Lakme is a well known cosmetic brand which needs no introduction. It has been here for ages and is one of India’s oldest cosmetic companies. We often associate our oldest and fondest makeup memories with this brand. Lakme lipstick was probably the first lipstick  we ever used! The one that we sneak from our mothers or sisters without their knowledge. And we all learnt about shades and choices from the lakme lipstick shades before the rest came in!Lakme has a wide range of lipsticks ranging from the good old Enrich satin to the recent Absolute Range.

Here I present you my choice of Top 10 Lakme lipsticks.

1. Lakme Enrich Satin Shade #129:

lakme enrich satin lipstick shades

Of all the lakme lipsticks, Lakme Enrich Satin range has been around for more than three years. They offer a wide range of affordable lipsticks. Shade #129 is a beautiful peachy brown shade and would suit a variety of skin tones. It will be a MLBB for dusky toned beauties. The only problem with this lipstick is that, they don’t last for more than two hours. All in all a very pretty shade.

2. Lakme Enrich Satin Shade #128:

Lakme Enrich Satin Shade #128

Of all the lakme lipsticks shades, here is another drool worthy shade from Lakme Enrich Satin range. This one is a beautiful fuchsia pink lipstick. The texture of this lipstick is very smooth and creamy and goes opaque in a single swipe. This particular shade stays on for three hours and would suit women with fair complexion.

3. Lakme Enrich Satin Shade #352:

Lakme Enrich Satin Shade #352

This is a beautiful cherry red shade which looks nice on fair to wheatish skin tones. This is insanely pigmented and stays for more than four hours, the best of all in the Enrich Satin range. It fades beautifully leaving a nice tint behind. It’s perfect for festive and wedding occasions. Out of all the enrich range lipstick shades of lakme, I hit gold with this one!

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4. Lakme Lip Love Lipstick Aphrodite Blush:

lakme lip love lipstick aphrodite blush

This is an expensive range from Lakme. These are soft and creamy textured lipsticks and go opaque in two or three swipes. They stay for almost three hours but are transferable. Aphrodite Blush is a beautiful peachy brown shade which settles to semi matte finish. A must buy shade which will looks good on everyone.

5. Lakme Lip Love Lipstick Rose Kissed:

lakme lip love lipstick rose kissed

Another beautiful shade from Lakme’s Lip Love collection. It is a pretty pink lipstick with moisturizing properties. As with their entire Lip Love collection this one is also transferable and does not last long. But the shade is so pretty that you can’t stop yourself from buying it.

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6. Lakme Lip Love Lipstick Plum Pout:

lakme lip love lipstick plum pout review

Another winner from Lakme’s Lip Love Collection. Plum Pout is a deep mauve shade with pink undertones which will look great on dusky skin tones. This particular shade does not require multiple swipes and you get true colour in a single swipe. This shade stays for almost four hours and then fades beautifully. Dusty beauties should try this one.

7. Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick Bella Rose:

lakme 9 to 5 lipstick bella rose

Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick has been around for a while and comes in a sturdy pink and silver case. The texture of this lipstick is quite grainy and dry. The long stay claim is true. Its stays for an average of 4 to 5 hours. It is a mauve pink shade with no shimmers at all. The lipstick’s price has been increased to Rs. 550 recently. It was launched with a price tag of Rs 375. It’s a non-transferable lipstick and would suit medium to dusky skin tone pretty well.

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8. Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick Bridal Dream:

lakme 9 to 5 lipstick swatches

Bridal Dream is a deep maroon shade with bronze undertones. It has tiny shimmers which make it perfect for bridal wear. It does not feel heavy on the lips and gives an opaque coverage in a single swipe. The lipstick does not bleed and stays on for six hours. A nice lipstick for weddings and festivities.

9. Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick Peach Carnation:

lakme absolute matte lipstick peach carnation

Peach Carnation is a part of  Lakme’s Absolute range of lip colours. It’s a pretty natural looking shade and is priced at Rs 375. It comes in a sturdy silver colour case which closes with a click. Peach Carnation is a peachy brown shade with red undertones that makes it a great looking shade for our Indian beauties. The texture is smooth and is non-drying and settles to a matte finish. It is quite pigmented and stays for around four hours and then fades slowly. It’s a nice buy at this price.

10. Lakme Aquashine Lipcolor Fig:

lakme aquashine lip color fig review

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Lakme Aquashine Lipcolor is a 3 in 1 lipcolor. It’s a lipcolor  + gloss + conditioner. It’s a perfect nude shade in brown which is suitable for daily wear. It has a glossy and shiny finish. It’s in a liquid form and glides effortlessly on the lips. It stays only for 2 to 3 hours. But it’s a nice break from regular lipstick. Do try this out.

These are my top 10 Lakme lipsticks. Lake Enrich Satin Range is quite affordable and you can pick a couple of them without burning a hole in the pocket. Same is the case with their Absolute Range. Lakme Lip Love offers some real beautiful shades and you must definitely have one of these in your collection. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

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  • Manjari Singh

    All lovely shades… nice review :)

    • Arshi Ahmed

      Thank you. Glad you liked it.

  • Arshi Ahmed

    Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.

  • Sanjdhara

    Great Shades, I liked #128 the most!

    • Arshi Ahmed

      yes it’s a very pretty shade. :)

  • Deepakshi

    Love the red shade! gonna grab it soon

  • Yagna

    I wasn’t in the least bit even aware of the fact that lakme had so many lovely shades! I mean ofcourse it is the oldest lipstick brand in the country and there cant be a single person who hasnt used a lakme product before but i switched out as i never knew that they had so much variety! Time to go back to the old brand for a bit!!

  • Chahna

    I am surprised! lakme has soooooo many pretty shades. That too ones that male for a perfect office wear and can easily be turned into evening wear with nothing more than a gloss. Its time to go lipstick shopping again. Thanks arshi.

  • binita

    how do i get perfect natural red lipstick

  • Tarunima

    wow! lovely shades :) really ? In lakme? I am so in love with the fuchsia pink shade, cant wait to go grab this shade!