ability to enhance sleep patterns, allowing more restful and refreshing sleep. It helps the body to release melatonin faster which gives you sound sleep.

Hope you liked our post on Vitamin B12 benefits. Hence, Vitamin B12 is an essential part of our lives. We need to maintain the adequate intake of B12 for smooth functioning of our body systems. Try and increase your intake naturally and if you are a vegetarian you can opt for supplements.

With Vitamin B12 on your side you can B healthy.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      increase the intake of protein,Vitamin C and vitamin A….

      onion juice,amla and fenugreek is my fav!!!!!!!
      do try and let me know… :)

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    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      Try the above natural remedies for the best results…
      and try to stay away from the chemical loaded shampoos and other hair care products.. Instead use herbal shampoos and natural hair packs for best results!!!

      • sunil

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        • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

          If onion does not suit you, then try the fenugreek remedy and use essential oils along with olive or almond oil massage.. :)

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      I would recommend the onion, fenugreek and massage oils!!! :)

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      i would highly recommend the red onions!!!

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    • neha minou <3

      stop blow drying it. wash your hair and leave it still without even combing it when it’s wet. once it’s completely dry, then comb it using a fine comb. if ever your hair becomes dry when you are combing it, massage with olive oil and wash it the next day. your curls will be back if its in your genes!! ^_^

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    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      I understand your problem kee…
      However do not lose hope…
      Try the hot oil massages, include amla, henna, egg and onion juice in your hair packs..
      have a diet rich in vitamin E, A, C and B…!!!!!

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    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      hello Kavya!!!!!
      Drink a glass ful of amla juice everday in the morning.. This is one of the best way to cure dandruff.. It is my personal experience…
      you should also try the hot oil massages..

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    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      Try the hot oil massages, include amla, henna, egg and fenugreek in your hair packs.. rub the juice of onion on the roots of your hair…
      have a diet rich in vitamin E, A, C and B…!!!!!

      • amish

        KKK….i will go for it…thank you so much

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        • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

          try these remedies every alternate day!!!!!! :)

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      I understand your problem ashwini… you can mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil like sandalwood oil or rose oil to get rid of the onion smell…

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    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      hello riya… try the onion and fenugreek remedy… Increse your intake of vitamin E,C and A.

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      All the above remedies will work for you… and have a balanced diet which includes lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits!!!!!

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    I have heavy hairloss, i used to wash my hair thrice a week mild shampoo, used to apply coconut oil before an hour of wash,but still hair fall continues,kindly suggest me an remedy, and the way of using.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      hey nancy!!!!!!!
      you should apply the onion juice and fenugreek on your scalp…

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    hair loss their . so m very upstate about that. and my job is also filed work so skin is also damage. so plz help me out for hair n skin

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    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      hello godwani… try the onion and fenugreek remedy… Increse your intake of vitamin E,C and A.

  • niki

    Believe it or not, onions are a secret home remedy for hair growth! Take 1 red onion, 4 cloves of garlic, 2 sticks of cinnamon and boil them in a pot of water. Let it cool to room temperature, rinse it through your hair. Wash it out in 15 minutes.
    Try this every time you wash your hair for a few weeks and you’ll cry with joy from having fuller, richer hair!

  • Shikha Sabikhi

    My name is Shikha,i had very long hair but had haircut after marriage and my hair is not growing after my pregnancy.its ben 1 and half year now.please suggest somting which can promote thining of hair and length too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      Try the hot oil massages, include amla, henna, egg and fenugreek in your hair packs.. rub the juice of onion on the roots of your hair…
      have a diet rich in vitamin E, A, C and B…!!!!!

  • mani sharma

    I am 20yr old girl.i had a hair cut 5years back,since then my hairs had stopped growing.nw i take regular trimming etc but they are still at that particular length only..what shoul i do?

    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      All the above remedies will work for you… and have a balanced diet which includes lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits!!!!!

  • selvi

    hai niki,
    can I too try this? am losing bunch of hairs every day. my house is full of my hairs. am 31 yrs. some patches also found. some new hairs are growing , still am losing bunch of hairs every combing and washing. plz help me niki….

  • Lotis sacuan

    Perfect please post for me every details you have every time in my face book account.@ lotis Sacuan ..thanks more power…..

  • guddu

    hi ankita myself disha i m seriously tired of hair loss thy r lossing speed n regularly i do triming still my hairs r lossing and scalp too getting effected …my hairs are too short sooplease suggest me sutmhing for all these problem… i willl be really thankful too you..

    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      Try the hot oil massages, include amla, henna, egg and fenugreek in your hair packs.. rub the juice of onion on the roots of your hair…
      have a diet rich in vitamin E, A, C and B…!!!!!

  • sowmya

    Hi Ankita my self is sowmya, i had a long a hair, but it is too thin, i want volume to my hair can you please suggest me something to increase my hair volume and even hair fall too. please help me out what kind of oill i can apply. my hair will looks like oilly with today 2days when ever i take hair wash.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      I understand your problem sowmya…
      However do not lose hope…
      Try the hot oil massages, include amla, henna, egg and onion juice in your hair packs..
      use olive oil or almond oil..
      have a diet rich in vitamin E, A, C and B…!!!!!

      • sowmya

        Thank you Ankita, I will fallow it from to day…

        • raj

          sowmya any improvement ?

  • eshaahmad

    hye nki mujhe is tip ki smjh ni ayi k boil krne k bad isko choped kar ke gana hai ya iska pani

  • Mubarakbasha Shaik

    Hi,i am mubarak,my age is 20,i am worry about my hair,it gets rough and heavily falling problem from 2 years,please suggest me which shampoo and oil is better or any power full remi
    dy for my hair.

  • Girish Isgreat

    Ankita nice tips I am goin to start trying them ..! Jus had few general questions which guys can’t figure out I seem ..!

    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      You can chop them and squeeze the juice… use fresh potatoes and onion..

  • Muzzamil Ansari

    My Hairs are very dry and not powerful But i wash my hairs with shampoo.Only 2 days hairs are silky after 2 days again my hairs are rough and dry and also my head skin is oily so hairs are not grow fast please give me remedy

    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      You should use olive or almond oil as they are light in nature…

  • sravya

    Hi Ankitha, this is sravya here. My hair doesn’t have volume to the end would like to take your suggestion to make it even. I usually apply henna and curd to my hair and normal coconut oil. Kindly show a way to get out of this problem..

    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      go for trimming sravya.. this would make your ends equal with the rest of the hair.. and keep applying henna and coconut oil.. they would help in hair growth..

  • Grace

    Good day, am Nigerian with a natural hair but my front hair has become bald over the years. i can’t carry my hair alone, i have to use attachments to plait my hair to hide the almost empty scalp. Please what can i do to have my hair back to life. Thanks

    • http://www.facebook.com/ankita.biswas.50 Ankita Biswas

      Try the hot oil massages, include amla, henna, egg and onion juice in your hair packs..
      use olive oil or almond oil..
      have a diet rich in vitamin E, A, C and B…!!!!!

      you can also have amla juice and fenugreek hair pack…

  • ritu sharma

    really nice post

  • saanvi

    if there is any side effects by this please tell me

  • saanvi

    hai mam my name is saanvi my engagement is held 1 months back. my fiancée like long hair i have thin and short hair. their relatives and had long hair i am getting shy and they teasing my fiancée. so please give me hair growth tips which gives the fast improvement in hair growth and thickness of hairsimple home remedies please madam

  • ankit11

    hi ankita i just wanted to know the method of using onion juice ?

  • Aditi

    Hi!!! in more than 1 replies you have talked about ‘hot oil massages, include amla, henna, egg and onion juice in your hair packs’. I would like to know for how long the massage should be done and should be left over. whether after the massage can I wash it with shampoo? I don’t have hair loss problem, but it seems that the pores of some areas of my scalp are blocked Pls!!! Suggest THANK YOU so very much!!!!

  • kumarikamini

    thanku solution for hair fall

  • nithi

    tis is really awesome to me to have these tips tis so helpful to me to reduce my hair fall

  • guest

    Godrej ANOOP is the best hair oil

  • guest

    Godrej ANOOP is the best hair oil…. its completely herbal

  • MARA

    can I make an extreme remedy mixing most of the ingredients? lol, or is it a bad idea? Sorry its that im sooo undecided what to use!

  • Amit

    Can you suggest some good treatment for my 6 yr old daughter, she is loosing hair from last 3 yrs…it used to be quite dense and silky before. Any combination of oils we can try?

  • zayra

    I loss my hair about 1 year into thin.. I want thick n shining hairs. .can uh pliz suggst me good treatment

  • jayashree

    hi dis is jayashree am lossing ma hair in front …..am just 21…. dont know wat should i do?

  • dksha

    All you people suffering from hairfall, see to that your hormones are balanced and have sufficient iron intake. During my hairfall days, I used Nagarjuna company’s Neelibhrigadi Thailam. You’ll find them at Baidyanath stores. Believe it or not but my hairfall reduced from 50 to 60 strands a day to only 15 strands a day the very next day I applied this oil. You need not massage your scalp with the oil. Just apply it with the tip of your fingers on to your scalp. Massaging is good for your hair but not during hairfall issues. If the roots are weak, massaging will only increase your hairfall and not reduce it. Eat yogurt everyday. And see to that you don’t fall sick very often. Comb your hair twice everyday and be kind with your hair while combing.

  • mansi

    can u please be brief about using this……its not clear

  • Anuska

    I love this website!Thank u Stylecraze!

  • anita

    Hey hi…i am very disapponited wit my hair fall.. for past 1 year my hair fall is increasing… pleaaee help me!!! Had thick nd long hair…now its very short nd thin.. its not growing… :'( :'(

    • ballo

      use casia herbal products for long and strong hair growth

  • Kimberly

    Does putting one egg and 1 lemon help hair growth ?

    • ballo

      yes egg controls hair fall,hibiscus,cassia auriculata,henna,neem powders are helps to promote hair growth

  • archana

    this website is very useful for me,thank u……

  • sanjana

    from last 3 months my hair fall s so high plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help wat should i do for hair growth

    • ballo


  • rani

    can we boil garlic cloves in almond oil and apply on the hair??

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

      Hi Rani, yes you can heat garlic cloves in almond oil and to this you can also add coconut oil and pieces of onion. Heat all these together. Remove the vessel from the stove and allow it to slightly cool down. Apply this oil and massage it on your scalp. Do this every alternate day and wash this off with mild shampoo. You can achieve a long, shiny and super voluminous hair naturally.

  • alex

    bt all this oil is not available in medical shop ..so from where i get this oil…plz tell m

  • Aranya

    How many times should I apply onion juice in a week?

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

      Hi Aranya, onion juice can be applied twice in a week for a month regularly for best results.

  • Anonymous

    i am 44 years i have thyriod problem i take medicine but i am loosing my hair and gaining weight tell me what to do. please mention abou quantity how much we have have to take thankyou.

  • jabeen

    i need to know the quantity of home remedy for good hair?i have thyriod and i am looseing hair.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi David, thanks and we are glad that you liked our article…Keep coming back for more !!

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Sanghamitra, the recommended dietary amounts (RDAs) of Vitamin B12 is 2.4 micrograms daily for ages 14 years and older, 2.6 micrograms daily for pregnant females, and 2.8 micrograms daily for breastfeeding females. So, it is advisable that you consult a doctor who can prescribe you the right dosage according to your diet and lifestyle.