Who doesn’t love face wipes? They are an essential for every girl! Face wipes work best when you are travelling or are just too lazy to use a cleanser to take your make up off.

There are many types of wipes like gentle wipes, oil balancing or refreshing wipes and your choice entirely depends on your needs.

How to use face wipes?

Sometimes using wet wipes for face can result in redness or rashes. But this is not due to the wipes, but the method in which they are used. In simple words, we cannot blame the wipes if we are too super fast in using these wipes or we our too harsh to our skin. Just be gentle and let the wipes do their work.

This is how you use Face Wipes:

Let the wipe sit on your face for a while. Move it along in one direction and slowly.

Then go back and forth with the wipes and the job is done.

Top 5 Face wipes available in India:

1. The Body Shop vitamin e facial wipes:

These wipes are gentle on your skin as the name suggests. For girls with sensitive skin, these are perfect as they are not that harsh on your skin. These wipes does not make the skin dry leaving your skin nice and fresh. These are bit on the costly side that is 375rs for 25 wipes but it’s worth the cost.

2. MAC wipes:

These Mac wipes are to be treasured not because of their price but because of how they work. The price isn’t low of course (Its MAC!) but totally worth it! These wipes remove even waterproof makeup in one go and the smell will mesmerize you. These wipes are very moisturizing and never cause break outs. They are gentle and therefore perfect for  eye makeup removing too.

These wipes are available easily in any Mac store or on Amazon


These wipes are very moist and they stay moist for a long time making your skin soft and supple after use. The smell is amzing ,these wipes have a citrusy smell which is very refreshing. They contain antioxidents,provitamin b and lavender extract which make the skin feel refreshed and bightened. These oil free wipes remove all traces of makeup.

Price: 893 rs for 45 wipes


These wipes are very soft and gentle on the skin plus they are available very easily. As they are free from chemicals, its very good for people for sensitive skin. They mositurise and are not very harsh even when used on the water line.

5. Kara refresing facial wipes:

These facial wipes are a savior, they are so refreshing! When you are tired and you need to refresh yourself these wipes come very handy. These wipe have aloe Vera and cucumber which are very good for the skin. These Kara wipes are very reasonably priced and you can find them online and offline very easily.

The market offers a variety of wipes depending upon the skin type, so if your skin is dry then you could pick wipes for dry skin, or if your skin is oily you could pick face wipes for oily skin.

Stay Fresh and beautiful always!

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  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/deepakshi/ Deepakshi

    pretty nice :)

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/gargisinha/ GARGI SINHA

    nice post……….i vote for the johnsons baby wipes….

  • Hema

    Thnks for the update.. until now i had no idea body shop and mac offer wipes.. looking forward to try these brands.. im an avid user of kara tissues.. i really like the different scents they offer..

  • Nain

    Hey good update.. really informative.. i always used mannings dry tissues and kara wet tissues.. and johnsons baby wipes is one of the well known and good one.. im glad i came across this acticle coz i was not much aware of different brands.. Good update truly..:)

  • Mahie S

    I like kara ..easy on pocket too.

  • ankita

    I’ve tried the Johnson’s wipes and they were extremely harsh on my skin. The tissue felt abrasive and if left my face with a terrible burning sensation.

    I highly recommend wipes from Boots pharmacy and Nivea, and of course Mac.