Many of us have savored Amla chutneys, pickles, jams or murabbas during winters. Amla or the Indian Gooseberry may not be very appealing in its taste, but this tangy fruit is surely the “wonder fruit”.

Amla (Phyllanthus) is also known as ‘Amlakka‘ or ‘Amlakai‘ in Hindi, which means the “sustainers” or the fruit where the “goddess of prosperity presides”. The other names of Indian gooseberry are ‘Usiri Kaya‘ in Telugu, ‘Nellikkai‘ in Tamil, ‘Nelli‘ in Malayalam, ‘Avala‘ in Marathi and ‘Amala‘ in Bengali.

In this post, we have compiled a list of numerous benefits of Amla. Read on to discover why it is popularly known as the “Wonder Fruit”.


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Health Benefits Of Amla:

1. Cures Sore Throat And Cold:

Amla helps to cure sore throat and cold. For this, mix 2 teaspoons of amla powder with 2 teaspoons of honey. Have it 3-4 times in a day for effective results.

2. Rich Source Of Vitamin C:

A great source of vitamin C, consume raw amla daily instead of vitamin C supplements as it is not easily absorbed by the body.

3. Reduces Constipation:

Daily consumption of raw amla reduces constipation problem, as it rich in fibres and acts as a gentle laxative. But remember to consume raw amla as powder as juice will not help in this case.

4. Heals Mouth Ulcers:

Suffering from mouth ulcers frequently? Then amla juice is the best solution for your problem. Dilute the amla juice in half a cup of water. Gargle with this mixture daily for best results.

5. Heals Arthritis Condition:

Do you know that amla benefits in reducing arthritis pain? It has anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing the swelling and joint pain of knees caused due to arthritis. Have raw amla or amla juice daily in the morning.

6. Cures Sleeping Disorder:

Can’t have a peaceful sleep? Then try this “wonder fruit” to relieve stress and therefore cure sleep disorders like insomnia.

7. Improves Eyesight:

Amla is very useful in improving eyesight. It also reduces reddening, itching and watering. Mix 2 teaspoons of amla juice in half a cup of water and drink it every morning.

8. Removes Toxins From The Body:

Consumption of alcohol, pain killers, medicines etc regularly increases the build up of large amount of toxins in our body. Amla helps in maintaining the proper functioning of liver and bladder, and get rid of toxins. Have amla juice on an empty stomach every morning.

9. Regulates Acid Levels In The Stomach:

Regular consumption of amla is very good for your stomach, as it balances the acids levels of stomach and thus improving digestion.

10. Fights Off Free Radicals:

Amla is the powerhouse of anti-oxidants and thus helps in fighting off free radicals in your body. Daily consumption of raw amla or juice reduces the risk of many serious diseases including cancer.

11. Improves Metabolism:

Are you a fitness enthusiast?? Then make amla your best friend as it helps in increasing your protein metabolism. If you have a high metabolism, then you lose weight faster. Therefore those who want to lose weight, have an amla daily to increase your metabolism.

12. Strengthens Respiratory And Central Nervous System:

Amla strengthens the lungs, the respiratory system and the central nervous system of your body.

13. Boosts Immunity:

Daily consumption of an amla boosts your immunity due to its high concentration of vitamin C.

Medicinal Uses Of Amla:

14. Improves Haemoglobin And Purifies Blood:

Amla increases the haemoglobin level in blood, the RBC (red blood cells) count and purifies blood.

15. Maintains Cholesterol Levels:

Suffering from high cholesterol and looking for natural alternatives? High cholesterol levels increases the probability of heart attack and stroke. It builds up and deposits on the walls of the arteries, thus clogging them completely. For this, have 500 mg of amla powder daily with a glass of water before going to sleep. It is known to

  • Reduce LDL (bad cholesterol), VLDL and triglycerides level by over 40%.
  • Increase the level of HDL (good cholesterol) significantly.

16. Reduces The Risk Of Gall Bladder Formation:

Amla reduces the risk of gall stone formation in the gall bladder.

  • When there is excess cholesterol in the bile, gall stones are formed.
  • Amla helps in reducing them as it contains vitamin C, which converts the cholesterol into bile acid in the liver.
  • Therefore include amla in your daily diet to cut down the risk of gall bladder stones.

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    Dear Mayur, Amla is a natural diuretic. Amla can help improve the function of urinary system. It can increase urine output, which can help discharge the small stone. It is safe for kidney stone patients to consume proper amount of amla. So you are recommended to ask your doctor for how much amla you should consume everyday. Or you can consult the online doctor for the correct amount of amla to keep your health in condition.