One of the best parts about the internet is seeing the different nail art inspiration. From cool stripes, chic rhinestones to classy roses and sexy color blocking, a new art idea emerges every single day. (No we are not complaining!) And fashion’s latest find is the Chevron print, which has totally taken the nail art world by storm.

The art is named “Chevron Nail Art.” Rings a bell? Well, that’s because this nail art was actually quite popular back in the 70′s and we feel ever since then it has made quite the comeback! This creative and gorgeous idea is all about inverted “V” shapes where you draw funky patterns with a retro feel to it. Since the pattern could be little difficult to try it on your nails, here we demonstrate a simple and easy DIY chevron nail art variation that you can learn and create at your home. So prepare your nails, push back your cuticles neatly and get this glamorous trend on your paws soon.

chevron nail art

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Chevron nail art tutorial:

Things You Require:

  • Gold nail polish
  • Gold glitter nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Gold sequins
  • Q-tip
  • Striping tape and toothpick.
  • Top and base coat from Sally Hansen.

Stepwise Tutorial:

Step 1:

As usual start your nail art by applying a good layer of base coat on your nails. Once done, apply a single coat of any gold polish. I have used Lakme Color Crush no. 10. Let the colour dry. Ensure to use a metallic one since it is going to be the base of the glitter polish.

chevron nail art tutorial

Step 2:

For the next step, apply a single coat of a gold glitter polish. Repeat if needed. Mine is a non-branded one. If you do not have a glitter polish, get some gold glitter powder which is easily available at stationery stores.  Now take an old brush and dip it into an old topcoat. Once done, dip the brush into the glitter and apply similarly to your regular nail polish. Wipe the brush on a newspaper to clean it thoroughly.

chevron nail art tutorial 1

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Step 3:

Now use your black polish (I am using Jordana Black) and draw a black triangular French tip on your nails. If your hands are not steady enough, you can use a sticking tape as a guideline or draw the lines with a nail stripes and then fill in the colour.

chevron nail art tutorial 2

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Step 4:

To bling it up even further, use a dotting tool, an old ball point pen or toothpick and apply a gold sequin or rhinestone at the tip of each triangle. Seal everything with topcoat. And voila, you are good to go! Tip: Clean up all the excess nail paint by using a Q-tip dipped in an acetone.

chevron nail art

You can also replace the gold with silver, depending on your liking or you can skip the glitter and keep the look with regular polishes. If you are not a fan of solid colours and glitters on your nails, apply a French manicure base colour and draw the tip with white polish to get a wonderful variation on regular French manicures.

With a trendy nail art that glam, we’ll be donning these Chevron nail art for months to come. And if you wish to see more prints, patterns or any other designs on your nails, leave us your comments below and we will cater to your requests. Also, if you are planning to try this creative nail art, do share your pictures with us.

Bonus: Here is a simple Android Nail Art App that will give you a huge collection of images for inspiration.

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